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Hi, Recently I joined a call center in Q.A and I often see one agent with a bad attitude towards everyone and including the seniors. His performance is good but annoying and, how do I fix this.
From India, Vadodara
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Dear William, Can you please let us know the clear picture by giving examples so that we will be able to share some inputs?
From India, Madurai
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Refer to this thread :

From India, Delhi
The agent does perform but has attendance problem, and would never respect the senior or the MD, whenever they are near his work station.
From India, Vadodara

Dear All,
Organization culture and working behavior of an organization is going to be made by senior of that organization and for this particular problem the senior mgt should take action, specialy MD and his superviser.

From Singapore, Singapore

Dear William,
Could you please give us the clear picture by giving examples so that we will be able to share some inputs?
It is one of the most severe problems in the society. You must be aware that One City in Tamilnadu has been awarded highest score for " Abuse of Elders" in every sense. It is not that they have to be a burden; even still a good bread winner gets same treatment. This social change because of children of today is growing up in a variety of households and different family systems. A number of these different families like one child family, single parent family, may be due to diverse or widows etc, and our latest sought-after nuclear family where both parents are employed, without any elders .The child is almost dejected and develops a hatred for elders who never care for them. These are some main cause for concern in the present behavioural crisis both in society as well as workplaces including place of education.
we wait for a complete picture from you.

From India, Madras

Dear William,
As rightly pointed out by Shri V.Muthukrishnan, a nuclear family is the root cause for such behavioural patterns. In earlier generations, people used to live in joint family and elders used to monitor children's behaviour and correct then and there, when erratic behaviour is observed. Nowadays, due to changing social and cultural patterns, fluctuating economies and for various other reasons, people prefer to live in nuclear families. Both the parents are compelled to work to meet various familial demands. A good behaviour is taught at home by mother to the child. Since family priorities changed, eventually there is no one in the family to groom the child properly. In most of the families, parents themselves are not behaving properly and how can the child be expected to become a good citizen? That is why, employees must be trained / counselled for good work etiquette.

From India, Vijayawada

Well, often call centers have their training department where they trained their employees for soft skills along with other duties. Here, it looks that his behavior may be little rude or tolerable at some level.
If you give few examples of his bad behavior then it will be easier to give you solution or suggestion.

From India, Lucknow

I think,here,the employee has issues around resentment/personal challenges either at the personal or professional level.This should be addressed after which the consequences of his actions for himself,his team and his organization be shown.Get him to align with his own values,his teams and his organizations and see the bigger picture.

From India, Pune

Dear William,

I am amazed that you have not given enough details even after people have requested it. Let me ask you a few specific questions. Who are you to judge whether someone's behavior is disrespectful or not when the MD tolerates it. Is it Quality Assurance (QA) issue; if not, do not try to meddle in affairs not within your domain.

Let me give an example, from my experience, of a case which appeared disrespectful but was not to the person involved. In the English language, we do not have words of addressing seniors respectfully. However, in Indian languages we have. Our helper (Peon) would address my boss as "Vasu baappa" (Vasu come), in Kannada. The helper's mother tongue was Telugu. We usually use the term "banni" for elders and seniors. The root verb is "ba". When I raise the issue with him, he said "What is wrong? I have addressed him as "appa" (ba + appa). Appa means father. I have given him the respect that I give to my father."

So, unless the MD or others ask you to do something about it do not bother your self.

From United Kingdom
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