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i am facing a problem related to communication, people are used to say me that you are doing well but you are not able to express yourself your talking behavior is not good,
you are saying right thing and doing excel in your work but you are not replying very seriously or in right manner you have to use flourish language and take the work seriously. don't know why my senior thought you are taking all the work very lightly.
please guide me that how can i find where i am lacking and in which area i have to work tell me the right way of communication to anyone.
which kind of exercise i have to follow so my senior thought that yes i am doing work seriously.
how to use flourish language and how its should be use
cause according to me you can not use flourish language every time,,,,,
please guide me the right communication.......
thanks in advance ..

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Shri Pawan Kumar,

Communication in English is something, which all of us start with a disadvantage,

since English is not our mother tongue.

With a systematic approach you can learn Communication skills.

From your post, we can infer that you need to strengthen your English.

In the beginning write very small sentences correctly.

You can take any beginners book in English.

If you type English Communication in the box right above (TYPE YOUR QUERY)

and then press RESEARCH you will get plenty of information.

Reading English News Papers and listening to English News will help.

After some time, you can start writing bigger sentences.

A simple language is always good.

However during some occasions, say, a formal speech, an article that will be published etc

a high flown style could be used.

You can compare simple language to the daily food that we take

and flowery style to a feast that we take once in a while.

Please make a beginning by searching in Cite HR.

Practice daily.

Follow the writings of Seniors to get a good guidance.

Wish you good luck.


From India


At the outset let me tell you that the problem you have shared is quite commonly encountered by many people. However, very few people take proactive steps, like you have done to make an effort to tackle the problem by seeking help.

It is essential also to remember that for anything you do in life, a clear goal /vision, adequate motivation / enthusiasm, hard work / discipline and the ability to take risks/ challenges are critical attributes. What you also require are the key attributes called 'discipline' and 'enthusiasm' with which you can achieve anything you want.

Your enthusiasm is the reason you wrote in at Citehr. The next test is to be disciplined and follow the suggestions given here.

1. My first suggestion is to read aloud as much as possible in English ALOUD. A standard daily English Newspaper and the Readers Digest have very good reading material. If possible record your voice and listen to it to know the areas the sounds, words and alphabets that give you trouble and on which you need to work. If possible read aloud to a friend who can give you his/ her feedback based on which you can work on improving your pronunciation as well as articulation.

2. The mother tongue influence is a problem for many considering that very few of us are native English speakers. To reduce that, make more English speaking friends and make a determined effort to speak only in English, even if you keep forgetting words, or tend to stammer or your friends tend to laugh at you. This will require a lot of will power but believe me you will soon improve. If someone corrects your pronunciation don’t take offense, instead be grateful that he/ she is helping you correct yourself.

3. I would also suggest you try to learn at least 3 -5 new words every day and look up the meaning in a dictionary. then try and use these words in your daily work and in your communication to improve your vocabulary. Find synonyms for words that give you trouble and use the synonym.

4. If you still feel that professional help is needed then you will have to attend English speaking classes

5. You are also welcome to go through my reply in the following link to get some more inputs on Written Communications in English

6. Finally, if you can, do visit my blogs listed below regularly and try to learn the new words in it and also be inspired by it. Try to read the blog content aloud and you can be sure it will be worthwhile since the blogs have a good response from the readers.

Actspot's Blog | Igniting your Thoughts – Encourging you to ACT SPOnTaneously – Over 1,59,500 views and 910 followers

Academy for Creative Training – Over 48,500 views and 225 followers

Best Wishes

From India, Mumbai
Dear Pawan

As other experts guided you to solve you problem is exactly good idea to tackle the situation.

Apart of this few suggestions are here,if u follow might be beneficiated.

Start listening to other people in your office those are good in communication even the employess are closer to your boss,

Which kind of answers your boss expect must work on this,

Start reading english news papers few lines but seriously and say and reherse loudly when you are alone at home.

Start speaking english with in your friends circle tellung them that you are committed to improve you communication skilss,so they will be suporting you and apprciate your honest effort,

watchsome english news,various talkshows with media persons,alsowatch award functions on T.V,for beginners these links can do a lot,

Read,write and sleak small sentences in starting and must impliment and use your firnds circles,in office,dont expet or judge your co employees reaction after speaking something good before them,which they never expected,

Be confident,no one is complete,best and all rounder in all field of life,every person has drawbacks and loopwholes,successfull person is who find the gaps,and fights to overcome.

And say to your boss that you are stand on your expectations,please give some time

There are several words you can use from the very day start.

So be confdent and start to fullfill your commitment made to yourself for better YOU.

Best Wishes.

Manish Srivastava

From India, Lucknow
Dear Pawankumar,

Our senior members M/S Raghunathan, Jacob and Manish Srivastava have given very useful practicals tips for improving your communication skills and I would request you to put them into regular and systematic practice.Few more thoughts in this connection from my own perspective.Simply speaking, communication means conveying our own feelings or thoughts to others in such a way to make them understand, if not exactly, at least most approximately what we feel or think.To understand the subtle nuances of communication both verbal and non-verbal, we should first realize that the purpose of communication is connecting ourselves with the world at large in the right perspective because perceptions are always at variance due to individual differences.Very particularly, oral communication is all the more difficult because it is always an extempore action or reaction.So, the basic tenet of communication is effective listening as suggested by Mr. Srivastava. Listening does not mean the mere physical act of hearing.On the contrary, it is a systematic process of assimilation that ends up in conscious response.Generally we listen half-the-way only and our listening is not always total or complete.One day Mulla Nazirud-din returned home very late.His wife asked for the reason and Nazirud-din, as like any other late-comers, answered it was late.She became wild because of this answer as it strengthened her suspicion that Nazirud-din had some illicit extra- marital connection.So, she smelt him and thoroughly checked his clothes and found nothing but warned him not come home so late in future.The very next day also Mulla was back home late.As the day before, fuelled by her suspicion, his wife posed so many irrelevant questions, started thoroughly checking his clothes and at last found a long hair presuming it to be that of a lady's and thrashed him like anything.The next day also it so happened that Mulla was late and he took all the precautions while walking along the street that no dust or any other foreign objects settled down on his clothes.As usual, Mrs.Mulla conducted all the search and fond nothing but started crying.Mulla became perplexed and asked her why still she was crying.His wife shouted back saying,"O,God, I thought you are having some illicit connection with a young woman because of the long hair I found yesterday, but found today that you rascal having affair with an old that too a bald witch!".Hope you understand the moral.When you listen, listen totally without super-imposing your own prejudicial reactionary thoughts in between.Then only, you will be able to understand where the stand-off arises and respond accordingly.Next, don't be obsessed with language much.After all language is nothing but a vehicle of expression. Always, 'the expressed' is more important than 'the expression'.Imagine that you are not comfortable with flawless English and that you are in NewYork. You are in dire necessity of boarding a bus to Madison Square. A bus has arrived.Will you ask the American standing beside yourself pointing to the bus"GOING TO MADISON SQUARE?" or start recollecting the basics of grammatical formation of sentence you were taught years before? If you choose the second option, by the time you come to the grammatical formation, both the bus and the American will be gone! So, please don't bother too much about any language in which you have to communicate.I usually watch the art lessons of a Russian Painter by name Igor Shrof in YOU TUBE.His entire narration is in Russian-even not a single word in English.I know painting but not Russian even a little bit.But, still I can thoroughly understand the techniques of his painting and their different nuances because of his body language.Oral Expression in any language is a delicate affair; at times you have to be very brief- in tune with the adage-"Brevity is the art of wit"and some other times you have to be very elaborate .It depends.

From India, Salem
Good Morning Members,
Greetings for the Day!!!
Kindly find an Article on the same in the attachment with this post,
Defiantly its going to help you to enhance... All the Best!!!
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From India, Patna

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Thank you all for support and guiding me ...
i am very delightful to all of you...
in the meanwhile please give me some suggestion that i can show my self a serious person cause i am working hard but due to some act i am unable,
even people are saying that pawan you are working very nice your working style is very good but same person after some days saying your replying way is not good so tell me, how can i control this thing and what the thing i should do so people think that yes you are working seriously ...

From India, Gurgaon

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