Dear All,
I am new to this so please bear with me if I make any errors.
I am currently undertaking my Masters in HRM and my disseration topic is 'Can lean manufacturing processes be applied to Recruitment and selection?'
Does anyone know of any previous research that has been undertaken in this area and if so can you advise where I might find this?
Thanks in advance.

From United Kingdom, Belfast
Dear JoJo1512,
I am rather surprised that, being in the UK, you do not seem to have taken the troublke to search the web. I just used key words from your query and found this link <link no longer exists - removed> at Google
I suggest that you digest that article and other links from the latter.

From United Kingdom
Thanks for your reply. It is appreciated. I should have said in my first posting that I have already taken the time to research the area, but was looking for advice from those who have looked at this area previously and any good articles/ research they have discovered that assisted them with this.
Thanks for your time.

From United Kingdom, Belfast
Dear Nandaram,
Please start a new topic with your query. Your question is not in line with the topic of this particular string. Requesting Moderators to do the needful.
I would urge you to do deeper literature research for yourself since it is your dissertation. It is my strong belief that the whole point of research training during dissertations and PhDs are contravened if help is sought from people who are not your guides. I don't mean to offend your attempt but am just trying to share my view that researchers should research and not depend on mass guidance. Help from CiteHR experts would surely be forthcoming if your research methodology mentions "seeking guidance from online HR communities".
Wishing you the very best.

From India, Mumbai

As long as you have not been issued with a transfer order, you deem to b continuing in the previous role and hence you are required to complete any target allotted to you, legally. But, you are working in another role, not on your own, but with the direction of your management. Hence they are aware of your condition. Explain to them your difficulties and try to settle it rather than fighting it out.
Good luck

From India, Kochi

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