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Hi Seniors ,
Advance Happy Deewali to all !
I am working as HR-Executive in past 5 months in small IT company which have more than 20 employees , l we are providing basic benefits to employees , am new to IT field , So I don't great awareness in IT field environment & benefits
In addition in our company we have high attrition rate , so my management ask me to take actions against that as well as facilitate old employees to retain their .
kindly share your thoughts to develop my concern and reduce attrition rate
Below I have mentioned some benefits which we have provided
Casual leave - 2 per month (After confirmation)
Provide national & festival holidays
Performance appraisal - every 6 months
office timing - 8 hours (No extra time , no shifts)
Not giving mental pressure to employees
Having friendly environment
Facilitate office tour

From India, Chennai
Dinesh Divekar
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You can also have
1 - Birth day gift ( Resonable prize) - can have a notice board displyed his/ her photo and "Happy bithday".
2 - New born baby gift - Can have board and congratulation.
3 - Sports competition - prize
4 - Yearly family meet
5 - Award the employees - Best employee ( R & R)
6 - celebrate festivals in the office.

From United Kingdom, London

Hi Revathi

You are going through typical small organization problems which are quite usual and expected. The ideas given by Anand are good ones but are effective in mid to large size organizations and not so much in smaller ones. So what do you do? Easy!

First, Accept the the fact that you will lose people. Every individual has a right to a good career and growth. If he / she is unable to foresee the same in your organization, then they will surely leave and that is absolutely fine.

Second, understand that in your size that you currently are (20+), you are less likely to be an organization and more likely to be a family. So ensure that is exactly what you are doing.. i.e. being a family. Employee Engagement is the the single most effective, important and critical retention tool for any small organization. But Employee engagement means being transparent, involving everyone in decision making, making them a part of organization plans and growth. It is more difficult than it sounds because all these things are an entrepreneurs / management nightmare ( things that are most difficult for them to do).

Third, while every one is important in a small team, there will always be some key players. They need to be taken care more efficiently without being seen as playing favorites...:-). You cant afford losing them too regularly.

The Golden rule is : Treat them as you would your family and they will reciprocate.



From India, Delhi

The best thing what you can do is, going forward you can start collecting there original marks card and take a sing on service bond for 1 or 2 years. Regards, Yogendra
From India, Bangalore

Well, it's good that you offer some good facilities and benefits to your employees but still it looks that employees are not happy and that's why attrition rate is high.
Also, please check that the employees are leaving from some specific department or section or it is same for all the deptt/section.
Moreover, you must be having some exit interview process in that you can ask them about the reason in polite manner as it's hard to retain an employee who is decided to leave but by knowing the specific reason you can improve on the same and can retain other employees and reduce attrition rate.

From India, Lucknow
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Revathi,

Your challenge is not just retention of employees but engagement too. The Battle of attrition can best be won by engaging our employees. Recently there was a good amount of discussion on employee engagement. You may click the following link to read it:

Secondly, the methods that you have proposed or other members have proposed, does not cover Level V need in the pyramid of Ahraham Maslow's Theory of Hierarchy of Needs.

You should do something to fulfil your employees' self-actualisation needs as well. How to do this? The best way is to ask them what challenging assignment they want and give them. They know better how to challenge their brains.

The next thing is to create a learning environment. They should learn something on their own and show their implementation. Give them hefty rewards for the implementation of learning. Trust me this works very well. It fosters healthy competition of learning and then implementation. The benefits that organisation accrues are far greater.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi seniors ,
Thank you so much for spending your valuable time for me , all are sharing valuable points ,surely I am trying to implement it .
In addition new joiners leaving from the org within 1week not all .
Regarding this what steps make us better to retain new joiners
Revathi HR

From India, Chennai

Hi seniors ,
Mr.Anand sir mentioned some nice benefits to motivate the employees , kindly sharing some other benefits which has provided by other IT companies to motivate the employees
Thank you so much
Have a nice day !
Revathi HR
Whenever I hear It canít be done,I know Iím close to success.. Michael Flatley

From India, Chennai

Dear Revathi,

As fellow members have already given very fruitful points to implement, In addition to that I would like to mention as you have said that even new joiners leaves in a week, that means your existing employees are not motivated/delighted in the company, as in most of the cases people who joins and leaves in couple of days are the result of office gossips, where he finds that working in the company will not be fruitful to him/her. So what I suggest you is first ensure your existing employees are properly engaged and motivated, try to give them a "feel good" working atmosphere.

In addition to that you can follow below mentioned strategies for retention -

# Introduce Joining bonus payable after 3/6 months.

# You may introduce "Basket of allowances" component in the CTC, which an employee will receive at the end of financial year.

# You may also work on "loyalty bonus" scheme.

# You also need to implement a good performance appraisal methodology, I believe 360 degree appraisal will be a good technique.

# Take proper exit interview, best will be make a exit questionnaire where in you will get necessary feedback that why employees leave your company.

# Conduct "One on One"/ "HR connect" sessions monthly, In these sessions you may discuss about employee's productivity, performance and his/her succession planning.



From India, Kollam

Did you notice the breath and depth of all the suggestions that have come from so many professionals? Did you understand the core fundamental of Employee Engagement from these posts? It's simple...

What you can do is limited only by your own capacity to be creative, innovative and your ability to understand your employees. There are no set rules or processes or even can do and don't do... the only limitation is you ( the HR and management involved ).

All the ideas shared work and in some cases none of them do... :-) You need to first understand your employees and what will work. Remember you will always be in constraints (expenses, time, lack of initiative, lack of vision, peer pressure, management expectation etc). The trick is to work within these constraints and yet create some effective engagement activities / initiatives. That's where your own innovation skills are going to be tested...:-)

Have fun because if you are enjoying what you are doing, you already are successful by default!!!



From India, Delhi
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