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Dear All,
I have a career span of 7.5 yrs experience in branded organizations but currently in a career break of almost 7 months. My questions w.r.t. the topic above:
a. What is the ideal span for career break?
b. How to seek jobs after a career break in the desired field?
c. I had interest to be in MarComm but never got a break initially and out of 7.5 yrs, my 6 experience is mostly into Finance & Accounts. Recently I worked in MarComm role but for a shorter stint. Now, it is so difficult to get the job in MarComm space. Kindly guide if I need to look for jobs in Finance & Accounts Operations or MarComm?
I hope some of you can enlighten me on the questions above!
Many thanks in advance.

Hello Srivatsa,

You haven't mentioned the reason(s) why you had the 7 months career break.

To answer your queries:

a. What is the ideal span for career break?

Ideally ZERO.

To explain further, the more gap you gather, the more difficult it would be to explain when you attend interviews--UNLESS the reason(s) is/are very valid & genuinely justifiable/verifiable [like medical grounds, etc].

Also, looking @ any such gap from another perspective--especially for functions where 'being-in-touch' with the subject is very necessary & important [like software, legal, etc]--the more the gap, the tougher it becomes to keep in-touch with the latest in your subject, professionally i.e.

b. How to seek jobs after a career break in the desired field?

Keep in-touch with your professional knowledge. Again, the details of 'how to' depend A LOT on the reason(s) for the break.

Reg your Query (c), since you have much of your experience in F&A, it would be better to first settle in the same field--mainly since you have verifiable & justifiable experience in that area. The Salary would also be another aspect here--your chances of getting a decent salary would be higher in F&A than in MarComm--pl note this is more of a RELATIVE aspect than absolute.

All the Best.



Thanks a bunch Sateesh for the response.

The reasons I left my ex-organization was for the following reasons:

a. There was a management change and my reporting managers changed due to this (from reporting to Country Head to Manager and then AVP)

b. The new AVP did not appreciate my contributions in the past and the deliverables (they were constantly thrashed out)

c. My health was deteriorating due to the depression of being professionally put down and also because of the after-affects of a major road accident an year ago. The doctor had advised me for the tests and constant rest

Hence I resigned from the job owing to health issues and hostile environment created by the new AVP. After the resignation, the matters got worse.The AVP did following:

a. Did not intimate my last working day

b. Hired another person with a rank above me and the person did not cooperate in the transition of the role, rather kept postponing the transition process while I was suffering from lot of health issues

c.The new AVP directed the finance department to hold on my salary and I worked for almost 1.5 months before my last working day without salary

I brought this to the notice of CEO (in USA) and local HR Manager reporting to the CEO along with the new AVP. With the intervention of CEO, my transition was handed over to the local Manager and then was relieved within a week with full & final settlement. It was very disappointing for me as I worked with the organization for 3.2 yrs and contributed while i was part of F&A and MarComm.

I face the burnt for speaking out and whistle blowing while i was in the organization and I'm not been getting interview calls either in F&A nor MarComm.

Thanks for your time reading this through!



While few of them did call me, all they had to ask was following questions when I gave the reason for leaving the organization as management changes owing to demotivated professional status and the health reasons:
a. So what if you had health problems, you could have taken a sabbatical
b. Why did you not take steps to please your new AVP
c. Why did you not move back to F&A operations if things were not good for you in MarComm front

Dear Mr. Srivatsa,
I've gone through your reminiscent scenario. I believe that you took a crack at doing everything possible. In addition to what you have outspoken, I'm still unable to deduce that even after the condition of yours was explained to the CEO, what is the vital step he took to investigate the issue (expect I could find from your reading) that he made your exit process simple for transition at ease.
Any interviewer intervenes asking above questions to comphrehend the stage -- as even they also are a company with different levels of politics. No employer even wants to listen anything against coz they might feel if they deploy you they might even face pessimism and lack of enthusiasm. All you can do is to sit straight and respond in candour, what you feel like and what should be done.
The above is stated to you as you are a matured human who can facilitate the needs as per desired consequences. You can answer better what you feel and look at.

Hello Srivatsa,
The counter-questions that were asked of you--in interviews--are to be expected, given your area [MarComm, which is a not-very-common area]. They were only trying to ascertain the veracity of what you were saying--which is where what Sharmila Das mentions comes-in [No employer even wants to listen anything against.....].
Suggest take the line of "Pressing Personal issues/problems" that you needed to resolve that made your handling the responsibilities of the crucial job tough. So you preferred to resign after discussing with your CEO in USA, handle your personal problems & now back looking for another opening after handling them. This way, you won't be giving any scope for the issue to be raised & consequent discussion--over which you wouldn't have any control in the direction it may take. In a way, this would also address the career gap, since you didn't know how much time your problem could take to be resolved.
As far as possible, keep any reference to your new AVP OUT.
However, this modus-operandi will have a downside--if they have any Background Checks policy, you need to prepare/plan on how to handle it BEFORE you even meet them for an interview.
That's as far as the situation-handling is concerned.
Having said that, I suggest you have a self-introspection as to YOUR role in the whole situation that emerged leading to you leaving the company--meaning, was there anything you would have been able to do DIFFERENTLY IF the same situation were to crop-up again NOW? Basically, suggesting this to do some brainstorming session for yourself to 'LEARN' from your recent experience.
I can see two things right away--that COULD have been done differently:
1] You could have started for a new job the moment you realized that things were steadily going down-the-hill, without any chances for improvement--to what extent it could have succeeded is a different issue, but at least you would have avoided the present set of queries in interviews [maybe there would have been another set].
2] Given the fact that politics is NOT limited to the political arena alone in any country, learning/implementing some basics on how to handle such situations.
All the Best.


Truly appreciate your responses :-)

It is a bygone now and have taken steps to handle these queries after consulting with my ex-manager who left owing to the management changes and several other colleagues of mine. They had exactly the similar responses, resolutions and suggestions as expertly put across by both of you. Needless to say you both have been senior and seasoned in this domain.

I had no choice but to put down my papers due to deteriorating health status but started looking out carefully among the opportunities. It is been over 5 months i am in 'job-seeking' mode but hope to get a desired role and deserving compensation. I have been/will be ever thankful for the rightful intervention of the CEO of ex-organization that just supports a popular fact that people resign only because of two main reasons - boss and/or salary; it is very rare that an organization becomes a reason and CEO in himself/herself is a reflection of an 'organization'. Luckily, I have worked with the best of the organizations and best of the managers who helped learn a great deal; who have been and will remain inspirational role-models in my professional and personal lives.

Thanks a bunch for pitching in your views, advices and suggestions that will guide me through the ongoing mode!

Warm Regards,


Hello Srivatsa, All I can say is: ALL THE BEST. Do update this Forum of the developments as & when they happen. Will give us a chance to share your ecstasies too. Rgds, TS
Thanks Sateesh for your kind wishes. Sure will update this forum about developments.It is definitely an ecstasy for me as I know am swimming against the current :-)
"It is definitely an ecstasy for me as I know am swimming against the current"--like the Saying goes Srivasta: We can appreciate the 'highs' of life only when we experience the 'downs' of life :-)
Don't worry--like I mentioned in quite a few threads, 'everything happens for a reason & for our good, though it's tough to accept it while we are passing thru that phase'.
All the Best.

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