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Thread Started by #aaron joseph

Hi, I got the Offer letter of a company, and I was supposed to join the company in a week. but I backed out from joining the company at the last moment. Now the HR is has threatening me , telling that " he will make sure that I will never get into any company for the same designation. because he had made several arrangements etc.. Please help will he be able to block my opportunities. ?? ?
6th November 2013 From India, Naduvattam
What was the reason for backing out ? Backing out at the last moment is not a professional way of approach, but that does not mean that any HR personnel can block your opportunities. Employees are hired for their skills and if you have the desired profile for the post/job requirement then no one can stop you from joining them. The HR can talk ill about you in his/her circle that there is a risk in hiring you since you backed out at the last moment, but if you have a valid reason for backing out then no one dares to harm you.
6th November 2013 From India, Ahmadabad
Hello Aaron Joseph, Like Saji mentioned, pl give ALL the details of the situation. You seem to CONVENIENTLY forget/ignore YOUR contribution to the impasse. Rgds, TS
6th November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Well, this is totally un-professional behavior if the HR and he.she should not behave kike this.
However, no HR's can block opportunities for you if you are skilled enough. But still better if you talk with HR and try to sought out the things in a positive manner.
7th November 2013 From India, Lucknow
Hi Aaron,
First of all I would like to highlight that, backing out at the last moment without any notice is not at all professional, you would have told the company HR in a polite way that you are not been able to join the company. But still if you have done so, no one can block your future opportunities, If HR has said so, then he/she is also not having a professional as well as ethical approach.
7th November 2013 From India, Kollam
Dear member
Any HR will try to save their face as they have to report to their higher ups about your not joining the organisaton.
Especially when you back out at the 11th hour, obviously, company may have incurred heavy loss like time consumption, advertisement, your interview cost and above all you have broken the faith in that company.
Therefore, you should not jump to any decision before rethinking twice and only after knowing the pros and cons any your future career, take a firm decision. This will avoid unwanted delay in recruitment process by HR. Finally, remember that due to your backing out the decision of joining the organisation, a company may be at a loss in every angle, which a candidate may not understand.
Hope you understand the gravity of situation of both.
8th November 2013
Hi Aaron,

If you are having some specialized qualities, which have good values, in the industry circle, e.g. in shipping industry, people attending Customs jobs efficiently, or in Pharma industry, good MRs who have good contacts with Doctors, most of these type of people are known in similar companies by their names, personal style of work, attitude etc. If such person decides to change his job, it becomes news for all other related Companies. Also when Executives, with higher positions, think of changing jobs, it becomes news, and if they play any mischief, it is troublesome for all concerned.

If you feel, you fall in such kind of category, then to some extent, HR, who is now annoyed, because of your backing out, may spread bad words about you. Since you have backed out at 11th hour, which is certainly not a good thing, anybody will become uncomfortable, and will think of teaching you a lesson.

Ofcourse, such kind of thinking /attitude, (Yours as well HRs), is totally unprofessional, and nobody should actually behave like this. I am 100 percent sure the concerned HR has just threatened you to make you frightened, and in reality will not behave what he has said. This is a temporary anger, and he will forget the issue, once little time passes away, and once he becomes active in selection of another candidate of your designation, and also sees another equally competent person, like you. Even he may give you a big thank you, if you meet him coincidently, on any occasion, or suddenly in travel, and will say, ‘Good that you didn’t join, I got much much better person, and my bosses have given me appreciation for my Excellent job of selection of perfect candidate’. (These will be ofcourse his sarcastic remarks, to make you uncomfortable).

To conclude, I don’t think, in whatever capacity, the person is working, no HR can spoil anybody’s career by such kind of tacties. So Relax !

Suggestion : Meet the annoyed HR personally, very politely give some good reasons, for your backing out, which should sound genuine. Apologise and say Sorry (again it should sound genuine, and from bottom of your heart). I am sure, if at all he is planning to disturb your Career, he will become cool.
8th November 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi Aaron,

Let me add my two bits to try and address your concerns.

First, every organisation, while recruiting, goes through a whole host of resumes and the makes their selection.

Nearly always, there is a fall back plan, because no HR professional seriously excepts ALL the offers made to be accepted. Assuming the first choice does not accept the offer, the offer is made to the next candidate in "line".

It is a tall order to believe that the entire set of HR professionals are so well networked, that they will be able to (a) share the information with all the other recruiters and (b) the recruiters will reject candidates on such inputs. Apart from sharing this information with a bunch of friends in HR, nothing much will come out of it. Also, it is unlikely that even if the name is shared, the other HR folks will remember it to reject the candidate.

An overall assessment of your situation, it is unlikely that there would be an adverse fall out of your not accepting the offer.


Raju Bhatnagar
8th November 2013 From India, Bangalore
Once the offer is accepted by a candidate, its absolutely unprofessional to back out from joining at the last moment.. as it creates a lot of problems not only for the HR professional but also for the recruitment consultant if there is one involved..

For HR, its a waste of precious time as recruitment process is a lengthy one which starts from allocating a certain budget for a particular position for which the recruitment is initiated to the point of closing the position. This involves lot many steps right from preparing a JD to start hunting the candidates from various sources like Job Portals, Networking Sites, Personal Contacts and Recruitment agencies. After going through many profiles, HR shortlists a few suitable profiles which are called out of which handfull show interest and are interviewed and only very few clear the interview... After that too there are many factors involved like Salaray Negotiations, Notice period etc.. After setting down on all these. HR makes an offer to the person who is selected the Managers of that department.. Even at this stage if the candidate is not accepting the offer, its fine.. but once the offer is accepted by the candidate, and the joining date is decided, it becomes very difficult for the HR if the candidate doesn't join.

As far as Recruitment consultant is concerned, they get paid only after the candidate joins the organization hence if in your case any consultancy is involved, your decision of backing out is going to cost them a lot as well... and ofcourse they would think twice before contacting you again for any position in future.. Hence its absolutely important for a candidate to go through all aspects of the offer made before accepting it as once accepted and then backing out leaves a bad impression to all the parties involved.



Transit Point HR.
8th November 2013 From India, Thana
There is no compulsion for anyone to join any particular company. But if the entire process goes waste without any result,it can irritate anyone involve with the process of selection.It has been observed that some candidates take the offer letter from the new company to negotiate in his present company to get a hike, if they get it they stay back.
From my experience I can say that the HR People do remember these kind of candidates and they do not shortlist these kind of profiles even if they are in different company.Also the Recruitment agencies can put negative comment in the Resume which any recruiter can read and can decide not to shortlist any such profile.No one wants to harm anybody's career, but at the same time no one would like to harm their career also by shortlisting such profiles!
One should be ,very serious before attending a Interview, and if he is not keen for any change should not waste each others time.
8th November 2013 From India, Chinsurah
Hi Aaron,

Apart from the comments of your behavior by our fellow members, here lies my part.

Offer decline by a candidate is very common nowadays. I have faced situation wherein the candidate called up on his joining date to say that he is not joining. Another worst situation, one candidate, when found that he didn't come in on time on his joining date, and a HR person called him to take his status. The candidate's reply was "Oops I forgot to mention that I would not be able to join" :) All these would definitely form a bad cloud for the HR & TA team. Many candidates after receiving their first offer, will surely look out to fish. That is a common behavior of any human.

However that does not mean that the HR should carry personal vengeance/grudge on any candidate. Again any HR cannot spoil your career or black list you from getting a job, for the reason specified by you. Even if that HR spreads out the information in his network, it would not help him to prevent you getting a job. Any HR is bounded to their organizational goals and taking somebody's word, if can, will not help him/her. If you have a valid reason for rejecting the offer, including you accepting a better offer, then go ahead without any second thought.

Also please ensure that you do not repeat the process of offer rejection again. Always remember that this is a small world. One of my friend (HR) happened to experience an offer rejection situation and later in his new company the candidate who rejected the offer in his earlier company was finalized. This guy (my friend) did not show himself before the candidate and an offer was rolled out. When the joining date was closing by, my friend pulled back the offer, which was extended to the candidate. I completely understand that this is unfair. However at that point the affected party is the candidate. Think over and wish you good luck!
8th November 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hi Aron
All the learned members have given a balanced assessment of the situation. I have nothing to add and at the same time I have nothing to choose much between you and the HR of the company in terms of professionalism (or the lack of it). The lesson that needs to be learnt is do a thorough analysis of an offer before accepting it in future. Unless there is very reliable adverse information coming to one's notice about the company in the last minute which is very remote, one should honour one's commitment and shall not back out on the basis of imaginary doubts or for commercial considerations like more pay.

9th November 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi Aaron
Relax! No one can do so unless he is in Politics or amongst top 5 rich people in the world. And I am sure you are not that great a celebrity that people will take out time especially to demean you or spoil your future!!
This is only a trick to make you join and complete own hiring target. You meet all sort of people in the world. Forget it and do what you are convinced to do.
Chill.. Tk Cr,
9th November 2013 From India, Delhi
Aaron Joseph: I would say this is totally unprofessional behavior by the employee if he backed out without any valid reason. It would cost HR of the respective company a lot. Here cost means in different types (Time waste, recruitment cost etc.) And the major problem here in this situation is that it may be possible HR facing a lot of attrition for the position you were about to join and backed out. So, he got frustrated. HR is also a human being he can have all the feeling. But ultimately i am not supporting the incident of HR THREATENING employee to join forcibly, But i would suggest you to attend interviews for which you are at least 95 percent sure that you are gonna join that company.
Generalizing the issue,
Let us see the survey by Harvard
out of every 100 candidates of any interview in INDIA just 13 people are really attend it with passion.
Ravi Teja
11th November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Mr Aaron
Your Query: " HR is threatening me telling that " he will make sure that I will never get into any company for the same designation. because he had made several arrangements etc.. Please help.
Position: Threatening intimidating anyone not joining any Company for whatever reason in whatever
circumstances is Unlawful and punishable Act. In addition, such heinous act on the part of HR
Personnel must be condemned by H R Mgt & Dev Community. In any eventuality stooping Low
is dwarfing the HR Profession.
In case threat persists or perpetuates, Legal Action under the Law for such criminal attempt is
unavoidable. Right to Work & Right to Life with Dignity are any India's Fundamental Rights not
restricted by last minute change of mind and all accused are guaranteed the Rights
You may inform the Company to instruct the HR Personnel to desist from intimidating. At most,
the Company might ask you to recompense the loss.
Kritarth Consulting Pvt. Ltd
11.11.13, 7.40 p.m.
11th November 2013 From India, Delhi
Mr. Vijayan Krishnan has quote the issue right way. In the said case both the parties apporoach is unprofessional. So, to sum up from candidate's point of view its better that he denied the organization wherein such a immature HR person works who is giving wrong impression of the company to the market being a showcase of the organization.
From company point of view, better the candidate not joined where the issue of transperancy, trust and committment comes.
So, its win win situation !!
12th November 2013 From India, Karjat
Yes.. as HR person it irritates when the candidate is committed to join and doesnt join on the said date, by giving some or other excuse.
The candidate wont understand, that what is the current situation in that company. As he backs out.. he/she have to go through the procedure again.
Many candidates may not be aware that some portals, have option of Comments on resume. And Yes, sometimes the HR can do that.
But you dont worry, its ok... you can be tension-free, as the company wont be knowing where you have joined.
And always make sure that you a commitment which you can fulfill and dont BACK-OUT !!
13th November 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Aarin,
As all have rightly said, Backing out at the last moment is not a professional approach and the company must have had certain expenses for your joining.
However, even if you had accpeted the offer letter, it does not mean that you have been legally bound yourself to the company. You have the right to say no if you do not want something.
But please do not do it at the last moment.
And as far as threatening is concerned, nobody can do so.
Its your life.
Go ahead and follow what you feel for yourself. Just do it the Professional way!
13th November 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hello Aaron, so many professionals gave you their comments. Dear you agreed with the organization to join them and then in the last minute you refused their offer. If you put yourself in HR manager's shoes, you will realise that its a long process to hire someone, advertising, screening, interviewing, checking and verifing documents and then appointing. And after so many stages, if the employee refuses to join, so It really hurts.
As far as the HR manager concerned, he will not be able to do anything with you but you made big mistake and you should apologize him and deal him professionally. Anyone can make mistake and we are not bound to work for anyone but the behave of HR manager is extra ordinary. You ruined his all efforts and joining some other organization, so he/she is just upset and don't want to loose you.
Well apologize with him/her and try to avoid such behaviour in your future.
14th November 2013 From Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
It is understandable that the HR feels sour about your action. Lost of time, effort and maybe money. Whatever reasons you have the HR's blood pressures boiled because they are pressured by the management and would now take so much of their time to find your replacement. Sure enough, threatening you is not proper and unprofessional.
15th November 2013 From Philippines, Davao City
Dear Aron Joseph,
Looking your case i think company has retracted the job offered to you, in such case being professional person you must go in the company and meet HR and politely discuss the all matters to know the backing out of the offer in last moment
Dharmesh Sartanpara
HR - Executive
15th November 2013 From India, Surat
Hi Aaron, is your acceptance documented anywhere. if not than there is nothing to be afraid of. However as a recruitment professional i do not appreaciate backing out after accepting the offer as it amounts to starting the hiring cycle all over again. Recruiters also have an option of red flagging your resume on the job portals. Take care in future.
Anoop Mittra
15th November 2013 From India, Delhi
To mitigate this problem, many companies have started using the independent portal iAccept | Home .
This helps both the employers and job seekers and also saves embarassment for candidates to convey their regret.
This is a industry accepted platform , fully validated and safeguards the constitutional rights of both parties.
16th November 2013 From India, Bangalore
hi friend dont afraid one can block any employee....nd his opportunities because ...he has to answer no of quetions....and more over its not a simple process to block someones life just happens in fortune 500 companies when only if make a very big mistake...not like these silly issues.
26th November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
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