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Thread Started by #kumar63

Dear seniorísÖ

Hi, Am Kumar working as HR Assistant in dubai from past two years in one of a manufacturing /industrial company. I got this opportunity through reference this is my first mistake I did, I realize that always.

This is my first job , from starting in my carrier always problem still. In my department there are 5 nos including hr manager, he only recruiting me through over the phone when I was in india, after I came here they put me in reception and I oppose to work in reception after they put in HR department , until now I didnít get any recognize from management. But I learn lot of things which helps to boost my carrier in future. In past 3 to 4 days , my manager didnít give a proper work to me, slightly my works are transmit to my colleague, actually we both mixed up the work and complete the task successfully. Now I feel the difference from my manager activities.

Really I got confused and depressed. Am always prefer job first .I need a job satisfaction later than only benefits. It seems like that they donít want me to work because here too much politics are going on. But am sure I didnít mistake anything in my work. I donít know what to do nowÖ shall I proceed my resignation letter please advise me in this regardÖ

Thanks and Regards

30th October 2013 From United Arab Emirates, Sharjah
I would just like to add up one thing to what Mr. V.Raghunathan aptly said, take this situation as a challenge and shrug-off all your frustration. Try to get deep rooted in your work, try to get new responsibilities and become a pillar of your organization. Just make everyone believe & feel that you are an essential part of your organization. Be proactive. In the meanwhile, try each and every resource of yours to search out a new job for you in the same domain. You are in a very fantastic field of HR.
This way you can make it. But you need to give a fight and always remember that there is your family back in India who must be relying upon your income.
All the best and God Bless.
Ashish Thakar
30th October 2013 From India, Raipur
Hello Kumar,
As you have mentioned that it was yours' big mistake, I really disagree with this statement as you also have mentioned that you have learned a lot there on the other hand. So need not get depressed such situations normally comes in life or in career, here I agree with Mr. Ashish Thakar & Mr. V.Raghunathan take it as a challenge and fight against it. This is not an end dear. You have to grow more or if you are really not feeling comfortable there then even it is not a last job.
May be you are understanding your manager in a wrong way or may be you are right but it doesn't matter, you have to look forward just obey your manager, try to make your position strong and if not so there are opportunities waiting for you dude.
Best of Luck!
Warm Regards,
Aayushman Bharadwaj
30th October 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Kumar,
I am completely agree with other member advises. One thing I'd like to add, learning anything is useless until you do not show it. So, what ever you have learned from your organization, try to show it your boss and other seniors.
30th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
Hello Kumar,

Like V.Raghunathan & other members mentioned, begin to focus on new aspects of HR AND your comm skills.

Generally anyone learns & works--irrespective of the area/field--for ONE/BOTH of these TWO reasons: (1) to gain recognition from peers & those around him/her AND/OR (2) for Self-satisfaction. In the long-run, it's the later that fetches an individual MORE than the former.

There are ALWAYS better ways to do any job--even if you did it earlier. Just try to give your best to whatever is given/assigned to you. Check out IF you have done it in the best possible way you could AND ALSO don't stop @ it. Keep thinking IF there could be other & better ways to do, even after the work assigned is done & handed-over. That's a part of anyone's learning process.

Looking back, MAYBE the Reception job assigned to you COULD have helped you to improve your comm skills, even as a part of the job itself, without having to make extra efforts for this? Just give this thought.

All the Best.


31st October 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Kumar
I agree with all senior who wrote above and specially with Mr.Tajsateesh. They have put you in reception all because of Communication problem and reception is a best place where you can interact with many people such as employee , visitors can handle phone call and also learn about people nature and body languages. So i suggest you to learn and improve your communication well as interacting skills.
So There is nothing bad working at reception specially for beginners.
Also I did like to add here is that , Reception is the best for to Improve communication. To learn all you need to do is be a good listener, Try to learn and improve you communication as well as writing skills. Take
day-to-day things positively which happens in office premises and leave back as soon as you log off.
31st October 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Kumar,
our professionals statements are Correct. first of all Don't loose your confident levels and try come out from your organization choose the right pathway for successful career...
All The Best,
31st October 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Hello Kumar,

I think I need to correct one perception w.r.t. my remark "..........MAYBE the Reception job assigned to you COULD have helped you to improve your comm skills.......".

I DIDN'T mean to say the your HR Manager put you in Reception KNOWINGLY to improve your comm skills--IF that were so, you would have been told about the purpose for that step. In all probability, it COULD have been because your were new. Sometimes, it also happens for negative reasons.

Quite often, it JUST HAPPENS--except that we fail to realize the long-term benefits of such a situation that comes without asking.

I recollect my own First Job--I was put in an Area/Section where NONE wanted to go. All those who joined along with me got very good postings--where they were in the thick of the Commissioning Activity of a 200MW Power Plant--and I was in an off-site area. I worked there wondering at this situation--though frankly it was due to 'lack of any option', rather than 'by choice'. After 6 months, an opportunity came to our Department to send one guy for Specialized Training & everyone realized that I was the ONLY one who can be spared--the others were totally tied-up in the peak activities. No Prizes for guessing what happened next--except that my career took an EXCELLENT turn from then on.

In a single line, 'Let not your Mental frame of mind decide your Present Responsibilities/Efforts'.

All the Best.


31st October 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Kumar,
I completely agree with all the professionals who have guided you to take right steps. I must say that, whatever you learn in your career, helps you to perform better in future. Never undermine any role, even a receptionist does his/her job with dedication/passion and can have complete satisfaction. As other suggested, your communication skill would have improved, if you had managed the reception. Communication skills are one of the core competency in HR to be successful. It is natural to get frustrated as you want to do better and grow faster, nothing wrong in that, but wait for a right opportunity. While you explore for the right opportunity, you can enhance your skills and better HR knowledge. We all have gone through these kind of experience and i am sure even you will overcome the same.
All the best and God bless you
1st November 2013 From India, Madras
Dear Kumar,

In continuation to all that some of our dear professional colleagues have shared with you, which I appreciate, I would like to only reiterate a few ancient and well known truths to keep you encouraged.

1. Even gold has to undergo the severity of the fire to be tempered to become a jewel - Anon

2. Every diamond worth it's name has to be cut before it's polished to get the shine - Anon

3. We are used to eating food in steel plates in our country aren't we. From the mud deep below sluggish sand is separated to get iron ore from which we get the raw material which gets converted to sheets and other forms, from which one of them is the plate on which we eat our food. The process of this conversion is excruciating and laborious too - Anon

4. It's a nut that believed in itself and hung on to the ground despite the severity and odd to this day standing tall as an oak - Anon

5. Look at the bamboo tree - which is very deceptive indeed, it look's slim, stand tall, but even the worst storms have very little effect on the "bamboo trees." Their slimness allows them to bend, but as they remain strongly rooted to the soil - Anon

6. Look at the pencil, it looks better, it writes better when it's sharpened, but imagine yourself to be in the place of the pencil, I sincerely hope no one is subjecting you to life to sharpen you like the pencil. - Anon

Now to main thing.

You are too young to give up on life. Take all that's happening to you in life is a wonderful lesson. Take Gandhi for instance, went to South Africa got thrown out of the train, and from their his will to fight the imperialism brought us to be where we as proud Indian stand. Wonder what lessons you are getting in life now that may alter the life's of some in the future. Take the time and use every opportunity to strengthen your skills and develop the right competencies.
1st November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
By this time, all the professional advice given by our group members should help you to make up your mind and stick on to your job without losing courage and with added determination. Please remember that in the middle east, the labour rules are not in favour of employees in these matters and you are always at the mercy of your superiors and bosses at the threat of losing your job. You must have heard of many of our employees are paid less than what they are promised, are told to do menial jobs than what are promised, poor living conditions, passports are always kept with the employer leaving no liberty to employees to switch over and many live and work under similar and other stringent conditions without losing hope, This is because, back home, they have a family to look after and many have borrowed money/taken loans to reach the middle east. It appears from your facts, you are at least fortunate that you are not facing such severe hardships, for which you should be thankful to the almighty.

Therefore, carry on for some more time till the things settle down and you will become familiar with the situation and the people around you and certainly the things will change for the better.

All the best and God Bless
1st November 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Kumar,
One suggestion, do not think of leaving the job until and unless u have one in hand. As i am searching for the job in Dubai from past few months n the response is very bad. So be careful before taking any decision. As suggested by other senior members try to enhance the required skills to make your self stronger.
6th November 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Kumar,
First of all you got to know that you have got a wonderful opportunity of working in a foreign country. Beginning is always hard, once you learn a job effectively, there are so many ways of doing it. I mean to say smart work. So as others have said, Please try to improve your communication skills. You will surely have a good future ahead.
6th November 2013 From India, Bangalore
hellow Kumar,
I am completely agree with the guidance of all other members,
Such a positive approch towards work and that will help you allot.
now if your really not happy with the work, try to find out new opportunity as you have completed your two years in service, you must be having good exp. you can change your job but dont resign before getting assurance of new opportunity.
Waseem Shaikh
7th November 2013 From India, Nasik
Hi Kumar,

There are things to learn from what you are experiencing. While I am not sure what politics you are talking about, within your organisation - a few things you said did strike me as areas where you can improve.

While you are right in expecting work and recognition, you must also learn that work and recognition is not something that you can demand, it is a result of hard work and humility.

Refusing to take up the reception post when you are just beginning was a mistake - you should've taken it up and shown them your willingness to learn at every position. Expecting a certain level of respect without earning it, will always get you this kind of treatment. There are many stories of people rising from being janitors to becoming Vice Presidents in companies - and they have achieved it by realizing, that being useful and humble is the only way you can secure success and security.

You are young, take it slow, be open to learning and be useful to others.

I had a multi-millionaire relative who would always tell me, "If your job is to dig a hole, dig the best hole the world has ever seen."


8th November 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Kumar,
You and I have a good suggetion from Senior people, One thing is right If we wont learn the Hr Related activities we will be as a Reception only, If we learn Hr related activities then we will be in goood position Why because Here we can Improve Communication How to speak with others,
9th November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Kumar,
Here we can improve the good communication skills, If we people add both the communication and Knowledge from HR Related activities like statuotory, Pay Roll,and Recruitment side activities, The we can definitely Be in a good position, In future, If we cant study those activities We can never gainup into good position
One thing I am Planning to get a job in Dubai right now.Whether it will be good for me or Not Give me some suggestions for me
9th November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Sharing a ppt Raghunathan wanted to share in this thread.
9th November 2013 From India, Gurgaon

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Dear Kumar,
You are saying you learned a lot as well experience from them which is more important than anything. Your query will resolved and you will feel good after reading the book "The alchemist" .
9th November 2013 From India, Chandigarh
Hello Kumar,
This thread has drawn many impressive thoughts since I first posted my views.Super Moderator Sid has brought out an excellent point about dignity of work and the need to work with a sense of pride and belonging. Distinguish yourself in whatever you do as stated in the slide( posted by Mr Sid as I had some problem in loading the attachment) that carries a powerful message from a great human being and freedom lover.
9th November 2013 From India
Dear Kumar,
I think your colleague's tie with your HOD and I really feel that policies are change to depress other one.
Now, you can mix with your HOD through your colleague and after 10 Days check your HOD's behavior.
16th November 2013 From India, Ludhiana
Dear Kumar,
What is your education background?
What if we predicts the most suitable occupation as per your core skills and you can choose and plan the transition to diff. career or continue in same one by improving skills in parallel for your target job role.
24th November 2013 From India
i have experienced in this problem.its better to getout of that and start your career in the field where you will get satisfaction.why because i also faced same problem and i just getout from that..now im leading good....
26th November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
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