Greetings to all,

Currently I am working in manufacturing industry as HR- assistant since 1 year

My company has two plant located at different places within the same city

We were 3 people working in HR dept.

“My HOD - HR manager

My immediate senior – HR officer

Me – HR- assistant”

My HR manager was very rude in nature, and always trying to exploit us, he was arrogant in nature, demanding any report at evening, expecting us to Work late in office and even on W/O.

I had spent 6 month under such environment as I was fresher and he was my HOD I had tolerated all,

After 6 months my senior level mgt. makes my transferred at another plant where I got

Good working environment, I was working well, but again after six months my immediate senior( hr- officer ) resigned from his job and again company has transferred me to my previous location

Now there are only 2 people working in HR dept.

“Me and My HOD”

As I have got bad experience in past I really don’t want to work with him, my moral has really got down

I tried to convince my management to cancel my transferred by giving other reasons but,

I didn’t succeed

Pls. suggest me what shall I do?

Awaiting for your feedback

Thank You

From India, Pune
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Raj Kumar Hansdah
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Nothing if you can't conveneince your management, and if you want this job, you would have to go and work with this boss whom you don't like.
Design your work process in such way that any report and work as required by your manager, should be accomplished in shortest possible time and accurately.
I have been in industry for 18yrs and even today, by GM/CEO ask me reports when I am at home or at odd time. Guess what, I have found a way to always accomplish what he wants.
Its in difficult moments, you innvoation is at its best.
wish you good luck.

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Dear friend
I empathise with your problem and the agonies that you are suffering. You tried your best to avoid this situation but could not succeed in averting it.
Life, and especially working life is made up of several stretches of tenure which one may find good or bad; as you shall realize when you recall the two stretches of six-months.
You will have to accept thee bitter truths of life and face the situation in the best possible way you can.
UKmitra in his earlier post has already suggested a few things that you can implement.
Also, remember that "People do not leave organization; they leave their bosses !"; so if the going gets really tough and beyond your capabilities and endurance, then you can explore other avenues too. So be assured that this is not the end.,
For the time being, give your best; it will only help you to become a better, stronger, skillful and experienced person.
Warm regards.

From India, Delhi


In organizations, personal likes/dislikes (even if true) do not count for anything, especially if they are being complained of by juniors. If the management culture is fair, objective and proactive, the superiors on their own or at least when they get a complaint should take suitable counselling, mentoring or administrative actions to ensure that the sanctity of team work will not get vitiated at any point of time. But if the management culture is indifferent, primitive and one of unjustifiable bias, then God help. Even when and if the management acts it should never be judgmental but work to develop and restore and encourage harmony and positive orientation at work!

Subject to above, you too must not be biased. Just because past was unpleasant, that is no certainty that future will also be unpleasant!

There is and was, evidently a lack of dialogue between you and the boss. Wave lengths did not match, mutual expectations were either unclear or were not conveyed. These are areas for the organization as well as the concerned individuals to work on! This does not seem to be happening.

Remember, the fact of any matter remains unchanged but the opinions can be innumerable. Are the clashes on opinions or on fact. Whatever both can be corrected by tact, diplomacy and competence over a period of time.

One cannot expect the world to be configured to his choice all the time. If one makes a mistake, he will get an appropriate response and has to live with it only to improve in future! If one can not make peace and generate harmony and lacks knowledge, skills or attitudes to bring about desired changes, then wherever one goes, such problems will keep on haunting him!.

The key to such situations, is patience, hard and competent work and a non reactive nature.

Running away from a problem does not resolve it! You can win (in this case-restore peace, harmony and goodwill) if you focus on these end objectives. But there is nothing static in life. The restored peace can be disturbed also and one will have to continually monitor the situation to give corrective inputs all the time!

Wish you work on a thought out strategy instead of just wallowing in self pity!

Cheer up! You can win!



June 27, 2013


From India, Pune


You explanation says you can't escape the situation.

I have also been working in similar situation/people for long time and tried to win.

Everybody has different style of working so your current boss have.

I would suggest you to carefully think about what does he expect; becuse even you will leave this job to avoid harrasment there are high chance of facing similar situation in new job.

So better to get adjusted with such bosses (switching job is not always proves good idea).

So understand way of woking of your boss - Observe what does he expect at which phase of work. For example at every evening he migh expect some report for the whole day so instead of waiting for his instruction to prepare report you start developing the report from morning itself.

Similar approach you can apply for other works reports.

With my experience most emplyees feel harrassed with thier bosses because their bosses expect too many reports from them and employees does not feel the necessity of those reports. Hence conflict arises between boss and subordinate after sometime bosses gets frustrated thinking why this employee can't even create few reports. And employee thinks why should i create those reports which is useless.

I would suggest you to notice you boss likes and dislikes; never present your ego to him; always keep his instruction at highest priority; i feel soon you will become favourait employee of your boss.

My advices might not be true for all the situation but i hope them to work.


From India, Mumbai
Dear seniors
Thank You to all
Thanks for reading this all and giving me your valuable and frank feedback
Now I am feeling relax and stress less after sharing this with you
Definitely I will work out on your given suggestions and I will try to improve my situation
Cite HR has really helped me by this way
Thanks to all

From India, Pune

Just remember one thing in your newly found understanding that

corporates are not about individual likes and dislikes infact they are

about goals and results and how "You" fit into them and what you can deliver.

That part is just about what you get paid for.

The other is:

If you get into a state of "me and my job" its never the case. Work processes

are designed and evolve around work relationships that itself become a factor

why one person is more successful over the other. See Ukmitra's point on how

adjusting and getting along really is the rule than the exception.

Its an art and its the most important skill too.

When it comes to "You" it will never help in being sensitive (even though you are by nature)

and letting your superior or your colleagues power plays affect your own level of motivation.

Its part of the environment you have chosen to thrive in.

So buckle up and see what finer attitude and behavior adjustment you need to do and

work around those parts.

This in not the end of road infact its just the beginning of new learning curve on

organizational power plays.

Organizational success in a corporate career is greatly enhanced when you are able to work

flexibly with people around you w/o pissing them off or you being the reason for them to quit their jobs.

Disputable but not farther from the truth.

It could be a discussion thread on its own but its a topic best laid to rest and be discussed in

a political science or sociology forum somewhere else on this internet world.

For now stay sharp and go with a plan to get your bosses job. :-)

Now c'mon is that fair? Who knows? But what's happening to you isn't either.

Have a good day.

From India, Aurangabad

What all the members have mentioned i am agree with that but if your Boss ia biased and don't want to listen you just leave because corporate world is also full of Egoistic personalities where people play a lot of politics just to eat their juniors' jod to to let down other peers in eyes of Big bosses and management. give it a try if it doesn't work don't waste your time because if you will remain in this kind of environment for a long time , you would loose your motivation & self confidence. Thanks
From Germany, Frankfurt

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