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Dear all,
I will be entering into delivery mode of behavioral training programs.
Requesting guidance and tips from you all to suggest activities, role plays, videos etc that can be imbibed in this session.
As this will be my first session, requesting guidance from you all.
Objective of the session : is to enhance communication skills thereby boosting confidence of the freshers.
No of participants : 18- 20
Duration : 5.30hrs
The freshers are of engineering background coming from various small towns of Maharashtra.
In anticipation of a whole hearted support from Trainer's league.
Thank You

From India, Mumbai
Process Industry Consultant / Soft Skill
Soft Skills Training
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There are many activities that you can do for Communication Skills. One is Chinese whispers, I am sure you know about it. Another activity you may include- ask the participants to enact a scene without speaking to show non-verbal communication. Role plays can be based on their real life scenarios. Including a video is always a good idea. Use a 5-6 minutes movie clip. plenty of them available on Youtube.
Hope it helps

From India, Calcutta

Dear Shri Slavatre,

It will be an interesting challenge when the trainer is new to his job and the trainees are fresh.

Your own preparedness is the first step.

Next point is to decide on what is to be taught and what the participants already know.

Hope you are considering English language as the communication medium.

If the participants are fresh, they might still have some idea of how a factory works

when they have done training / internship.

Ask everyone to narrate his experience. Say 3 to 5 minutes each.

To enhance communication skills first you must know what their present level is.

To start-with ask them to write on any general topic giving a time of about 15 minutes.

Ask another person to read without naming the individual who wrote it ( there should be no way to know the name of the person) .

Suggest the corrections and improvement.

Give them tips on good writing, some videos / ppt on communication.

Provide excerpts from a choice of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, JF Kennedy , Abraham Lincoln ,

Winston Churchill, Swami Vivekananda and other illustrious personalities.

After that ask everyone to speak on his favorite topic for not over 5 minutes.

Choice may be given to the candidate to read from his script or speak without seeing it.

Ask the other participants what they liked best and what they felt could have been better.

For every participant sum up with your guidance.

Make sure that atleast three or four seniors address them by way of discussions on what to expect in a work place.

Role plays are normally successful when people gain experience.

Time of 5 ½ hours is too long, if you are one faculty. You may request experienced seniors to share their experience.

If it is possible to reduce the time, 3 hours would be OK.

Good luck.

V.Raghunathan……………………………….Navi Mumbai

From India

Considering that you have enough time use a movie to teach communication skills. Take up a movie like 12 Angry Men, Remember the Titans or even portions of My Fair lady.
Of course, the faculty would have to prepare extensively for the class by making notes on the aspects of communication skills that would be demonstrated by using the movie. For example using Remember the Titans you can teach Effective communication for a winning team. You can use 12 angry men for teaching Non verbal communication. My fair lady can be used to teach pronunciation and intonation in English language.
Hope this helps you plan.
Do share with us your experiences.

From India, Madras
Thanks Mr.Raghunathan.. for those motivating words and understanding the dilemma that the new trainer undergoes.
I liked the idea of giving the excerpts of Great Leaders to project good communication skills. Will also think about time duration.
Thanks once again for those valuable suggestions!

From India, Mumbai
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