Innovative HR Practices by different companies

Human resources provide competitive edge over rivals. So as not to lose their competitive edge, companies are taking up HR practices very seriously. The new trends in HR Practices of Recruitment and Selection are discussed below:

1. Second Career Internship Program (SCIP): Tata has launched this program on SCIP in March 2008 on International Women's Day. It is a career transition programme for women professionals who are not working from past few years or have taken a break of 1-8 years from the job in their professional career for any reason, and wish to work again in the organization.

2. Making use of pre-hiring processes: Genpact, the BOP company uses a pre-hiring process to turnover of the employees. The organization brings people to the organization before they join, and have them look at the workplace. This means if the candidates like the workplace and choose to join the organization, it reduces the attrition or turnover rate.

3. Checking the Profile on Social Networking Sites: Organizations now a days take the help of social networking sites such a Facebook or Linkedin to have a look at Candidate's profile. When a candidate applies for the job, his behavior is traced or checked on these social networking sites. This is the process of checking if the candidate fits the job or not.

4. Holding on the employees: Quatrro BRO Solutions has started a concept of keeping in touch with high performers who left the organization for some reasons and if they want to come back at any time they are welcome by the organization.

5. innovative practices of reward and recognition: Rewards and recognition plays and important role to motivate employees. In today's world companies use new and innovative practices of reward and recognition to motivate employees. One of these practices include giving gift store vouchers like Shoppers stop, life style, etc.

From India, Shahdara
AIRTEL: Every HR member is assigned a department. He/She works with the department very closely not only to proactively enable employees perform but also to partner with the business and influence business processes and policies.Few more would be the ‘Customer Contact Programme’. Once a month, all senior managers reach out to customers to get a first hand feel and feedback from them. They conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys, have departmental strategic matrices developed to work on employees feedback, etc.

WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES: Every four months they conduct an employee survey where all their employees provide inputs on the health of the workplace. This survey enables them to identify how strongly the person feels about the organization, and how strong is the person’s clarity of his/her existence in the organization. It also enables them to see the person’s own ability to identify with the vision of the organization, and whether he thinks the organization listens to what he has to say. He also reveals whether he feels that his supervisor takes interest in his/her development, has he/she received any word of praise from the boss for a good job done and so on. This proves to be an eye opener for the managers as well.

They have the HR review in the planning cycle, which is a rigorous process involving everyone, right upto the head of the organization. They do succession planning for individuals wherein they identify the best talents – the top ten people. They also identify their bottom ten people, who are asked to pull up their socks and improve, failing which they will have to leave. They carry out this exercise every quarter and this enables them to be well informed about their people asset.

Innovative HR practices of LG Electronics India

In order to give the organisation a competitive edge LG streamlined the whole system by integrating the HR fundamentals with Information Technology and have adopted some unique practices.

1. LG has a On-Line Recruitment Management System. Under this prospective candidates visit their website and directly register their CV as a result duplication of CV is immediately identified and not accepted. This process speeds up the whole process as it does initial screening of vital parameters like age, qualification, experience etc.

2. LG has come up with unique concept of Pizza Meetings where the whole departments meet up for Pizza Treat and discusses issues in an informal setting.

3. LG has a help desk facility for their employees to help them overcome every aspect of their professional problems.

4. The Blue Collar employees are given English coaching classes and at the end of every month one employee gives speech in English in front of MD and gets an incentive for the same.

5. LG also has a family ambassador programme where dedicated mentor goes to the workers house ans talks to the family their problems and tries to make their situation better.

6. LG has a unique Joyful Working 5 programme. It is based on 5 key factors associated with every job Stress,Communication,Leadership,Target setting and Working hours. JW5 helped in eliminating the issues related to these factors and bringing fun at workplace.

From India, Ludhiana
RIL is focused on building what would be the best "To Be" Organisation over the next 18 to 24 months. In order to achieve this objective, RIL focused on following initiatives:

People: Energising and engaging the existing work force, building a pipeline for the future and creating an exciting work place.

HR Processes: To ensure that RIL continues to have the world's best practice and processes, existing processes are being reengineered and new processes are being introduced.

Policies: The focus in FY-11 was to make the policies employee friendly keeping in view employee specific needs. The HR policies are being reviewed and benchmarked with world class organisations.

HR Shared Service Centre: The Centre was established last year to ensure efficient and effective delivery of HR services to RIL employees.


As part of its inclusive HR policy, Infosys will throw open a satellite centre in the heart of the city to

enable employees (particularly new and to-be mothers) to cut down on travel time to work. The centre,

which can accommodate up to 50 women at a time. The company has also initiated a pilot project for

employees giving them an opportunity to opt for a one-year sabbatical at any point in their careers.

From India, Ludhiana
Starbucks' has great ability to reach into the hearts and minds of an 18 year old college kid and create expectations around culture, delivery, experience, brand ...
Cisco have one of the world's most highly rated training programmes and training is a key retention tool worldwide. Depending on the function (and age of the employee) it can be more highly rated than pure cash.
FedEx is an example of an organization that has created an effective HR strategy that supports productivity and profitability. The corporation's philosophy is that employees should be doing the kind of work they want to do."

From India, Mumbai


Tata Steel has always endeavoured to offer some of the best HR practices, and the recruitment process is no exception. The recruitment process is unique as it entails identifying talent from the pool through various practices. Some of them can be enlisted as follows:

Opportunities for employee wards - domain wise written test, assessment centre, personal interview.

We also select talent through Lateral Recruitment process which involves interview by HR, subject matter expert and personal interviews.

Group Migration Policy for our employees, which enables the group employees to explore opportunities to work at Tata Steel from other group companies.

We provide career opportunities for down the line people and internal job postings ensuring that the best talent pool deserves the right opportunity in bringing the best practices in the company.

Campus Selection - B schools, T Schools - written test, psychometric test, personal interview.

Shadow recruitment for niche senior talentR policies regarding recruitment

Employee relations

Tata Steel is of the opinion that people are its greatest asset and has therefore adopted the best practices for its employees.

Trade Unions: The Company believes that a healthy union is an asset for it. Trade unions are therefore present and encouraged at all locations. All the non-officers (86% of the total workforce) are represented by 26 independent trade unions across all locations.

Joint Consultations: Tata Steel is a pioneer of joint consultation in India. A unique system of joint consultation has been in place in Tata Steel for more than 55 years in which both management and employee representatives consult each other at all levels on matters relating to the progress and prosperity of the organisation, including production, productivity, quality, safety, welfare, training, etc. A minimum of 56 Joint Departmental Council meetings are held in a year.

Benefits and Facilities: Tata Steel has many ‘firsts’ in the area of employee welfare. Several welfare initiatives of Tata Steel were institutionalised even before it was formalised worldwide as a convention of the ILO. The Steel Works is the only steel manufacturing unit and the largest of its kind in the world, to adopt and enforce SA 8000 as a tool to improve workplace standards.

Employee Health: Apart from continuous preventive health surveillance of employees (which includes both statutory & non-statutory health check-ups), a unique programme on Wellness@Workplace has been launched across the company.

Higher Studies: Monetary incentives to employees acquiring higher technical qualifications in a related field.

Employee development and growth

The company believes in providing continuous skill and competence upgrading of all employees by providing access to necessary learning opportunities, on an equal and non-discriminatory basis. As a management approach Tata Steel has identified the following strategies to meet this challenge: (i) maximise utilisation of available employees through right skilling and (ii) recruitment of technically qualified persons.

Tata Steel encourages a holistic approach to learning and development through its well established in-house training facilities and approaches. The Tata Steel Management Development Centre (TMDC) endeavours to provide primarily managerial training and also functional training to all officers of Tata Steel, the Shavak Nanavati Technical Institute (SNTI) provides the essential technical and functional training to all officers and non-officers of the Company.

Moreover, Tata Steel ensures the development and growth of its employees in the best possible ways through the following steps:

70:20:10 Learning and Development Programme

The 70:20:10 concept of Learning and Development of officers has been launched with an objective of creating a culture where every manager takes ownership for the development of his/her subordinates. This also helps in instituting systems so that employees are trained, coached and mentored in a systematic manner such that they acquire appropriate knowledge, skill and attitude required by the organisation and are prepared in advance to take up higher responsibilities.

70% of Learning and Development takes place from real life and on-the job experiences, tasks and problem solving.

20% of Learning and Development takes place through coaching, mentoring, discussions, guidance by superiors/experts.

10% of the learning comes from formal Class Room Training.

Job Rotation and Career Planning

In order to eliminate drudgery and maximise the learning opportunities for our employees, robust processes have been put in place pertaining to job rotation and career planning. These processes also help raise and retain the technical capabilities within the organisation by ensuring development of officers through planned rotation to keep meaningful longevity in each position so that the executive develops deeper functional capability.


Our people, our strength

"We bet on people," said Dhirubhai Ambani, our legendary founder. This is at the core of Reliance Communications’ business philosophy. Reliance Communications believes in hiring world-class talent and supporting them with an enabling organisational framework.

We have already invested in 50,000 person training days and state-of-the-art e-learning facilities. We are introducing several progressive and employee friendly HR practices in e-HR, Employee Self Service, Performance Management System, 360° Feedback and Leadership Development initiatives.

Our Vision is to develop Global Leaders in India by providing them opportunities to learn through a comprehensive and contemporary framework of continuing education.

From India, Ludhiana
HR is an asset of any organisation. Every organisation is unique, and it flows down to their HR. HR practices channelize this difference in each organization. The mix of HR and technology is unavoidable in today's environment. Following are some unique examples of the same:


Accenture HR BPO Services helps parent company improve efficiencies, streamline workflows and reduce HR spend. It is known for its VIRTUAL MANAGEMENT of its VIRTUAL WORLD.

It is outsourcing all the work to employees sitting in various parts of the world. They can work whenever they like and wherever they like from however they need to do the required work done in time.

The HR is all linked with their accenture systems and online accounts of the company where anyone can view what the other one is doing and all the employees are free to talk to anyone in the organisation 24x7 since the employees of the company spans the globe.

Accenture saw a unique opportunity in HR outsourcing. A series of technological and process revolutions were underway in human resources management. By applying these innovations to BPO, it established Accenture HR BPO Services, which is charged with providing the most innovative, high-quality and cost-effective human resources services on an outsourced basis in the marketplace.


Once in 3-4 weeks, management call their employees and give them information as to what is happening. Whenever there is a project win or a customer delivery, they ring the bell in the company to inform everybody.

A very beautiful and new practice is the “Mind Tree Minds” magazine of the company. They have CEO’s snapshots which is released once in two weeks, the in-house magazine, meet the “Mind Tree Minds” where the computer selects some names at random and they meet the senior people to get the right perspective of what they are doing, why they should do it, to ensure that there is enough interaction.

Ofcourse, all this enhances communication, commitment and sense of belonging in the employees.


The line managers have been provided with HR tools, technologies and online tools etc, which give them an advantage over their counterparts in other organisations.

With just a click of mouse, a manager can look at the database of his/her own people, track history of development, increments, promotions, stock options etc.

They also have access to rating and ranking tools.

They have the authority to recommend changes and training needs and they could draw upon the resources available.

Besides companies are using technology not only to have communication and progress along with their employees, but also in hiring them. following are some related examples:

1. HCL Technologies

It got on board almost 60% of its senior-level executives (general managers and above) in 2011 through professional online networking platforms, primarily LinkedIn. "We have a dedicated team which looks into hiring through social media. As early adopters, we are at a stage where the numbers are much higher in terms of percentage of workforce hired from these new channels compared to any of our peers," says Ravi Shankar , senior VP, HR, at HCL Technologies . Shankar says HCL started using portals such as LinkedIn way back in 2007 and, other than hiring a huge chunk of its senior executives, it also employs 20% of its junior and 40% of its mid-level staff through it. HR heads at companies say for senior positions candidates who are not actively looking out for a job change can also be tapped through such platforms and at much lesser costs whilst a consultant at an executive search firm charges a huge fee.

2. Mahindra Satyam

IT major Mahindra Satyam launched a campaign called 'Career Divas' on social networking website Facebook and successfully hired only women.

Mahindra Satyam, says it hires 10% of its workforce , largely at the 2-6 years experience level, from social media platforms and plans to increase its focus further. Having conducted the 'Career Divas' , Mahindra Satyam's chief people officer Hari T says the idea is to explore more such avenues which are not traditional in nature.

3. ING Vysya Bank

The bank introduced something called 'fone-a-career' in 2011, similar to a customer services cell, to cater to prospective employees by counselling them over the phone about their careers. About 7% of its overall hiring was done through this platform in 2011.

"It is very important to innovate for frontline positions as we hire in thousands every month," says Ranga Subramanian , head, Resourcing & Talent Acquisition, at ING Vysya Bank. Besides tasting success with 'fone-a-career' , the bank hired 20% of its senior executives from LinkedIn and other social media platforms along with 50% of its mid-rung staff and 30% junior staff.

In a nutshell, companies are continuously scanning the environment for emerging trends. Technological innovations are a main focus and they are directly putting a direct impact on Human Resource beginning from hiring to retaining employees.

From India, Ludhiana
In the corporate world, HR leaders are frequently considered some of the most conservative and risk-averse. Running HR in a conservative manner might have served your company well in the last decade, but unfortunately it may be inappropriate and even damaging today. This fast-changing and highly competitive business world has caused senior executives to now expect innovation not just in their product lines but also in all of their business are few innovative Bold practices that define the current of HR practices.

Unlimited vacation policies – a major role of the HR department is to track absenteeism and vacation days. However, foursquare, Netflix, and several startups have begun to offer unlimited amounts of vacation and sick leave. This bold approach treats employees like mature adults who know how to manage how much time to spend away from work. By offering compelling work, tightknit teams, and performance-based pay, the firm offers enough positive incentives to drive employees to work more hours.

A recruiting TV show – the Chinese are learning how to be bold in recruiting by offering a TV show entitled “Only You” where candidates are interviewed and hired by executives in front of a live TV audience.

Meetups for recruiting
— Edelman, the powerhouse PR firm, combines social media and “meet up” events to attract and build relationships with the very best. It uses employee social media contacts to invite candidates to mingle and to build relationships at social events held at popular restaurants. Candidates are offered unique snacks and drinks, while senior executives give a brief presentation. At the events, employees wear name tags with their Twitter handles on them. Attendance has reached as many as 300 and the events have resulted in more than 25 hires.

Outrageous benefits – Google recently revealed that it offers amazing death benefits to every U.S. employee. Should any of its U.S. employees die, their surviving spouse or domestic partner will receive 50% of the employee’s paycheck each year for the next 10 years! With a young employee base, fortunately not many will likely take advantage of this benefit, but it still sends a powerful message that benefits at Google are different.

From India
LG has a help desk facility for their employees to help them overcome every aspect of their professional problems.
Google's one of hr practice is eliminating friction at every turn: ensuring change can happen quickly and efficiently
Fedex's founder and CEO Frederick Smith was determined to make employees an integral part of the decision-making process, as he believes that "when people are placed first they will provide the highest possible service, and profits will follow". The FedEx corporate philosophy is the result from this belief: People-Service-Profit. These three corporate goals form the basis for all business decisions.

From India, Sangrur
The following companies are hiring Virtual PAs
1. MCF Technology Solutions
2. Thomas Nelson Publishers
3. Brian Moran- Democratic Party USA
4. David Risley- Blogger
5. Gideon Shalwick- Video Marketing Expert
Gaganpreet Singh

From India, New Delhi
Some of the recent HR practices are :-

1-Schneider Electric India-- The 3 E approach

The new HR function will work towards equipping line managers with coaching skills to optimize talent utilization and the coming year will see the emergence of a lot of people managers there will be an increasing focus on education and businesses will incorporate the 3 E approach to encourage learning through education, exposure and experience.

2-TATA AutoComp Systems--People as Brands

At Tata AutoComp they have started sowing the seeds to create an environment that would meet these aspirations of people. they recognize their people’s achievements instantly and that too the recognition comes from the senior most management team. This is proving a great motivator. They also run several in-house as well as co-branded training programs that help their employees improve skills as well as come up to speed with the latest trends.They also encourage our people to celebrate all occasions together. Right from birthdays to anniversaries of people they celebrate together They also involve lesser privileged members of the society in our celebrations to bring in a human touch.

3-Mc Donald's--Publicize Good Performances

Every company has some employees who outperform others. Such performances should be highlighted and displayed where other employees can look at them such as on the display boards and intranet etc. This will encourage others to give their best. A proper system should be set up to make a list of high performances at specific times in a year.

4-Raymond Ltd.--360 Degree Feedback System

This system which collects feedback from seniors peers and subordinates has been increasingly embraced as the best of all available methods for collecting performance feedback.Such systems also help in identifying leaders for higher level positions in the organization. Senior managers could use this feed back for self development.

5- Vodafone--Delight Employees with the Unexpected

The last but not least way is to occasionally delight your employees with unexpected things that may come in the form of a reward like a gift or a well-done certificate. Reward not only the top performers but also a few others who are in need of motivation to exhibit their potential.

From India, Chandigarh

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