Dear all,
I have already posted my query once but there was no reply........i am into teaching profession and have three years of experience in teaching English to students . I am not satisfied with my job at all and really need a change for all of us know that job satisfaction matters a lot than anything else. I would really be grateful if you can suggest me with career options other than teaching. I am interested in social work, public relation etc.. looking forward for your advice and suggestions...

From India, Cuttack
Dear All,
I really need your advice . I was into teaching English for the last three years but I am really not interested in it anymore...I would really be grateful if you can advice me regarding choosing a career ..I am interested in social work,public relation,HR etc...please share your views.suggestions and advice to me.
Thanks in advance

From India, Cuttack
Hello Namrata,
How would you expect any member to advise/suggest when you haven't given any background about yourself--your qualifications, other experience, etc?
It could also be appropriate if you shared the reason(s) for NOT being interested in English teaching anymore--that would help those wishing to suggest alternatives to rule-out a few options.
In a single line, MORE the inputs you give, the better for you.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ms. Nammy,
We believe in "Job Satisfaction", what else could be better than gratifying ourselve. Although, when you said you're interested in social work, public relation.... are you specifying anything? You may try options in NGO's and for Public Relations you may try under Investment department or any media/advertisement agency as a PR professional.
Infact PR would help you will act in accordance with much of verbal communication & managing the flow of information to set things on time. Please refer to your interested calling point and make a decision.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear Nammy,
I appreciate the contribution made by you towards the development of our society.
I also believe that everyone needs to have a job satisfaction at certain level of their career.
According to me, if you are interested in working for society and carrying our social work, you can opt for cry or any NGO like Akansha where you can go to small villages and teach poor chaildren and give them a chance to come up with society and other children.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Namrata,
Greetings of the Day,
I am sharing a option for you. It is totally your wishes to choose or not that.
You can start carrer in the content writing in the IT Industry. There is no so much requiremnt of the relevant experience for that and you can earn a lot of in that.
I am pasting a sample link for such all vacancies.
Job - Blog Writer / Article Writer Required - Delhi - W3 Solutions Private Limited - 0-to-1 years of experience - Jobs India
Good Luck

Dear Ms. Nammy,
Please do not post multiple threads... the seniors would retort back with same responses. I've clubbed another thread of yours "Help me in changing my career" to this purticular thread. You may acquire info from this thread itself.

From India, Visakhapatnam
As you stated that you are in teaching line, if you are in permanent job then do not wander any where else. Private sector looks bright from outside but there are many hurdles/harrassments there. You need a good degree from a reputed institute like IIM, for a better start. Otherwise you have to struggle throughout your career.
Continue in your education career, clear NET-UGC exam and join a reputed college, you ll get starting pay as 45000-50000rs in hand. That also gives you freedom of flexible timings no botherations.
Resaerch on english , discover new innovative ideas, interview skills, verbal communication skills and teach them to your students. They will benefit immensely from that in their career. In this way you ll get job satisfaction, if your students succed in their career.

From India, Mumbai
Hello Ms.Nammy,

Greetings of the day!

I would like to thanks that you have raised a good question and almost people are not satisfy with their current job, they want the changes in their profession.

In my openion you have to ask few questions from yourself before change your profession. Do some paper work,short list your choices and compare with advises.

The questions you should ask from your self are:

1. What kind of satisfaction you want in the Job.

2. Why you are not satisfy in your Job.?

3. What are the reasons and factors affecting the satisfaction in your current job...? i.e environment,money, responsibilities etc.

4. What is your carreer goal and does your educational, professional qualifications are suitable for that?

5. What is your inner voice...? Do you really want a change..? (coz past experience will be different)

Now compare the answers of above list with different openions you got from other people.

I had similar experience three years back, I discussed the same with our Global HR. She asked me for 360* and told 'Sanjiv you are the best judge for yourself. No one els know your best qualities.

So Namarta, you know the real situation and your good qualities and it is not easy to change the profession by just advise of other people. You have to choose the right decision becoz 'All glitters are not Gold.

Thanks and good luck.

Sanjiv Kumar

From India, Delhi
The experience of three years in English language can be used in many ways - can look for an editorial job, can become a communication trainer, can do some more study in English and become an expert, etc. It is a matter of your ambition. Only after acquiring knowledge you can impart it. Knowledge is power. One can increase knowledge by giving it to the deserving. A professional need more knowledge than a normal job seeker.
Think about contributing a little more than what you are expected to and try to do things sincerely. This will give more satisfaction - whether in a job or in your life.

From India, Mumbai

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