yes no one is interested because those who fake wont justify their act here, and those who are against it wont have time to gather candidate details and even if they gather details who is going to believe them . SO thread closed for good I think
From India, Pune
I guess you are right Ravi...but I think you meant "can't justify their act here" rather the "wont justify their act here" that you used. They can't justify it ANYWHERE, not just here.
I thought this forum did have people who do not hesitate to face the reality straight-in-the-face, rather than close the eyes and imagine that the problem doesn't exist or wish that it would vanish on it's own.

From India, Hyderabad
yes and when police and ministry with their strict practices fails to prevent robbers and terrorists from making multiple passports etc, then how can HR prevent this by preparing blacklist, hehehe nice one naa :):)
From India, Pune
Blacklisting is a toxic thinking. Why blacklist? do a background verification and then decide.. BTW, has anyone thought why people fake on resumes? The reason is simple, they want to get jobs otherwise they will not. Even if they get, the employers have this nasty side of taking un-due advantage of the candidate. All this forces the people to do that.. If the interviewer is knowledgeable and bit intelligent then it is easy to weigh the potential of a candidate. There is no follow any other nasty policies.
From United Kingdom
hi guys, think what if an employee name is listed in the block list even though is genuine. for example, I can include all the people who I don't like in the list. so, forget about the employee background, rather see his performance in the present time. one industrious fake candidate can do better to his company than 100 useless genuine candidates.
From United States, Ashburn
Hi all,

The topic has so far been discussed at length...Appreciated....However, when HR pros are so desperate to solve this problem of faking...why don't you to hit it at the root cause....a doc doesn't treat an ailment by symptoms but hits to root and solves it by phases as the case may be...

I bow and apologize if any of these comments below hurt anyone....With all due respect HRs and seniors please pardon me and correct me if I am wrong...

While I don't support faking resumes or any such act, I would still dare say, corporates are the very reason for candidates faking their resumes...I bet big on it...

Here's a sample list of criteria for selection of candidates

- no freshers [min 3 yrs experience]

- no career or education gaps

- family business is a taboo or is looked down up on - or considered fake

- needs docs for everything - even if the company pays in cash by virtue of it being a small entity

This list goes on...However, I have come up with major requirements....

How will any candidate gain experience without being provided a job in the first - despite having good skills and knowledge candidates are rejected for lack of experience - all corporates - for god's sake want experienced candidates - times flies - it waits for none - 1 year after PG or Grad passes by just scouting for opportunities. If a candidate from outside software industry wants to enter the industry he has to replace his real experience with a fake one...otherwise he wouldn't get a job...this industry won't accept diversity at matter what...they need someone with experience...understood businesses want someone to get on to the job quickly and complete their projects in time blah blah....but what about candidates - not just thousands but lakhs of potential candidates who are skilful [certified] and are willing to put in equally good efforts are thrown away...What option will the candidate have other than FAKING...

No gaps? Why? Won't many HRs have gaps? Please remember you are dealing with humans not machines...the very branch reads - Human Resource Management - People do have problems [personal professional or any] there might be issues which can be inevitable and need attention...this might result in a gap in terms of a candidate addressing it? Give heed to problems of candidates and let them justify their might be missing on a potential candidate if gaps bother you...

People who are from entrepreneurial background may sometimes, due to unforeseen downturns in their line of business, want to enter corporate world...These candidates are considered as! Many of the so called corporate giants are family businesses.. Just an example.would you consider Roberto Mondavi Jr [a member of founding family and some fourth generation wine maker from Roberto Mondavi wine company] as a faker if he joins Vina Concha Y Toro another wine company...Just because these companies are famous people respect them - why wouldn't small firms with the same real time experience deserve that respect?

Again, small firms may not have payslips - they may pay in cash - Why is it a mandate? Why won't companies inquire with the previous employer and confirm the details - if previous employers don't disclose the salary details - what can the candidate do about it? Please advise...

Thanks to all those who read this post with patience...again,,,i apologize if i am being harsh...



From United States, Seattle
I second your point.

After having done my MBA(HR) from an institute that is ranked in top 5 in Mumbai and comes in top 30 in India, I myself was facing this problem of getting rejected on only 1 thing - FRESHER. I asked the same question to my interviewers as to how do one expect me to gain experience if all of you reject me???

Honestly it was really demotivating to work in a consultancy with graduates at same level and getting same pay and treated equally.

Please I do not wish to boast of my degree, but sure it does hurt when such situation arises. It was so demotivating for also the reason that we started with a low salary and now change has become a problem.

I have a gap post 11th and I was always asked why... Again there is mis-conception that people will have to agree. There are so many people who think that a gap would mean 2nd or 3rd attempt. It is not so. A gap is a gap. It could be easily verified from their marksheet/passing certificate which specifies no. of attempts.

Again there may be certain personal reasons for gap which a person might not be comfortable answering. But the interviewer assumes that we are cooking up story.

I too need answer to same. Though if an employee ask, an employer cant deny a salary slip, but a novice and fresher may not know the importance of it unless (s)he goes for a change. So is it fair enough to judge him wrong or fake for the lack of his/her knowledge. I knew about this only because of hr studies. Yet would like to emphasis the fact that my firm do not provide salary slip. We are paid by cheque so what i do is keep a photocopy of same and have had it mentioned in my appointment letter.

About suggestions regarding BGV:

1. Though many companies outsource the BGV task, I strongly believe the internal HR should be doing the BGV till they are satisfied with the output. While working as a recruiter I had closed a position and the client asked me to get his 3 references and he himself did the reference check.

2. While asking for references for BGV, there should be certain people who you should speak to -
  • His former boss or supervisor
  • His colleague or team mate (from same department)
  • His colleague from other department

This would help to take a view from all perspective.

Note down their view points and if any 1 also contradicts then ask that person to give you a reference of another person who can give you a view point on that candidate.

From India, Mumbai
I hope this can also be of some help when people think unemployed for long duration is perhaps because the candidate is unemployable...
Truths and Lies about Hiring the Unemployed
Can we discuss on this issue as well. This is also one of the reasons a candidate would want to fake some of the information in his/her CV by extending the tenure of their service or including such services which couldn't be easily identified.
Can we have some views...

From India, Mumbai

This issue is worth considering. I believe, if the candidate remains unemployed for a long time, the following might be the reasons -

- Personal / family issues - including serious health conditions of dependents [parents/wife/brothers/sisters]

- Lack of required skills currently in demand / Unemployable

- Health issues of the candidate

- Fired by the previous employer and no other company would take the candidate due to bad reference -

some employers dare give unsolicited bad references tho BG agencies just ask for dates and designation

just so the candidate becomes unemployable

- Laziness / lack of responsibility - parents are rich n well-off - the candidate is taken care of no matter


Well, if the candidate has really committed any offence [pls see my fourth point], it is advisable to fire the him or her..good until here..ask the candidate to put down papers - if the candidate is behaving in an unwelcome way - issue a termination letter - not an issue...


.if the truth behind an incident / offense is verified with a hyper bias - without giving heed to what the candidate has to say - here the candidate is being victimized - 90% of the time managers and subordinates have difference of opinion - manager has a list of people who are against him - he or she then starts troubling them whenever, wherever and however possible and spoil the candidate's career to their satisfaction - the naked-in-the-dark truth of the so-called corporate world. Aside from manager's cruel intentions - no matter what gender - this also happens in cases where women have issues with men - some men are good and some are not - so is the case with women...let's all agree...lopsided judgement ends up ruining a life there....don't you all agree? This is willfully making the candidate one has the right to do it...managers exercise their veto to satisfy their ill-borne needs like this - taking out revenge or blah blah - rather than help people grow in their careers and thereby being an ideal leader...

Other points are open for discussion....I request you all to please share your opinions...



From United States, Seattle
Nice! A candidate is not supposed to fake details of a company ever. it's like digging his or her own grave. However, on the other hand, i would like to know what about the situation of candidates who come from a family business background that are willing to move into corporates. For all you know, he might be a graduate/post graduate who has been working for his father's shop or a small scale business of his relative but due to some personal reasons wants to move to corporates? Even if he is willing to be straight forward about his experience, are companies ready to accept him? There are many such graduates who are unnoticed in industry - there are thousands - like water under a mat.....Some of the intellectuals advised that such candidates should be straightforward and not hide anything. But companies rejected such candidates. A genuine candidate who is not ready to put fake and is frank about his experience is facing rejections????? Can any HR here guide such candidates on how to go about?
From United States, Seattle

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