I just joined a Travelling and Tour as a Human Resources Officer and from my questions and observations, i discovered the staff have not undergone training or performance appraisal. kindly advise on how i can introduce this and be successful at implementing it since its a new idea.
Thank you.
3rd January 2013 From United Kingdom, London

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I feel that you should take the overall responsibility of the training which starts from the \"need of training\". Get the management be felt the requirement of training and be convinced of the good results going to take place after training. You can follow the steps as under:-
1. Set objectives of the organisation.
2. Create performance appraisal form, the form should have the note of being rewarded if performed more than the threshold or need of training to be established if underperformed.
3. Then take management into consideration for the training
Prem Prakash
3rd January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Allocating Goals to each individual & tracking achievements of employees periodically will make you shine out as an HR Contributor to the organization. But this can be done by you after knowing & understanding the business and its objectives. Of course, this will need to be coupled with an Appraisal process. The 'Training' aspect has to focus on these two areas only viz, Goals based appraisal system & how can managers contribute to the success of this initiative.
For you to know what all the HR can do in an organization read the Blog - Talent Junction which also contains an article on SMART Goals/ KRAs.
3rd January 2013 From India, Delhi
Hi Seeds,

Good idea.

Training should be an important part of all organizations, this keeps the staff updated of where they stand in the ever evolving market place and their competitors. In the current scenario being good does not count, but being better than the rest counts.

Take the main points into consideration.

1. Take the top management into confidence as to why it is important to have the training (and development) of the team.

2. First there should be individual job responsibility (Job descriptions) that needs to be made-this will give the specifics of what an individual is expected to do.

3. The Job responsibility should be supported by the SOP's.

After the above is completed in consultations with the top management then make a training calendar (for each department). Training should be conducted at appropriate time and situations (Do not stress on training during busy time and when the attendance is low also consider times when the team already has deadlines to complete)

4. Start your training with things that will be easily understood, they can include-

(a) Grooming standards.

(b) Communications

(c) Soft skills-very important in the Travel and service industry

Then go to the more serious issues of the training.

Also remember that you need to take the team along while training is going on, they should be participating in the training, make it enjoyable with some humor and breaks.

Hope this will help you start your training.

All the very best,

Warm regards,


4th January 2013
Hi Saeed
You should start with listing
Purpose of the Role
Task the individual has to perform
Activities to be done by that individual
Comptency required to carry out the task & activities
Behavioural indicators
once you map your staff on the above points you can build a competency mapping framework and from there you can identify the training needs
good luck
Yogesh Bhat
4th January 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hi Seeds

You need to convince your management, why training is required for the employees and that is possible if you can connect the organisational goal with individual goal and do a competency mapping of employees to identify the skill set gap and develop your training schedule to bridge the skill set gap. Make a presentation before the management on skill set gap and what you want to do to bridge the gap and what should be the budget you need to do the same.

Trainings are two types one on functional skill and other on soft skill/ behaviourial skill. Training on functional skill you will find easy to get budget sanction from the management.

For Travel and Tourism, I think training on marketing skill for sales people and training on tax and regulation for Accounts people will be two important area where you can get budget sanction easily. There after take a call whether you want to involve internal faculty or external faculty to do the training.


Quicker Knowledgw Solutions Pvt Ltd.

4th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Competency mapping and Performance Appraisal of all the employees in your Organisation are the starting points to know the Training needs of these employees.You have to study the roles/positions of each of the employees and the key parameters for the positions before you proceed to assess their competencies.If the employees are found deficient on a particular scale,say 1 to 10,you can decide on the training modules that has to be imparted.At the end of a period, say one year ,or, half year,you can fill up the appraisal forms designed for the purpose of performance appraisal and accordingly decide on their further training.
Thank you.
4th January 2013 From India, Bokaro
@Mmsmnk, Thanks a lot. I have all the JD's with me and i have started liasing with each head of department on the expectation of each employee. I think, some staff needs training of communication. especially how to interact with other surbodinates as well as how to send mails. Do you have any document on this.
4th January 2013 From United Kingdom, London
Dear mr seed

nice to c so many replies to your query.

but i feel that a systamatic approach is essential to the problem

1. can u spell out why u feel the staff is not trained and need training ?

2. what has been their performance in turnover and profit before u joined ?

3.what is the span of service of your staff in terms of years?

4. where has been the failures and why and who is the member of staff who has not played up?

5. what type of jobs each one is performing and what standards are required to be achieved and delivered?

6. have u carried out a staff interaction and identified what they need to learn from their side.

once u identify the area and the staff members , please g roup them into three or four groups based on training requirements of the group.

A IT Training

B Marketing Training

C Personality Development training

D English spoken and written training .

E Strategic thinking development training

F Decision making training .

G Research training

performance appraisal is tconnected with your conducting of training in professional improvement and goal achievement .

u may pl contact me at for free service and help


dr ram
4th January 2013 From India, Indore
@Seeds27,In response to your querry,I am enclosing certain formats for competency assessment.You have to identify the quality positions each employee occupies and get the quality parameters for each position.You have to get each employee assessed by his/her reporting officer on a scale of 1 to 10.Employees scoring less than 6 on each parameter are to be trained on these parameters.After completion of training,the employees are to be re-assessed and again may be trained,if found deficient.Thank you. mmsmnk.
5th January 2013 From India, Bokaro

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