I am frequently facing a serious problem. We have requirement of Front Desk Executive in our firm. after very hard work we find some suitable candidates and we gave her offer letter also as per his choice(joining date). But that day they didn't turned up for joining even she is not picking up our call. Our office timing is very convenient and also no late sitting for female candidates. Then also i am facing these kind of problem.
Help me with great suggestions, and also tell me how to do smart work.

From India, Mumbai
HI Amita,
Please check these factors and evaluate what needs improvement
2.Office location
3.Chosen candidate's location
4.Your office ambiance / business profile presntation
5.What's the job briefing given to the candidate
Please call the candidates who did not turn up and have a off line understanding why they did not turn up.
Please relax as there are so many unemployed in this country.Someone will turn up.Choose the right recruitment media too.

From India, Chennai
Dear Amita,
In addition to what KB have pointed out, please keep in mind No-Show is pretty normal. Often candidates , attend an interview without the job in mind. Its more of trying out a possibility and finding an alignment even sometimes, their market value .
Here;s my suggestion, issue a letter to the candidate with an end date to the Job offer. If she doesn't joins within that date, she stands to loose the job.
During hiring, build a pool of candidates, so that if one doesn't show up , the other would be ready. Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai
Dear Amita,
Please consider the solutions shared in this thread. Its an old discussion, however the points remain valid .
How to handle No-Show

From India, Mumbai
In addition to valid points made by KB and (Cite Contribution), the following steps may also be helpful to make a selected candidate join.

1) Commutation.: - In Mumbai,apart from distance, the way one has to commute to his/her work place also weighs on the minds of the prospective candidates in making a choice. For example a candidate from Belapur in will prefer to go for a Job at CST than for one at Lower Parel, since, for Lower Parel, he has to get down at Kurla and then catch a train to Dadar and then change over to Western Railway and then catch another local for Lower Parel and the ordeal may not end there, he/she may have to walk down or take a cab to his place of work.This is not to speak of the harrowing experience of getting into locals at Dadr and Kural in the evening rush hour while returning home.Though you may find a good candidate loacted at a place which is not connected to your place of work straight, the chances of his accepting your offer will be dim. he may go for ajob with lesser pay, if he can commute easily to his workplace. If the candiadte is a woman , she will be doubly concerned with this aspect.

2) Secondly, while sending mail for interview, you can mention that the candiadtes who are interested joining the job on their selection, despite their location, need only appear for interview.


HR & Labour Law Advsior


From India, Mumbai
Hi Amita,
This is to add some tips to your problem. Do not give the candidates their free choice when they can start. During interviews, you can ask this questions to them. On presenting your job offer set your own date so that in case they can not come for the day, you can pick another choice in your pooling.

From Philippines, Cebu
I have been facing the same with profiles like Front office/Secretart/Telecallers/Backoffice and Sales executive.After 10 calls one agree to attend the Interview...if I line up 10 people 1 or 2 attends the Interview and if ask to join then they dont show up and even if one join will leave withing 2 month.
I just want to undertsand what is wrong with these profiles! Cananyone throw some light in this discussion.
I am so frustrated that I am only focussing on Senior to Top management,where I find people with right attitude!
If anyone have any idea, suggestion about how to handle these profiles please share!

From India, Chinsurah
there must be some problem with the rapport/distance/jd/compensation and conducive work atmosphere. Females generally avoid companies where there r none or a very few. Check the insight and analyse root cause and arrive to a conclusion
From India, Mumbai
Hi Amita,

Before coming to any suggestion or solution, I would like to tell u that " In Recruitment one can not avoid no-shows but definitely can reduce it".Moving forward Being a recruiter you should always keep in mind that whatever you are offering to a person should always aligned with his/her expectation. The moment you are having a communication with a prospective candidates...you must feel that intereste and ecxitement in his voice same as you. Communication should not be one way from your side....let him speak try to understand his area of interests....dont force or negotiate with unchanged conditions.

I can share few highlighters on reducing No-Show, hopefully it will work for you.

* Speak less, understand more....let him speak on...y is he/she interested for this opening...

* Put forward all the conditions given as per the JD and DONT force him if he is not sounding flexible and interested.

* Avoid those who has a candidature of frequent job changer without any valid reason.

* U should always screen the profile on the ground of HR before talking to the candiadte like...Expected CTC,

relocation, reason for change which will help you to understand him.


look out for a potential candidate if his expectations are matching with the opportunities which u gonna provide....HE WILL NEVER BE A NO-SHOW

Thanks, Shilpi

From India, Bangalore

Our job location is Vashi near by station only, its 2 min walkable distance from vashi station. Name of company Micro Technologies (I) Ltd.
If anyone have some references for Front Desk Executive (Salary 10k, EXP 0-3yrs), Marketing Executive (minimum 6 month, Salary upto 15k), Media Executive (minimum 6month, salary upto 18k). Ask candidates to come down from interview from monday to saturday in working hours 9.00am - 5.30pm

From India, Mumbai

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