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what do u do, when in your own team there is a junior who is favoured and protected by the manager. What ever task is difficult is not given to that junior.
Please suggest what can the senior person do?

Instead of beating around the bushes, why don't you approach directly your manager and tell him about your worries.
You can appraise him gently that given the work load, that needs some assistance to make the work output comes correctly and in time. Its all in your approach to your manager and let me caution you. You put yourself in his shoes and try to analyze the reason for this. May be my guess is your manager feels that the junior is just not right to handle the assignment. Or may be the Manager has more confidence on you than that fellow.
In any case, you have to wait and see the developments.
One thing is for sure, don't blow out your emotions to your manager as it only make things worse.
Best of luck.

hi, thanks for ur suggestion.
i have already tried doing that more than once, in a professional way ofcourse.
if it were a matter of one or two assignments, i would have understood and took it in a way that i am more capable, but its a story for everytime, to the extent that one resource is sitting idle browsing the net and other has no time to breathe.
"She will not be able to handle" thats the reply he has everytime.
So being a team member this question comes up that if she is really not capable of doing anything, why is she here.
Discussions have happened and nothing has been done.
this has been noticed by the super boss too that she doesnt work, as she is suppose to, but till this date there is no solution..

You have to first make the things separate....that do you have a problem with that new joinee or with your boss?
See, since she is a new joinee, your managers will undoughtly give her a learning space and time to get adgusted with the work..
My only suggesion for you to not to get demotivated and always give your best towards your work with your limit of potential.
dont work beyond your limit. help that new joinee at times, teach her the things and ask her if she can help you for the new assignment on so n so responsibilities.
You already went to your Boss, they are all aware of the siutuation, so now the time came when you have to approch with a different sense...
so that the day will come when she will say that she knows and she can help you out in this

Why a senior should rue that a junior is not given a difficult task.A junior is less experienced and is in the process of learning work and understandably the manger might not be giving difficult tasks to him.This may not be favoritism. The seniors are expected to shoulder higher responsibility than a junior and shall accept more challenges. Explore whether the issue is perceived properly.

Hai a puri,
in the work there is a need for intimacy, interaction and relationship. The favourism is a thing that handle by the persons is different. One can see from the side of the angle of manager, he might have constrains, pressures and some other. When the manager is not able to handle the situation in equilabreium u try to assist him.
One thing u do not compare with the other, if u have been compared with others then u rise ur opinion
it is better way to handle the favouritism in the work place, otherwise it is negative environment to u and ur senior also.

Hi All Here good after. I am looking for a draft of the confirmation letter. Can any one please help me with the same
Dear Akanksha Puri,
Our form members have give very valuable suggestions in this regards.
I would like to add something:
When we talk about the TEAM, its very existence depends on the Trust,faith and mutual understanding among the team members.You please have a faith on your Manager and the junior.He very well know to whom he/she has to allot the asignments.
In my opinion, he is not doning any favouritism to the junior one.It is only the time she is being given to adjust to the environment.Slowly and gradually she will be given the asignments.
It is your duty as a good team member to help your unior to adapt the environment so that she may learn fast.
Moreover it is good that you have been given the asignments.....your learning experience is being is you to whom your Boss has confident to handle the asignments.
With Best Wishes.

Hi Akanksha,
Hopefully by now your problem would have been resolved, as you have posted the same almost a year back.
However just wanted to tell you, that if difficult tasks are coming your way, its only you who gets the benefit, and your junior gaining all the sympathy, is just loosing onto time. So welcome any difficult tasks with an open mind.
In my previous company, the CEO himself had mentioned that each day that you are working in the present company is honestly not for the company nor for society or is simply to add on to the responsibilities in your resume, the work you do, today, is going to proudly be showcased by you in the next interview.
So think about it and take things positively.

Hi Akanksha,

It is but natural you will feel irritated when such things happens. But always try to see the brighter aspect. The task assigned to you is difficult one, then too you are able to solve them. Actually unknowingly you are becoming an expert in your work, but you are not able to enjoy this achievement as you are wasting your time thinking about the junior. Please try not to bring negativity in your life, as this will stop your growth. Infact I am telling this because I know of an individual who faced similar problem, and he too was very upset like you, as he felt when all the trainees are paid the same salary why should I work more, while the other's are enjoying.

I gave him the same advice give to you, it was not easy but he tried to do his work with dedication and also helped his team, today he is working as a project manager at well known company and got a personal appreciation the CEO of the company for taking up the most difficult jobs and helpful nature. Got more then 100% raise in his salary in just 1 year. SO the choice is your's.

All the best



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