Dear Seniors,
I'm a graduate of 2012 passed out and i have 14 months of experience into HR field.Do i need to do my MBA now?Is MBA compulsory for me or i can also grow my career with only experience?Please suggest me. If i start MBA i need to give a break to my current job as i'm willing to do in regular because i have heard that distance MBA wouldn't value much...Is that true? Kindly,help me with your suggestions.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Madhuri, Adding MBA degree will make your resume more strong and appropriate. 14 months of experience is just a start after some time you will definitely feel the need of HR degree.
From Pakistan, Karachi
No. which old organisations have MBAs in their HR? Take the case of Govt depts. Pon
From India, Lucknow
As we need beautiful attire to appear absolutely and in the same way degree is essential to fulfill some extant but most important your body must be athletic which hold any attire delightfully now knowledge and leadership and situation handling with decision making are more vital to do honesty with your line of work.

From India
Hello Madhuri
Your post triggers a few queries.
It is mentioned that you are a B.Tech graduate.
I assume it is Bachelor of Technology.What is your Engineering specialization ?
How did you land in HR ?
Do you intend continuing in HR, Or would you go to your main stream?
How are you doing in your career now?
The answer to the above queries would help you decide in a better way.
At present MBA professionals are having a difficult time.
Since you have about four decades of career ahead of you,
you can consider doing MBA, if not now. within couple of years,
A qualification will be always an asset depending on how well you use it.
Whatever you do now, in whichever discipline you grow, managing people
will be the priority in the later part of your career.
MBA will stand in good stead at that time.

From India
Hi Madhuri,
If your ambition is to pursue a career in HR a LL..B. degree would do a world of good rather than an MBA HR. But you can't do LL.B. via distance learning or evening courses. Only full time valid for practicing. You may also consider MSW.

From India, Bangalore
Hola Madhuri !
It's not mandatory that that you have to pursue MBA, there are lot of other courses which is equivalent to MBA.
As you have already been in HR field for more than a year, itís best to do part time Executive Masterís Degree (MBA / PGDPM / MSW), most of the top notch institutes including IIMs are offering tailor made courses for working professionals.
Warm regards,

Hi Madhuri. As a recent MBA HR graduate (with 2 years work exp in non-HR field) I can safely say that MBA in HR or any other field is not and never was, an absolute necessity.

People, especially from technical fields generally find that they may not have necessary skills to work effectively on the job, viz people skills, leadership and communication. MBA degree, in my opinion, helps build up on these skills. Hence you have to look at your motivation behind doing MBA. Is it purely monetary, knowledge driven (which happens on your own in B-Schools. No Spoon-feeding!) or as an escape (from your job, parents nagging for marriage marriage and so on. Sorry for being so presumptuous).

Another point is the mushrooming of MBA colleges in India. We can see that even Tier I colleges like IMT and SP Jain have also succumbed to the monetary gains and have increased their batch sizes, resulting in a large pool of MBAs that are not capable and thereby not employable. There are also other tier 2 and 3 colleges acting like factories. As a result, MBA (any vertical) from only top notch institutes has that absolute high value. Others are just also ran. (i'd clarify here that i am NOT from a top notch mba bschool)

You have already mentioned that you have 14 months of HR experience, which is quite a decent time in HR. By now you may be able to figure out different aspects of HR and which area(s) interest you. Build on that, read different books on not only HR but mgmt in general; and become a very strong hr person.

If, despite all this, you feel the urge to do an mba, you can do so over 2 years, or more. Start by sticking to ur job, and giving all mba entrance exam this year. You will understand your strengths and weaknesses. Try again next year and so on. I am not able to elaborate on more points because of lack of time.

Hope this has been of little help- if any.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Madhuri,
Greetings !!
Its not about now or later--the question is whether you really need it or not.Your plans..your goals...Think about a phase in your life when you would be 3 years experienced and trying to become an assistant manager or a manager--and you have somebody in competition who has already done that... what would be your choice being an employer...your answer will answer your question.
MBA has now become a necessity or an eligibility if you want to crack and go high up the ladder. It becomes tougher later on with your more busy schedules.
Idea is keep yourself updated and wanted :) Only you will have to check the government certifications and whether the corporates are valuing the degree from the university or not.
Wish You All the Best for your future !! :)
Sudipto Banerjee
ICFAI University
Wish You All the

From India, Kolkata

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