I have around 4 years of work experience and mainly worked in mid-level positions like admin, back office, counselor and at presently employed with leading bpo. The reason I joined bpo at this point because I had gap in my career but this is not the only reason. Before joining I heard a lot about this company and its work culture and how people grow after working here. And after joining I found the same thing as I heard. Though bpo, but this job will be a great help for me to improve and develop my communication skills, to earn quick bugs and I will get to learn a lot from here and I have no regrets joining here.

But I am little worried about future. I don't want to be in mid-cadre or bpo level position whole life. Full time mba is not possible for me right now because of lack of time and money. Right now working is necessary for me. So I am doing distance learning program in MBA. I completed 2 semesters. Now after a month I will have to register for 3rd semester and choose specialization. I am confused whether to choose finance or HR. I have done bachelors in commerce. Some people say that in India there is very less scope for HR and you may get hr related job without mba but you can never get job in finance without mba. Now am really confused over this. I don't want to do specialization in marketing for sure. And neither I have specific experience in HR nor in finance. All the experience that I have is in mid-cadre positions. So don't know what would be best for me. After hearing to some of the friends' opinion, I think that if I do mba in hr and what if I don't find scope in hr in future then atleast my mba - finance degree may help me get some good job opportunity.

However in the first 2 semester I found the subjects like organizational behavior, Communications and HRM most interesting compared to financial management and statistics. Now please suggest me what should I do?

From India, Ahmadabad

And ya, if I choose MBA in finance and after completing MBA in Finance if I look for job in HR so it is likely that the employer may ask me that if you have done mba in finance then why looking for hr jobs, then what to answer in such situation. Or is it possible that I choose mba in finance and do a separate one year distance learning diploma in HR from symbiosis distance learning or from somewhere else so that more options remain open for me. But business degree and diploma from 2 seperate institutes with different specialization - will it sound weird to employers? The university also provide option for dual specialization but I will have to wait for one more year for that.
From India, Ahmadabad

First it appears that you are choosing a stream depending up on the prospects it offers in terms of career.It is as much true that one can do HR without MBA as that one can also do accounts job with and without MBA finance.But you can go in HR or finance thus far and no further.Industry does favour MBA HR for serious HR job. You should be exceptionally talented to rise in HR without MBA-HR. Secondly people have misconceptions about HR as a soft job. It is not so. A HR does deal with people with aspirations, feelings and sentiments needs to always measure up to these expectations. Thus those who seek to pusrsue HR must have flair for people oriented issues and emotional intellegence to enjoy and excel in their job in as much as those who pursue finance must have flair for numbers, figures and arthimatics. So far as future is concerned, as long as people are required to run an organisation, HR is too required an dHR has many specialisations. First you need to figure out where your heart is i.e HR & Finance and which comes naturally to you and better to pursue that stream which you love to do. Also asceratin whether MBA-Finance or CAs stand equal chances in career progress in finance.I have heard that CAs ar e more preferred. Enquire and weight the pros and cons before taking a decision.



From India, Mumbai

MBA- Finance could be a better option compared to MBA-HR, since a Finance person can surely handle HR, but not the other way round.
Finance does have more opportunities compared to HR. HR has already has lot of professionals, and highest number of un-employed / employed in doing some other jobs.
You may please take a suitable decision.
Bye & have a nice future

From India, Bangalore

I second, I agree with Anonymous MDA-finance is more Weighted/Valued then MBA- HR.
Dear Rinsys, its depend on you, First you need to make a firm decision on your future. We Mod, Members can only give opinion or advice, but all is depend on you.
So kindly take wise decision and be a good judge.

From Kuwait, Hawalli

Anonymous -

I do agree with you only on one point - MBA(Finance) is better option than MBA(HR)

but how does a finance person handle HR is something I fail to understand.

Yes, there are a few people-friendly person who can do the soft job, but HR has its own needs and specialization. Most specific and important tasks are never given to people who has no experience and qualification in HR. Perhaps that is the reason why many top rated companies wants MBA?PGD in HR for HR posts, even if it is HR Executive. Infact we have many consultancies also who hire and recruit MBA HR as recruiters. They're paid more than their counterparts as the time taken by MBA(HR) to recruit & close a position is considerably less and quality is highly better.



From your query I understand foll: (Please correct me if i'm wrong)

1. You've 4 years of experience in mostly admin or related job.

2. Doing distance course on mba and are confused between finance / hr specialization.

3. Your friends and / or relatives adviced you on finance because finance is better than hr in terms of job role.

4. You find HR related subjects more interesting than Finance related.

5. If you pursue MBA finance would it be possible to do HR related job.

Now to answer the queries...

Finance & HR are different and similar in their own way.

Both needs analytical and numerical skills. However in addition to that we also need skills like people's skills in HR. We expect an HR person to be people-friendly who can communicate to all and is easy to approach when needed. These people skills are not mandatory for Finance people.

HR has several roles to play - Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal, Benchmarking (newer concept using Metrics), and lots other which require specific knowledge in required area. So an HR qualified person is always preferred over other qualifications. This is true especially in larger firms. Many small and medium scale companies still believe HR as a back player and hence recruit any person to be in charge of it. Moreso a small / medium scale company cannot focus on HR as they've different culture.

If you find interest in HR subjects why take up finance and do something that does not interest you. It is not about a year, it is about the whole career and many more years yet to come...

Think before you leap. We can only advice you and each would give you his/her own point of concern. You need to weigh for yourself what best suits you.

Hope it helped :)

From India, Mumbai

Dear People, Before suggesting also think of the constraint which shall be arising in doing MBA-Finance through "distance".
Dear Rinsys, If you had Commerce background at Graduation then it is advisable to go for MBA-Finance.

From India, Karnal

Dear Rinsys,

I have gone through yr comments and of the comments of fellow members. Most of them what they say is academically correct but dear it's matter of Life and your career and wrong step and miscalculation can take you back and setback will be drastic. So what ever you decide must be considered thoroughly and seriously, not only taking care of your present and past experience but also your aptitude and interests, your financial knowledge and understanding about the financial world and also your aptitude towards co workers and their problems as well as the Job requirements and challenges of HR field.

In my views A MBA degree that too from Distance Learning is not a very good qualification and most of the big companies are not giving much weight age to this degree. For a real finance Job one must be a CA / ICWA / CFA and if MBA (Finance) must be from an elite Institute. So dear this MBA (Finance) Distance Learning in not that much good qualification to base career. You must agree and accept the fact today's finance world is not the one which was 30 years back and to excel in this one require very deep and vast knowledge of finance which can not be obtained from a Distance learning MBA. If person having CA / ICWA is doing this MBA the result will be different. I wont say you can't find a job but it wont be easy to rise and do justice to the Job without having full knowledge.

I feel you can go for HR or even in some corner of your heart if you feel this not attractive think of the option as in these two fields if one is honest and hardworking can exceed easily. So dear it's better to take HR or marketing if available and then go for further specialization. I am sure with experience and qualifications you can grow in this field.

I wish you all the success.

From India, Delhi

you should go for HR & Administration, because you must have good experience of 4 years in this field. So according to me you should go for HR.
From Germany, Hallbergmoos

dear child [ i hope i can call you]

first i appreciate your courage to seek help.

2. LIFE IS NOT .OR. MODEL IT IS .AND. MODEL . it is father and mother , teacher and student , u and me and finaance and HR .

3. be very clear that in ultimate top leaders are multi disciplined and not single stream people.

4. secondly i see a comment that distance education mba is no good and only mba from elite institutions are sought for. absolutely wrong view . people from IGNOU and Kamaraj Univ are rolling in dollars and dhirams .

5. i want to humbly submit to you [ with an experience of 53 years behind me ] that the institution and degrees only are gate passes to enter an organisation and have some weightage . IT IS THE MAN AND HIS PERFORMANCE THAT DECIDES THE GROWTH . t

6. i come from a local medium school upto class 11 , loacal new college second batch for inter , bsc from a famours college , but i have been credited and appointed not for my college but for my ability . i am mba from ignou , phd from indore . llb from a then evening college.




9. i also want to tell you that every employer is not tata or birla or infosys . every employer looks for knowledge base of the candidate . so what ever you study study in depth and keep at it

10 i am taking my m com exam shortly from ignou . so what in a couple of years i will be 75.




From India, Indore
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