I will be short and simple.
I received offer from new company and accepted it. I told them official notice period is 2 months and that they might have to wait that long if my current company doesn't agree upon short notice. New company have already waited for 1 month. Now my current company gave me an counter offer which I am likely to accept.
So my question is, whether I shall mention about counter offer from current company in email while rejecting offer from new company or make some other excuse!?

From India, Mumbai
Cite Contribution
Community Manager

Please remain as courteous as possible. You may never join this employer , but might interact with the HR and business leaders, at some other place, in future.
You have received a counter offer from your existing employer. Please consider sharing a genuine reason and continue to remain transparent with the hiring team from the other employer.
Finally, at any cost please do not try to negotiate a further raise, unless arm-twisting is all what you want. You accepted the offer in the first place , for it seemed justified to you. Creating a communication for negotiation, after the offer stage, will create a negative impression on them.

From India, Mumbai
Administration & Liaisoning Head

You speak about “Counter offer by current employer” but I would like to know what do you feel about this offer? Is this better offer than the new employer has offered you? And, do you feel you can get more good opportunities and growth with new employer than the present or what you expecting from new employer in comparison to your present employer?

See you have spent a good time here I presume and are well familiar with the work conditions and everything with present employer; therefore, you are the one who can judge these conditions first and have to decide which better one for you is. Please let us know what you feel about it too.

Second, do not forget to consider the reasons that put you in this condition. Reasons, which forced you to resign from the present position/employer, and it is also important to realize that this “Counter Offer” evidently says how important are you for your present employer and they appreciate your skills and work performance which is why they wanna retain you.

Apart from that in simple words, I would suggest you to accept this counter offer and continue with your present employer, and for this why you should continue with your present employer, I also would like to present some other facts that will help you to understand the same for sure.

-You are well familiar with the present work conditions and other with your present employer that enable you to work with a good understanding but with new employer to get the same you certainly gonna take time (if joins) which is why you should continue with present employer.

-You have resigned but still your Employer likes to retain you that says about your work performance and trust they have onto you, which I believe is m important for an employee and give you more chance to get your position strong there and further promotions.

-Counter Offer automatically says a good hike in salary and other benefits and as more growth options, work responsibilities, more learning, and a value that employee holds for an Employer and the same expect from new employer so easily or early. Every employee wants to be an essential part of an Organization, expect a value with respect, and strong & good position that matters too, and with present Employer, you are getting the same.

-You can get many new and more good offers in future with many reputed employer/firms but the value, trust you have gain is not so easy to earn which is why I feels you must continue with your present employer. Also in this outer world, opportunities always dig the footsteps of the right, skilled and experienced candidates, so you can get the same in future whenever you feels to go out.

Now I would like to ref the statement/suggestion provided by Ms (Cite Contribution) that you must be honest with yourself and your new employer. Please tell them that you are not going to join them (if decides to continue with present employer) which will also be a good example of professionalism.

Lastly I would suggest you to consider the reasons of your resignation before taking any decision and im sure the same gonna give you lot more to learn for your future and career.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Npv,
I have a different take on the matter.
Once you resign and then stay put due to a counter offe,that also after making some one wait for one month, reflects badly.
You may give any reason for doing so but news does travel and may haunt you at some point of time.
My view is ,quit and join the new Co which has waited for you for one month.
Col.Suresh Rathi

From India, Delhi
Assistant Manager-HRD

I am totally agree with Col.Suresh Rathi, once you have made a mind of changing the job then dont change your mind may after some day you may feel that you took a wrong decision.
If that company has waited for one month then you should think again. because when you resigned from your company that company has given you opportunity to work with them respect it............everything will be fine...
Arun J.

From India, Hyderabad
Have you been communicated verbally or ther way? I agree with previous speakers to join the company, which has waited for one month. Amod
From India, Dhanbad
Recruitment/Talent Acquisition, Career counselling & Startup Advisory Services


Can you pl elaborate the reasons for--(1) looking out for another job in the first place, AND (2) your current company making a counter-offer, [from your perspective]?

Looking @ the situation from another angle--what stopped your current company to give you the Raise [via the counter-offer] in the beginning itself, instead of waiting for your resignation--AND that too after waiting for a month after your resignation?

Usually 2 reasons drive companies to respond to such situations the way your present company responded: (1) Taking the employee for-granted----from a mistaken notion that this person can't/won't go anywhere AND/OR (2) the typical human psychology of realizing the true value of a person ONLY AFTER the person has left them or is about to leave them.

The other issue is what you mentioned: the other company has waited for one month. You should have given complete thought of ALL the issues BEFORE you gave your Acceptance. The point is NOT whether you will bump into any of them later in your career--it's whether you 'USED' their Offer to get a better deal for yourself. Actually, from this perspective, I think your present company did it--they gave you the raise ONLY WHEN THEY HAD NO OTHER OPTION.

If you were the HR of the new company, would YOU like to be put into such a situation--someone saying NO after a month of giving the Acceptance?

There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers to such issues--only consequences. Like the Saying goes: What you 'sow' is what you 'reap'. Tomorrow, if your present company finds another person better than you AND @ a cheaper cost-to-company, I wouldn't be surprised if they create conditions to force you to leave. And then...IF it happens..... pl don't blame them or anyone for that situation, since you brought it on yourself. Just as you 'used' the new company's Offer, your present company 'used' you.....as simple as that.

At the End-of-Day [meaning--in the long-run/term], it's your professional ethics that counts. And yet again, @ the EoD, it's YOUR career--so it's upto YOU to make the choice AND face the consequences....good or bad.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Ajitshah Service
I fully agree with comments from TS.
When current employer gave you counter offer, how did they knew your offer details in first place? It must be from you. What were the reasons for you to share the offer details with them?
There must be many reasons why you went out looking for a job. Once you find a job and accept their offer, you should join them unless you have strong reasons against new company. (BTW, you should have done your homework before accpeting the offer in first place).
Best of luck & hope strength of your character helps you to choose right from wrong.

@(Cite Contribution) - Thanks for understanding the exact question and replying with relevent answer.
@Others - Please note that question was, whether I shall mention about counter offer in rejection email! And not whether I should accept counter offer or join new company!

From India, Mumbai
Assistant Manager-HRD

Dear NPV,
I think anybody can draw the same meaning which others have drawn. I think whatever you have written in last post if you could have written at the begining only may the other people may not have get confused.
Be specific with your question. you should have asked only
whether I shall mention about counter offer in rejection email!
Ok let it be hope you have got waht you wanted.
Arun J.

From India, Hyderabad

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