I am preparing new policy on How to motivate employies in our company. Please give suggestions or post your policy. regards
From India, Gurgaon
Dear Pooja,

There is mismatch in heading and contents of your post. There are three strategies viz. corporate strategy, business unit strategy and functional strategy. There is nothing like "motivation strategy".

In my so many years in HR and Training, I never came across with anyone having "Policy on Employee Motivation". At best you can have the guidelines but certainly not the policy on motivation.

What is motivation? Motivation is willingness to expand one's capacities or willingness to spend one's energies. There is famous proverb "you can take the horse to the water but you cannot make it drink". A motivated horse, starts drinking water on its own and does not require external stimulation. Now tell me can you have policy for horse assistant on how to make horse drink water?

A motivated employee does most of the things without being told to do. Policy on motivation is something telling employees what they need to do without being told to do!

Employee motivation depends on so many factors. It is quite complex and output of several factors. Prominent among them are:

a) Nature of the job or challenges in the job

b) Suitability between job and personality of the person

c) Organisation's culture (progressive, bureaucratic, open, puritanical etc)

d) Rewards for performance

e) Promotion avenues or opportunities for career advancement

f) Interpersonal environment in the company

g) Brand image of the company or position of the company in the industry

h) Leadership at the top

i) Whether manager is role model, managerial competencies of manager

j) Training given to the employees

k) Upgraded technology in the company (in many companies Office 2003 is still in vogue)

and so on.

Hope my reply clarifies your doubt. You can take Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) and measure the satisfaction level. This can can be starting point for the employee motivation.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

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