Hi all,
I work for a reputed Indian IT company which hired me on 23 July 2012. They had told me that they will provide training and they also made me sign a bond for 2 years and 2 lakhs. But from the very first day I haven't been given any kind of training. Its almost been 9months and I haven't been given any work to do. Even though my job description is of a business analyst I haven't been given the job dat dey promised. It has been very frustrating from the past 5 months. I am not satisfied with d work I am doing. So now I am planning to abscond from the company. I wanted to know if there will be any problem in the future if I abscond. Moreover I am planning to setup my own enterprise. So kindly suggest me what can I do in this regard. I also wanted to know if one sided bonds are really acceptable in the Indian IT industry.

From India, Bangalore
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Sharmila Das

Dear Mr. Kash09,
I understand your aggravation!
BONDS are certainly invalid in nature of any industry in conjunction with the fact that if any sort of training provided. Quite a few of employers scoff at such finicky tricks. Rather I'm unsure as to why a reputed IT company does this? Reality is may be the "so-called" reputed ones have no projects in hand and to help profit their surplus they're simply plunging employees in. IF not so; then training promised shall become a concern.
I see your issue in 2 sides -- 1] Employees take this an advantage to stick around with such a company that pays him/er monthly despite of doing nothing. Disadvantages are with a reduction of no spirits to learn new implements, no scope & less amicable degree of work. Advantages are money in hand, no tension of unemployment till the other party terminates your services.
2] The best of which I suggest -- read your Bond thouroughly (one sided or two sided) and understand. Since yours a one sided it should not be of much issue. Besides, highlight the notice period in the Bond specified and stick to that process -- Giving NP shall abide you to the regulations perse in the appointment too.
a) Breach of bond will not effect you in any case as you will not fall liable for no training provided or loss incurred to the employer.
b) Check if the employer can provide you with any training certificate
c) Infraction of bonds litigate to both parties -- Employer will have no chance to prove your case, if no trainign provided.
For above reasons, read your Bond carefully and notify us for any vital point; as we have our other Cite Seniors, Members to suggest you with their exalted retorts.

From India, Visakhapatnam

Hello Kash09,
It's a bit surprising & confusing as to why, in your words, a reputed Indian IT company would keep an employee on rolls without any work FOR 9 MONTHS, when the general norm is to lay-off any such employees [especially in these days when every company seems to be taking hits]. Have you missed mentioning any points?
Going by your posting, you seem to be a Fresher--pl confirm.
But you also mentioned 'job description is of a business analyst'--what is your exp level?
The company may not have given you work as per the job description--pl elaborate what is the work you have been assigned so far [in 9 months].
Frankly, there are quite a few conflicting statements in what you mentioned. Pl give the above-mentioned inputs/clarifications for the members to give realistic & appropriate suggestions.

From India, Hyderabad

Hi all..
Thanks sharmila for your advice. I will certainly look into my bond and let you know the specs.
Hi tajsatheesh
I am a fresher. I was campus recruited by this company and my job description mentioned was as business analyst only. However I am currently termed as a management trainee.. but from past 9 months I have no work to do, or in simple terms I am on bench. The matter here is not about the training that the company hasn't provided but the reality is I am sitting idle here. Even though I am being paid for no work I am not satisfied with the work I am doing. I am completely frustrated. Not to brag about myself but I am a university topper. And a person with very high energy levels. But I feel I am under utilised here. So I am planning to abscond from this company. Kindly advice.

From India, Bangalore

Hello Kash09,
Being a Fresher, your available options would be a different set than those that apply experienced employees.
I can understand your line: 'I am completely frustrated'.
1] Pl confirm IF you have discussed this issue with your boss or anyone in HR? If Yes, what was their response? If No, any specific reason(s)?
2] Were there any situations when you refused to accept other assignments that did not fall into the 'business analyst' category?
3] Are you the ONLY ONE who is facing this situation or are there any others with the same experience?
Pl elaborate on these points/aspects--the options available to you would depend on them.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad

Why dont you have a word with your seniors in the company... How they look at the situation ? Perhaps as they are working for more number of years than yourself, they will be able to give you how flexible they are, if somebody wants to quit, who is on the bench ? Before coming to a decision, ask around in your own company.... They will be able to guide you better since they are 'insiders' whereas we are 'outsiders' !!!
From India


Given the scenario as mentioned above

- where in an employee has signed a bond (identical to the one described above) with a reputed organisation.

- The company did send the employee abroad for training on the job (work induction) for a good amount of time.

- The employee has performed excellent all through so far

But now the company is taking a MAJOR HIT.

> There has been a massive layoff all over the company from bottom to top management level. (Though it is termed as restructuring!)

> The salaries are delayed by an uncertain amount of time.

> There is NO CLEAR COMMUNICATION about companys roadmap ahead.

$$ People who decided to take off on account of personal financial reasons had been forced to pay the remaining amount of bond value!

$$ Moreover the company mentioned the amount being deducted in F&F settlement as "OTHER CHARGES". So the employee does not stand a chance to buy this amount from next employer.

Now my queries:

>> How good does the bond hold for employees who are still left behind?

>> If at all the company is deducting the bond value in F&F statement, how can they be forced to mention it clearly in the document?

>> One thing appears that the company knows it is illegal to have any kind of bond in place that is why they are not mentioning the bond related transactions anywhere in F&F.

please let me know if any one could help me with the situation people are facing.

From India

Dear Kash09

I appreciate the inputs of Sharmila das and further add that since you wanted to start your own enterprise, you may not bother about service certificate or any documentary evidence that you were engaged in so called IT Company.

These gimmicks are quiet common in IT and Non-IT companies, calling candidates and making their lives miserable, keeping them without giving them proper work. In few companies, before creating a position, they do not bother to prepare Job Description also. At the end, their performance will be rated low and no increments / promotions will be awarded at the year end.

Have a face to face discussion with your immediate supervisor in the presence of concerned HR and if they do not response properly i.e breaking the bond without any loss to both sides to leave you from the company, then send a letter (by registered ACK due) briefing the clause by clause mentioned in your bond, where the company failed to comply with.

In case if you get any responses / threats from the company, drop all the communications to concerned Labour Department. Though we are not termed as "Labour" but our interest is protected through Labour Departments.

Pls do not leave the company, without discussing / submitting any letter and do not forget to keep documentary evidence for breaking the BOND. If you have further doubt, call on my mobile number.

All the best.

Regards ===S Rao /9849562900 / Hyderabad

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Kash09,

Firstly I understand and appreciate your concerns in terms of your work profile and your indecision of the way ahead. As many members suggested you must have definitely had a word with your HR or concern authority and might have got some clarity

I confess , I am not a promoter of job hopping except valid reasons.I think one should always exit on grand scale and better terms, as a performer and a good employee, colleague. One year is too less time to understand your profile forget the organisation. If you check all good business leaders (Not owners) have been with the organisation for substantial time period only than they reach to CXO level.

One of my mentors told me on my first job " Boss never keep yourself free in office, if you are done with work assign to you try to help other person in his work even if he is not related to your work / department or process. It will increase you knowledge. Always remember 1st job is for knowledge and not to earn money"

frankly i didn't care for this advice, forget doing it. But one day accidently i had to assist work manager in other department, and i learned something new and interesting. From that day i started helping and believe the knowledge i got was incredible something which i would never get had i stick with my own job. Small things like filings documents, inter department communications, petty cash might not be related to your current work , but such things you learn this way will help you in setting up your own venture which you want.

In corporate world people will initially laugh at you, but later in life you would be a better resource. I can't advice you to do something and not to do other, but i request you take a calculated call.

Now, as you said this is your first Job thru campus and its understandable that you to have expectations especially being a reputed company. So before taking any decision to leave / abscond i request you to go back to your decision to join the company and put on paper the reasons to accept the offer (it can be anything), once done check if those reasons are still valid (most wouldn't in current mindset).

Now jot points why you wish to leave, and justify. Later do repeat to process stating points why would like to continue and in what circumstances.

I request you to work for at least 2 years in your organisation, not to complete the bond period but to learn and than take a call.

Hope this is useful in your decision making

From India, Mumbai

If you are knowledgeable about any fact, resource or experience related to this topic - please add your views.

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