i am running little IT Firm, Computer sales and services, and outsourcing of govt. & Pvt Projects. i started this firm after leave a job from bangalore because i am not graduate that time, i came @ my hometown and start education and for survival i started little firm of computer, now i get a MBA degree with IT,
but now when i am giving a interview but they are not consider my experience as a Owner or Director, What can i Do???
I have a Experience in Network Infrastructure Management, System Admin

From India, Gandhinagar
Try and list your service offering than the designation. Mention more about the projects and their valuations. Skillsets are the deal breakers.
Often entrepreneurs are thought to favour autonomy more than adherence to a structure. Stay focussed on how your experience have trained you handle the job on your own.
State the fact why you started out on your own, and cite reasons why you would want to apply for a job. Offer every reason why you would continue to be employed and not return to entrepreneurship all over again.

From India, Mumbai
Thanks a lot , it’s really help me I apply a lot from naukri.com and other site but not getting interview Calls, what to do to raise more interview calls I have 12+ experiance
From India, Gandhinagar
The REALITY is quite DIFFERENT for entrepreneurs who, for various reasons, want to get into the job market again.
Prima facie, there shouldn't be any problem--especially given that an entrepreneur would have many soft skills that a normal job hunter WOULDN'T have. However, many companies don't consider such applicants for reasons other than competence.
Recently we had a US MNC reject one of our candidates [an IIT-M qualified--both Degree & Masters--guy with exceptional technical skills who was on his own for a couple of years a decade ago--during the 9/11 global slowdown--before getting into a job again & has been in jobs since the past 10-11 yrs] just ON THIS SCORE. He was, OTHERWISE, an absolute fit for the position. The MNC's HR & Top management preferred NOT TO FILL the position than to even interview & evaluate him [it's still open].
The reasons for this scenario could be many--but these are what I have observed so far--but MIND YOU, these are all about PERCEPTIONS & MINDSETS, NOT 'Right or Wrong'.
When a person working on his/her own looks for a job--
1] The perception is that he/she is doing it due to monetary pressure. So once he/she manages to save sufficient amount, he/she would prefer to back to being on his/her own again--leaving the company in the lurch.
2] He/she would obviously be exposed to the nuances & inner secrets of the company--especially if he/she is hired in critical departments like Design, Sales, etc--which he/she CAN use later to the detriment of the company.
3] In IT or Technology sectors, access to software code, patents, designs, etc can be misused.
4] In Non-IT/Manufacturing sectors, he COULD be a problematic employee. Persons who have tasted being on their own have a streak of 'independence' in them--so he/she may not listen to the superiors.
5] He/she COULD be looking for a job to expand his/her own business at the cost of this company.
These reasons can go on & on--since the human mind, for good or worse, can conjure up 'hazaar' reasons for 'WHY NOT TO DO SOMETHING'.
Hope you get the point.
Coming to HOW to handle your situation, pl clarify/confirm the following points:
1] You mentioned you were running a small firm--was this on YOUR name OR a relative's name OR jointly held?
2] Was the focus of your Firm only into Networking or anything else?
3] Pl mention the approx durations of your B'lore job & this Firm--how long with each of them?
Like the Saying goes: "There's a Solution to EVERY problem--we only need to FIND it out".
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad
Thanks, sir I have been running biz last 7 years And my banglore experiance is 2 years In biz I doing sales and service , offshore outsourcing govt. Projects pvt company amc etc
From India, Gandhinagar
You haven’t answered my First Query — that’s actually the most important one for an Action Plan. Rgds, TS
From India, Hyderabad
hi, i just want to know y u r looking for a job now with such experience, u can go with your won business
From India, Mohali
A question I would ask is : if you were doing all of this and successfully, then why are you looking for a job ? Why not continue doing your business ?

Companies do not bother to look seriously at entrepreneurs for filling jobs. One is that they look as non serious candidates when they can continue to do their own business. If they are not able to run business, they appear the be failures. Why take failures ?

Another is that no one wants to offer a job at lower designation because they feel they will leave soon for better position. So since u r saying you are a directory, they don't want you as at a junior position. No you don't fit their requirement at the top (probably there is no vacancy or they will look elsewhere, not on naukri).

One way is to show your 12 years experience as freelancer rather than director and to clearly give reason for wanting to move to a job.

The other is to stop using naukri.

You are in the trade, you know who the large players are. Speak to them directly for an opening. They would be your competitors or colaborators in the past and will know of your skill sets and strengths,

From India, Mumbai
I am working in Palanpur and it's so small town when i started in 2007 there is only two or three firms here and now in 2013 there are so many competitor now
and from the beginning i want to do the job but i haven't degree in past that's why i am not eligible for a handsome package but now i have a degree,

From India, Gandhinagar
and also for growth technology wise and financially, in business i got the one limit of earning like saturation point.
From India, Gandhinagar

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