Dear friends. I have added 20 employees to ESIC portal by mistake .But only 11 employees are covered under ESI. Please provide step do delete unused Ip from ESIC site. regards AK
From India, New Delhi
Dear AK,
You can not delete the entries once you submit the registration details of any person. Once you submit registration details of IP, insurance number is created, on generation of TIC/MAC.
You have only one option to delete the IP from your list. What you need to do, while posting monthly details for remittance enter days Zero with appropriate remark therein.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Keshav, Thanks for reply. Please let me know i have paid 20584 as advance contribution . How to adjust monthly contribution from advance contribution . regards Anil
From India, New Delhi
Approach the ESIC to find out the proper procedure. After all, you will not be the only HR in India to have made wrong entries & ESIC will certainly have some procedure for the issue.
From India, Bangalore
Dear AK
You can not delete already uploaded employees.There are some ways to avoid contribution to them.For that, You have to enter 0 in no of days worked column.If you put 0, you have to select the reason for 0 if you select the reasons there may be left, no work, llp & that is not belonging to our employees.If you select does not belong to employee you can avoid the contribution.
More over, end of the six months, they are on role.After that automatically their names will be deleted

From India, Madras
Dear Mr.Anil,
You have informed that you have paid advance amount in ESIC. This amount you will not allow to adjust in regular payment. Only option during the ESIC inspection, SSO will findout some omitted wages contribution. At that time this amount will be adjusted with the knowledge of SSO.
Thanks and regards.

From India, Coimbatore
Respected AK,
This was not a big problem there are 2 way to deal this issue
1. on monthly Uploads Mark "Dose not Belongs to employer" then issue was over ( but this is not best method)
2. you can write a letter to the ESI IT officer & Branch manager to Delete wrong entries & also to adjust the Amount if Uploaded wrongly. every thing is possible. If they have doubt on number of employees you can invite ESIC inspector to your company he will help you out
the all above advices i gave with my experience. this is a very miner issue which can be solved very easily.

From India, Hyderabad
you can delete your Insurance no. at time of monthly contribution up-dation, please left all the employee. with joining date.
From India, Gurgaon
Dear all i was doing entry of employees and one employee who had left our company 4 months back joined again...i did entry with old IP address but i did joining with wrong date 28th April 2014 in place of 29th march 2014. now could any one tell me how to correct it.. i have tried alot. kindly help me..?
IS malik

From India, New Delhi
I have one employee who recently got promoted and now his salary is above par esic. How can I remove his entry. There is not "status" mentioning got promoted or exceeding the limit. Please help...
From India, Nagpur

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