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Thread Started by #Anonymous

I have around 4 years of work experience and mainly worked in mid-level positions like admin, back office, counselor and at presently employed with leading bpo. The reason I joined bpo at this point because I had gap in my career but this is not the only reason. Before joining I heard a lot about this company and its work culture and how people grow after working here. And after joining I found the same thing as I heard. Though bpo, but this job will be a great help for me to improve and develop my communication skills, to earn quick bugs and I will get to learn a lot from here and I have no regrets joining here.

But I am little worried about future. I don't want to be in mid-cadre or bpo level position whole life. Full time mba is not possible for me right now because of lack of time and money. Right now working is necessary for me. So I am doing distance learning program in MBA. I completed 2 semesters. Now after a month I will have to register for 3rd semester and choose specialization. I am confused whether to choose finance or HR. I have done bachelors in commerce. Some people say that in India there is very less scope for HR and you may get hr related job without mba but you can never get job in finance without mba. Now am really confused over this. I don't want to do specialization in marketing for sure. And neither I have specific experience in HR nor in finance. All the experience that I have is in mid-cadre positions. So don't know what would be best for me. After hearing to some of the friends' opinion, I think that if I do mba in hr and what if I don't find scope in hr in future then atleast my mba - finance degree may help me get some good job opportunity.

However in the first 2 semester I found the subjects like organizational behavior, Communications and HRM most interesting compared to financial management and statistics. Now please suggest me what should I do?
13th January 2013 From India, Ahmadabad
And ya, if I choose MBA in finance and after completing MBA in Finance if I look for job in HR so it is likely that the employer may ask me that if you have done mba in finance then why looking for hr jobs, then what to answer in such situation. Or is it possible that I choose mba in finance and do a separate one year distance learning diploma in HR from symbiosis distance learning or from somewhere else so that more options remain open for me. But business degree and diploma from 2 seperate institutes with different specialization - will it sound weird to employers? The university also provide option for dual specialization but I will have to wait for one more year for that.
13th January 2013 From India, Ahmadabad
First it appears that you are choosing a stream depending up on the prospects it offers in terms of career.It is as much true that one can do HR without MBA as that one can also do accounts job with and without MBA finance.But you can go in HR or finance thus far and no further.Industry does favour MBA HR for serious HR job. You should be exceptionally talented to rise in HR without MBA-HR. Secondly people have misconceptions about HR as a soft job. It is not so. A HR does deal with people with aspirations, feelings and sentiments needs to always measure up to these expectations. Thus those who seek to pusrsue HR must have flair for people oriented issues and emotional intellegence to enjoy and excel in their job in as much as those who pursue finance must have flair for numbers, figures and arthimatics. So far as future is concerned, as long as people are required to run an organisation, HR is too required an dHR has many specialisations. First you need to figure out where your heart is i.e HR & Finance and which comes naturally to you and better to pursue that stream which you love to do. Also asceratin whether MBA-Finance or CAs stand equal chances in career progress in finance.I have heard that CAs ar e more preferred. Enquire and weight the pros and cons before taking a decision.


13th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
MBA- Finance could be a better option compared to MBA-HR, since a Finance person can surely handle HR, but not the other way round.
Finance does have more opportunities compared to HR. HR has already has lot of professionals, and highest number of un-employed / employed in doing some other jobs.
You may please take a suitable decision.
Bye & have a nice future
14th January 2013 From India, Bangalore
I second, I agree with Anonymous MDA-finance is more Weighted/Valued then MBA- HR.
Dear Rinsys, its depend on you, First you need to make a firm decision on your future. We Mod, Members can only give opinion or advice, but all is depend on you.
So kindly take wise decision and be a good judge.
14th January 2013 From Kuwait, Hawalli
Anonymous -

I do agree with you only on one point - MBA(Finance) is better option than MBA(HR)

but how does a finance person handle HR is something I fail to understand.

Yes, there are a few people-friendly person who can do the soft job, but HR has its own needs and specialization. Most specific and important tasks are never given to people who has no experience and qualification in HR. Perhaps that is the reason why many top rated companies wants MBA?PGD in HR for HR posts, even if it is HR Executive. Infact we have many consultancies also who hire and recruit MBA HR as recruiters. They're paid more than their counterparts as the time taken by MBA(HR) to recruit & close a position is considerably less and quality is highly better.



From your query I understand foll: (Please correct me if i'm wrong)

1. You've 4 years of experience in mostly admin or related job.

2. Doing distance course on mba and are confused between finance / hr specialization.

3. Your friends and / or relatives adviced you on finance because finance is better than hr in terms of job role.

4. You find HR related subjects more interesting than Finance related.

5. If you pursue MBA finance would it be possible to do HR related job.

Now to answer the queries...

Finance & HR are different and similar in their own way.

Both needs analytical and numerical skills. However in addition to that we also need skills like people's skills in HR. We expect an HR person to be people-friendly who can communicate to all and is easy to approach when needed. These people skills are not mandatory for Finance people.

HR has several roles to play - Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal, Benchmarking (newer concept using Metrics), and lots other which require specific knowledge in required area. So an HR qualified person is always preferred over other qualifications. This is true especially in larger firms. Many small and medium scale companies still believe HR as a back player and hence recruit any person to be in charge of it. Moreso a small / medium scale company cannot focus on HR as they've different culture.

If you find interest in HR subjects why take up finance and do something that does not interest you. It is not about a year, it is about the whole career and many more years yet to come...

Think before you leap. We can only advice you and each would give you his/her own point of concern. You need to weigh for yourself what best suits you.

Hope it helped :)
14th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear People, Before suggesting also think of the constraint which shall be arising in doing MBA-Finance through "distance".
Dear Rinsys, If you had Commerce background at Graduation then it is advisable to go for MBA-Finance.
14th January 2013 From India, Karnal
Dear Rinsys,

I have gone through yr comments and of the comments of fellow members. Most of them what they say is academically correct but dear it's matter of Life and your career and wrong step and miscalculation can take you back and setback will be drastic. So what ever you decide must be considered thoroughly and seriously, not only taking care of your present and past experience but also your aptitude and interests, your financial knowledge and understanding about the financial world and also your aptitude towards co workers and their problems as well as the Job requirements and challenges of HR field.

In my views A MBA degree that too from Distance Learning is not a very good qualification and most of the big companies are not giving much weight age to this degree. For a real finance Job one must be a CA / ICWA / CFA and if MBA (Finance) must be from an elite Institute. So dear this MBA (Finance) Distance Learning in not that much good qualification to base career. You must agree and accept the fact today's finance world is not the one which was 30 years back and to excel in this one require very deep and vast knowledge of finance which can not be obtained from a Distance learning MBA. If person having CA / ICWA is doing this MBA the result will be different. I wont say you can't find a job but it wont be easy to rise and do justice to the Job without having full knowledge.

I feel you can go for HR or even in some corner of your heart if you feel this not attractive think of the option as in these two fields if one is honest and hardworking can exceed easily. So dear it's better to take HR or marketing if available and then go for further specialization. I am sure with experience and qualifications you can grow in this field.

I wish you all the success.
14th January 2013 From India, Delhi
you should go for HR & Administration, because you must have good experience of 4 years in this field. So according to me you should go for HR.
14th January 2013 From Germany, Hallbergmoos
dear child [ i hope i can call you]

first i appreciate your courage to seek help.

2. LIFE IS NOT .OR. MODEL IT IS .AND. MODEL . it is father and mother , teacher and student , u and me and finaance and HR .

3. be very clear that in ultimate top leaders are multi disciplined and not single stream people.

4. secondly i see a comment that distance education mba is no good and only mba from elite institutions are sought for. absolutely wrong view . people from IGNOU and Kamaraj Univ are rolling in dollars and dhirams .

5. i want to humbly submit to you [ with an experience of 53 years behind me ] that the institution and degrees only are gate passes to enter an organisation and have some weightage . IT IS THE MAN AND HIS PERFORMANCE THAT DECIDES THE GROWTH . t

6. i come from a local medium school upto class 11 , loacal new college second batch for inter , bsc from a famours college , but i have been credited and appointed not for my college but for my ability . i am mba from ignou , phd from indore . llb from a then evening college.




9. i also want to tell you that every employer is not tata or birla or infosys . every employer looks for knowledge base of the candidate . so what ever you study study in depth and keep at it

10 i am taking my m com exam shortly from ignou . so what in a couple of years i will be 75.



14th January 2013 From India, Indore
There are plenty of MBAs - HR (full time) who are without jobs. Keeping that in view, acquiring this qualification by distant education does not truly enhance your prospects, though your past experience will certainly be useful in getting a suitable job in the Personnel & Admin department of some organization. Compared to that MBA - Finance, though in line with your graduation in commerce, may not help much in your career growth due to lack of relevant experience. You may have to go in for an entry level position in the Finance field.
Keeping the above in view, your preference should be for HR and your focus should be on the application of your academic knowledge to your current job so that your 'earn while you learn' motto benefits your present employer also. If, however, you are doing your MBA merely with the job change objective, the prospects for immediate growth may not be so bright.
Try to introspect & you will get the right answer.
14th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Just want to add considering your experience and inclination towards HR subjects, you may think on completing MBA in HR.... because in long run.. you should do the job which you like and love then you will enjoy your life too..... and the job which you don't like and you are only doing it for the namesake.
14th January 2013 From India, Thana
Dear Rinsys,
I see that in your questions lie your answers. Yes, I can see that you have more affinity towards HR but are confused since many have advised you for Fin. I believe in one principle that there are many professions, some are in so called 'demand'. But the basic rule is that if you are good at what you do, you will always have a good job no matter what the job market conditions. And for that you need to know what is your aptitude and what you will love doing everyday. If you do not enjoy your job, you will never be good at it, no matter how much that degree is in demand. Many here have given good advises to you, and I don't want to be repetitive here. Never be a mediocre in a JOB that has good demand, as you will be just that a - mediocre in that field, instead be excellent in the field and YOU will be always in demand.
14th January 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear Member.
Presently you are at the stage where you have to finally opt best major specialization in MBA, opportunities are always their in market in all trades,you are not a fresher who has just completed degree course somewhere and now willing to know the best option between H.R. & Finance, you are skilled,employed, independent person infact, you have learned a lot while working in BPO's.
I would say you must opt the specialization in which you feel exactly comfortable and the trade which attracts and suits you,from my end H.R. would be best option for you inspite of Finance,listen to your soul and answer yourself that why you should go for finance or h.r, you will kno your answer............
Best Wishes, i am sure you will take best decision...........
Manish Srivastava
+91- 96707-66888
15th January 2013 From India, Lucknow
Dear Rinsys,
Firstly I would request you to reply on the suggestions & guidance provided by respected members as they have invested their time and experience in guiding you in their own best possible way, RIGHT!!!!!!!!!
Secondly, I would suggest you following thing:
1- First understand your own self i.e STRENGTH & WEAKNESS. It would help you to explore your zone.
2- Then understand market needs and how you can be contributing member coz from your query I felt you are thinking on gaining so request you think on this line as well, as it will help you to grow is more steady manner.
3- IT'S all about your interest coz IT'S about your CAREER.
15th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Rinsys,
I think, you have to go with HR. There is less scope for HR as compare to finance in market but if you are really interested in this field then go with HR.
All The Best for your future.
Mayuri Gupta
15th January 2013 From India, Nagpur
Dear Rinsys

I absolutely agree with ankita . i have recently completed my MBA post graduation in HR stream only and right now nurturing my roots in the field of HR.

i was also in a dilemma 1 year back which you are in right now.

My humble suggestion to you is better opt for HR specialization because as you are already into administration side,it would be an added advantage for you to have a bright future.

As some of our friends said MBA-FINANCE woulds be a better might be a better choice with your graduation in commerce stream and prominent command over Accounting packages(FOCUS,WINGS,ERP,TALLY).

I observed the same case with some of my friends with MBA FINANCE specialization......Any company may hire an accounting graduate for general accounting purpose and for auditing purpose only.

So rather than choosing highly qualified(as per degree MBA-FINANCE) they are opting for commerce background students

and for auditing purpose they are preferring CA graduates to MBA graduates.

Now a days companies are more economical.......They are now into cost cutting approach...Instead of hiring a high profile candidate and paying them more they are selecting a candidate with less attention towards pay and more intention to work.

Rhinoramanan has given a valuable example about regular education and distance doesn't matter in which manner we seek education..At the end of the day work matters.

Finally All River ( waters) reach ocean whether it is drain or Rain

Ankita can please give an elaborate explanation regarding bench marking (new)technique in the HR trends.


Poorna Sasidhar

e-business HR
16th January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
You should go for MBA HR. Since you are facing, interacting working with human being , Go for HR and later after joining any organisation, you can for knowledge ; do diploma or certificate programmes from any institute. there are Evening Classes, weekend /sunday classess etc. for equipping you with financial skills theoritically and practically both.
Good Luck.
Vinod Kumar Mishra
Asst Professor
HR Trainer
16th January 2013 From India, Indore
Hi poorna,

thanks to take interest in it. honestly i do not have great idea on it but can say this because i somewhat worked on it in my internship.

If you are aware these days Companies show that they are at CMMI or PCMMI level 1 (to 5).

I do not know which is the best and which is basic but the levels are decided by benchmarking various things of organization (do not know much details)

Also as HR is looked at as a cost center, there is also benchmarking of HR activities taking place or being invented. We call it Metrics or Balanced Score Card.

So while benchmarking HR activities we need to trace down and present in numbers the tasks we do. Formulae has to be made based on the kind of work we do and those could be benchmarked. We can compare our year-on-year results and can also compare it with other companies.

However please note that it is not yet practiced by all. This is a thought process and it would take its due course before it is implemented by at least major people.

Hope it helped :)
16th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Rinysys,
With more than a decade in Accounts for Navaratna PSU let me make you aware of the Accounts arena.
Finace/ Accounts are distinct twin side's of coin like HR/ IR.
You invariably have to undertake twin job responsibilities in career.
There aer plethora of Professionals CA, ICWAI, ICFAI,CS , MBA(Fin) & you have to face them in yur career.
Wheras in HR , the competition is wih profession like CS, Law degree hoolders, MBA(HR/IR).
You may also consider the above mentioned PEERs for being comfortable in future job industry.
17th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear rhinoramanan
I felt that merely "Äppreciating" your post would not be adequate; and it deserves a few explicit words.
Your post is not just an opinion but distilled wisdom of years and years of hard core experience.
I found these words, particularly inspiring :
" 10 i am taking my m com exam shortly from ignou . so what in a couple of years i will be 75. "
You have demonstrated that learning is a life-long process; and this will definitely inspire others and give them the impetus and courage to pursue an academic course of their choice, (which they always wanted to pursue, but felt discouraged due to their age), at any point of time.
I shall welcome and look forward to more of your contributions in CiteHR.
Warm regards.

17th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Let me go offbeat.
1. Many employees come to organizations, without knowing much about it.
2. Most employees leave organizations (or bosses) because their work isn't what they expected.
A successful manager has to guide employees and before doing that, must guide himself. Just by registering for a course, you are only repeating your past follies of going clueless!!!
If you are really confused, my advise is that you take neither. For you haven't truly explored your passion and what truly inspires you!
17th January 2013 From United States, Daphne
Thank you everybody for your valuable suggestions. I really appreciate all of you for investing your valuable time and efforts in providing opinions.

I would like to apologize for delayed response. As I am working in shifts, I couldn't managed to reply on time.

@Navneetsarin, Yes, you are right that MBA from distance learning is not very good qualification, but now I don’t have the time and capacity to prepare for entrance tests & money to get admission in some good but private institute. For me right now working and earning is necessary. Also I am 31, which is actually too late to study. But I am doing MBA with a thought that “Distance MBA is better than No MBA”.

I have often seen that for various jobs company demands “MBA qualification”. If you check in online job portals even there it is often mentioned in requirements like “Any MBA – any specialization”

Now if I apply to any jobs without MBA then it may happen that my application gets filtered or rejected there itself if no MBA is stated on my resume. If I have MBA (though distance) qualification mentioned on my resume, I may get interview calls, and there atleast I get the opportunity to perform in an interview & prove myself. So keeping that in mind, I am doing distance MBA. Also, I am really interested to study management subjects and nowadays, having MBA degree has become very common and each and everybody has this as a minimum qualification. I too don’t want to lag behind.

Now coming to my confusion between finance and HR. Like Saiconsult stated, that those who want to pursue finance must have flair for numbers, figures & maths. My number crunching & mathematicals skills are mediocre. Not too bad, but can’t be as good as CAs or CFAs. But however I can manage to study Finance subjects in my MBA course. Because the course being distance learning is easier compared to full time courses in elite institutes. Also, I have checked the core finance subjects offered as a specialization by the university from which I am pursuing MBA right now, most of them I already studied in & However in specialization I may study some subject in little more detail. As far as knowledge of the subject is concerned, I can gather knowledge by studying management books of various other publications and through experience. So its not like my knowledge will be limited to the course I am studying. The MBA I am doing is not that great, but I want it on my resume. It is not the only thing which will help me develop the knowledge, that is something I will need to make efforts in various other ways too.

But question is, in which field I should proceed further. HR or finance? I have no experience in either of it. I don’t have knowledge of Tally or ERP, however I would like to learn that. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have worked at mid-level positions like front desk, tele-mktg & customer care, admin and counseling. I would like to share few more things about myself or that I have in my mind. I know that you gave your lot of your time to read my thread & provide suggestions above, but if possible pls one more time go through my post and finally suggest me whats best for me. And in the end, I will go with what my heart says.

Here are few things/confusion in my mind,

- I feel that I can be able to study both finance and HR, but during my first semester I liked subects like Organizational behavior & HRM the most.

- I feel that I already studied some subjects related to finance specialization in (external),however my percentage in was very low. So I feel why not study new subjects of HR?

- But then again fear about less job prospects in HR field (like I mentioned in my first post about the suggestions of friends/relatives/faculties etc.)

- I am attending classes on every weekend at the study center of my university. Saturday evening & Sunday – full day. This classes are optional. Now if I take HR, then the study center refuse to arrange classes. They are telling that only if minimum 7 students take HR then only we will arrange classes else you can only attend classes for common subjects. We can’t arrange it specially for less than 7 students as we have to pay to faculties. The faculty and counselor over there are telling me that why do you want to take HR? It has no value and so no one from your batch is choosing it. there is no such thing like HR in India. It is in the infant stage. There are almost 50 students in my batch, I wonder no one wants to take HR. Most boys are preferring Marketing, operations & finance. Only 2-3 more girls are interested in HR, but the number is not enough for special classes to be arranged.

- Its not that I can’t study without the help of classes which are optional & the course is distance learning anyway, but this weekend classes gives me the feel of doing full time course & I get to learn atleast something from faculties & co-students.

- Deep down I am interested in HR, but one more thing that I am afraid of taking HR, like many here stated that those who seek to specialize in HR must have good communication & interactive skills, must be a people’s person & have emotional intelligence etc…… Now the thing is, I am not sure if I am people’s person. But I like to observe and understand people, I can know whats going on in their mind, but am not sure if I can lead, deal with & manage (esp. difficult) people. I like to read articles & books on psychology, I have read some books related to parenting and its effects on people’s personality, values and attitudes etc. So I like to understand people & I believe that I am observer of people but frankly, the thing is that I am sensitive, introvert and shy person. I am trying to be open but somehow not able to get over it due to some apprehensions but working on it and I hope to change. I had difficulty dealing with difficult people in the past. I lack fluency in language, communication & presentation skills right now, become nervous in front of audience – I am working on it. I worked as a counselor. I was comfortable in tele-counselling or one to one counseling but when asked about giving presentation at seminar, I used to back-off. As a result they removed counseling as my primary duty & shifted me in admin & mis. At my workplace I see HR people as good communicator, speakers, announcers. I am not sure how much time it will take to be like that. But I really want to be like them

- Though people say that MBA-finance has better options, I did some research on job portal sites. First of all most banks recruit people less than 28 or 30 years of age (I am 31), some big companies are considering age of candidate especially for finance related position. . Then financial analyst jobs are available very less, and if available, then most of the companies require MBA full time degree or CA/CFA/ICWA etc…. Now rest of the jobs that are available in finance field are like “Relationship manager”, “advisor” “BDM” and all this positions are related to selling of financial products, some of the jobs are of BPOs and KPOs like accounting process or mortgage processes etc.. all this jobs require either a degree in finance or experience in that particular field, and they pays good. But all those jobs are more of a marketing/selling jobs rather than finance. And right now I may able to do such jobs but in the long run I don’t want to grow in marketing for sure…. However my research could be wrong as majority of people says that finance has many options, but am not sure.

- So after considering all this, even I feel that HR is good for me, but what about job prospects and what about the skills require for HR that I lacks partly… partly because I have interest and some flair for it like emotional intelligence & understanding people, but on leadership skills as well as communication part, I am little less confident right now…. But I badly want to work on it… One regret in my mind I have is that nowadays I see very young people having excellent communication & leadership skills while despite being experienced I haven’t developed on this part yet. Some of my seniors & supervisors at my workplace are much younger than me….. Few incidents took place in my life that led me to be like this but I believe that I am much better than I was before but still like work-in-progress & not fully groomed.
18th January 2013 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Rinsay,

Thanks for the reply on my comment and providing in depth information about yourself and your worries. Now I feel you must be having responsibilities and no doubt,on age you are quite late your MBA may not be as good as regular MBA but dear still you don't have to get dishearten. One thing the MBA is an MBA and that will be helpful in future promotions. Now your question of HR/Finance/Marketing. So go for what ever is possible as you says your college is not offering HR then what you can do.

As I feel a job in Finance may not be very easy but a job in BPO/KPO etc may be available easily if you are good in English. Same BPO/KPO can also be good for HR jobs as there one gets good salaries.

Now I come to your last point in HR or actually it's Administration Job you don't have to be worry much as initially you wont be a HR head of a big Company and most of the times the Interviews are conducted by the owners/directors of small Companies and in case of big Companies department heads and Division heads select the person. The job of HR people is just to short list the applications and call them for Interview. Most of the times they are not even part of the interview and their Job starts once some one is selected and they Just have to prepare the Appointment letters or negotiate the package although in 99% cases the packages.

The other major responsibilities are more financial like calculations of wages, overtime, deductions like PF, ESI, final settlement of accounts, bonus, attendance and leave records. As you are holding a M.Com degree and am sure you can handle these calculation quite comfortably.

The next point is the real responsibility of HR rest sure just after joining you won't have to handle that. The Industrial Disputes and wage negotiations are handled at senior levels and it will take you few years to reach that level and rest sure even if you lack something you still have plenty of time to learn. And understand no one is knows how to stand and walk at the time of birth and every one has to learn it only difference is some start walking in 10 months and some child may take 18 months to start walking. Just have faith in yourself you will learn the trade.

Now one other major point you say: " the thing is that I am sensitive, introvert and shy person. I am trying to be open but somehow not able to get over it due to some apprehensions but working on it and I hope to change. I had difficulty dealing with difficult people in the past. I lack fluency in language, communication & presentation skills right now, become nervous in front of audience"

The reason behind this may be is:

(a) You are from a middle class family with some some financial problems. - Please understand 80% of Indians belong to this group but many of them grow and succeed in life.

(b) May be your school was not English medium. - 70% of university students are from Hindi or local language Schools and they don't feel shy for their lack or less knowledge of English. I have seen numerous cases where people speak fluent English although they may not be correct. The lack of English knowledge is not a major issue. Start reading English newspaper daily and try to understand and remember the new words, that will help you improving your English. Once your MBA is over take some English speaking course and they will make you perfect. One more thing as you work in Gujarat no one will sack you if you speak your Gujarati so when you find difficult to express properly in English just express in the local language. You know many of top Gujarati top business people are not very good in English and they are proud to speak their language.

(c) Most important of every thing is you are short of self confidence. Just stop comparing you with others that will demotivate you as one thing is sure every human being is having some good qualities and every one lacks few. So if you just go on finding your faults one day you will decide that you are good for nothing. So dear just try to find where you are good, are you honest, are you sincere and are you dependable and if the answer is affirmative rest sure these are the best qualities with whom any one can succeed. try to improve your shortcomings and learn to believe yourself with envying with any one for his English, knowledge, salary or post.

I hope all this will help you somewhat in increasing your self confidence.

I wish you all the best.
18th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Rinsay
Mr. Navneet Sarin has given very valuable tips as to how to go about your career and to overcome your mental blocks.With some experience, MBA through distance education carries equal value as that of teh regular one.I have known people becoming Vice-Presidents-HR with an MBA through distance education backed by their experience.I know people from street schools speaking more impeccable English than the so called conevent educated. Nothing is impossible, if you are determined. I admire the efforts you are making to be some one.When there are efforts, the fruits will automatically follow. You need not worry. Try to have an inner circle (of friends or relatives) who can walk along with you and help you in achieving all round growth on your journey.All the best.
HR & labour Law advisor
19th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
dear all i think we have done enough justice to this topic . we need to end any more comments on this topic and let our friend take a decision on his own with given inputs blessings 'dr ram
19th January 2013 From India, Indore
Dear all
I would like to know about the career in HR or Quality (after doing Six Sigma Certification).
Presently i am working in Hr department but there is no learning so i am thinking to change my department as Quality. please suggest me the right way.
19th January 2013 From India, Delhi
DEAR SHIPRAWAL 2310 i suggest start a new thread so more people can see ur need and reply . i hv already recommended closing this thread blessings dr ram
19th January 2013 From India, Indore
hello ankita
thanks for your response.i have idea regarding balance scorecard but i need some information regarding benchmarking
and one humble request can you please mail some information at or please give me your mail so that i can come in direct contact with you ankita.
hope you understand and respond promptly
19th January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Choose what you want not what others are suggesting.
Respect your choice, life is yours and you are responsible for taking any decisions.
Choose the most enjoyable field as per you only and take the responsibilities else if anything happens wrong then you will always blame to CiteHR, that, community misguided you.
Chill HR !!
21st January 2013 From India, Gurgaon

I would like to suggest you on two matters:

1) Career in BPO sector

2) Your further studies (MBA - HR or Finance)

1) Career in BPO sector - There is a lot of scope to grow in BPO sector. The only thing is you need to hit the right nail. If you are into Admin related job, you can definitely apply to your HR department, so as and when the opportunity arises you shall be considered first. I have seen people growing from customer support to trainer, hr, quality supervisor's and all. Its upto you how you develop that opportunity and make good use of it.

2) Further studies - After reading your post I think you are more of a people's person, which is the first and foremost quality of an HR. But still if u are unsure, you can first go ahead with 1 year part time diploma in HR (Welingkars, NMIMS offers such kind of course). Then you can decide further. Simultaneously you can also take up a junior role job in HR department which will help you explore more and have hands on experience.

Why not engage 1 year to know what interests you rather than spoiling your entire career.

I hope this helps you.


21st January 2013 From India, Mumbai
@Rhinoraman, dear friend, you are absolutely right and so is Gurgaon HR. In the end its me who has to take a firm decision. However if people want to drop their suggestions then pls let them. I still have one month to decide. Yeah, all the doubts that I had in my mind I already conveyed and now I will not confuse it further or keep on asking for more suggestions but yeah, if someone want to write something on their will or want to advice anything further then I would appreciate and in the end will take decision accordingly. Maybe I or others may get some better inputs/suggestions from more comments made by more people, so let the comments flow in. I request not to ask to stop commenting in the thread.
22nd January 2013 From India, Ahmadabad
Hi friend,
I have also worked as an Hr Executive in a company and had a very good experience and learned a many good things from the job, while handling hr related queries I also use to manage admin department so as Mr Saikumar quoted that So far as future is concerned, as long as people are required to run an organisation, HR is too required, and I also agree that HR has many specializations.
My best wishes with you...
Rajesh Naik
23rd January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hey Friends I am new Here,And i Have only six month of work experience,but my friend if you are doing MBA in correspondance and if u r going to choose finance which is difficult through correspondance even who are doing regular,I am also planning for that but little bit confused,that my friend advising me to do MBA in sales and marketing der is wider scop than others.please help me out.
28th January 2013 From India, Silvassa
It is necessary,no doubt, to decide career options on the basis of it's prospects. But every stream has it's own prospects because they are all necessary to run a business, more so when the business needs to comply with plethora of laws and face new challenges in terms of money, manpower and marketing. What is important is whether you are cut out for that kind of career which means whether you have right aptitude and trait required to fit into the career which you are aspiring for.It needs to be ansewered first.There is no point feeling a square peg in a round hole latter.

28th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi Tarun,

I would firstly want you to understand what is your strength. Where does your heart lie? What would you want to do 30-35 years down the line?

Why I want you to know all these is as explained below:

Your friends suggest you to take up sales/marketing as your major in mba because of its scope. Now honestly, sales and marketing are 2 different fields, which you'd get to know eventually in your course period.

Sales is selling your company's product where as marketing is to educate the people about your product. Hope you can see the thin line between the two.

Another thing. Say for example you're good at handling accounts, but take up markteting/sales due to its scope, trust me you'd not be happy throughout your career and would also curse all the people who adviced you to take that up.

Again if you'd ask different people, they'd ask you to go in different direction so the best answer would be available to you from within.

Do the foll for the best answer to come:-

1. List down your strengths on a piece of paper - smallest to biggest. Take your friend's help in order to prepare a list of your strengths.

2. Based on your strengths, decide which way to go.

3. Also list down on a piece of paper all your weakness and negative points.

4. Compare your qualities to the need of the profiles and accordingly take decision... Please note that you're interest level is as important.

The reason to do this is say for example you wish to take up sales or marketing but you lack patience. You wish to work on your projects but can't take it if gets delayed. How'd you be working in sales? If you'd ask the best sales person, you'd find he has immense patience, and lots of hope for future.

A marketing and an HR are people's person. If you don't love to interact with people, you'd not be happy about your profile. If you're not the person who can listen to people's problem, HR would be boring for you.

Its all about your interest backed with the qualities you have...
28th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Ankita has given an excellent analytical approach to sort out your dilemma.One needs to do scuch aptitude trait and stregnth analysis to ensure the decision is meaningful and appropriate for you.
28th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
I hv planned to go with correspondance MBA from Mumbai, Welingker institute or NMIMS, But Is there equal valuation in degree of MBA and PGDM ? because both the college hv providing only PGDM through Distance education.Pl do Help me
29th January 2013 From India, Silvassa
Curriculum wise there's not much change honestly.
However if you wish to continue further studies and say wish to go for Phd, then PGD becomes a problem. I'm facing a problem searching for a University that'd allow me to register myself for a PhD.
I fail to understand if MBA and PGD are rated equal why is a PGD not accepted for PhD
29th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Every domain has scope unless or untill you are a great at that Specilization.
EX: Many young people think Sales * Marketing is a pathetic job and thinks that there is no SCOPE and do SAP for 2 years and lot of fake experience and with most difficult get into MNC .
If you are good at Sales or great at marketing (which your school/college would have made ) then why you should be worried about future.
you may get jobs in Procurement/purchase/back end/ admin....
29th January 2013 From India, Bangalore
go for finance if you want finance related courses
plz contact
CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)
# 412, Annpurna Block,
Aditya Enclave,
Hyderabad – 500016
Tel : +91-40-40159158 or +91-40-64536663
Mobile : 91-9247249455
29th January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Take hr as your career, because you already worked as a part of job you can adopt hr job easily. But pl remember hr job is different from core to software.
29th January 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear Anonymous,
You have received many good opinions. I give you one suggestion " You choose only a field in which you are Interested. Whether it may Marketing, HR, Operation, IT, Craft whatever. Note that every field is important, so, better to look in your heart either looking market trends dear. Best of Luck"

With Regards,
Vineet Deshmukh
29th January 2013 From India, Yavatmal
Your experience is in HR only, Finance studies are good for regular course becoz its need full guidance. According to me HR option is good for you because you want to go for distance learning. HR studies are comparatively easy to Finance.
31st January 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Rins,
all are discuss about your educational selection but you wants to identify yours aspiration and taste, with out satisfaction your job is not completed in organization. i look through your problems but am not supports your one comments" all person can do the hr related works",i ask a question for you, are you satisfied with your previous admin job? you just cross check the question and go you will get a clear answer for the difference between mba graduate works and non graduate more thing anyway you have a better experience in admin you just add your qualification to that you will get a better skill knowledge ability to do the works innovative way and after just compare the previous one and new one then let me know the dramatic change
1st February 2013 From India, Ernakulam
Dear Friend,
Blindly go for MBA Fianance. I have mentioned some reasons below.
1-Finance department is inevitable in any organisation as all companies need to maintain funds theough a proper channel.
2-Companies ask MBA Finance people to take HR activities where they want to sae a few bucks.
3- Finance gives you an insight into the financial status of the company and make your career move.
4- You may not be terminated immediately as you need to do a knowledge transfer to your successor. You shall get your notice period.
5- You may upgrae your knowledge in SAP and increase your qualificationas MBS finance later. This may prove to be very helpful later.
1st February 2013 From India, Madras
Dear friend,
Don't say the rubbish things in the discussion the responsibilities and duties are entirely different from finance to Hr. Hr activities entirely differnt from the finance works one fiance guy cant possible to take over the HR works
1st February 2013 From India, Ernakulam
dear all this is the second time i am recommending PL CLOSE THIS THREAD we have had too much of it dont overkill a topic please blessings AN IMPROVEMENT A DAY
1st February 2013 From India, Indore
Dear Mr. Sandeep,
I am not sure if you have worked with combination of companies. I have worked with companies and also heard from my friends working in different companies about the various cost control measures being taken up. Some companies do implement cross functional role change. Its not rubbish to ask a Finance manager to act as an HR Manger. In fact my friend who has worked as a Finance Manager was asked to take over the role of HR as he completed his MBA in Finance & HR.
1st February 2013 From India, Madras
Dear friend, i understand the things but i have one question for you can you please sugeest some important aspects of on Good HR works and how to handle that.
1st February 2013 From India, Ernakulam

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