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Hi All I am a student of MBA HR and currently working as a summer trainee.I have not been assigned a project on a particular topic as such in my company.

I am required to assist HR in different tasks.I have observed and learnt about induction, grievance procedure,disciplinary hearing etc.I have assisted in Recruitment related calls,maintained employee files and recorded their documents in PeopleSoft software,training program etc.

I am required to submit a project report for my summer training as well.Besides learning,the title of the project is also very important so am looking for an appropriate title based on the work I am performing in my company.

I have shortlisted titles like Core HR functions, HR as a support function, a study of HR practices. But I wish to refine them in a more constructive manner so that the title doesn't seem vague or improper.

I am looking forward to any new title or suggestions for the same.Any ideas about the project are also welcomed.

Really looking forward for some great insights and support.Please share your views and give your valuable feedback.

Thanks in advance.

From India, Mumbai
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Choose topics like Compensation benefits & Management; Competency Mapping; Overview of HR process & attrition analysis; Conflict Management; Quality of work life , etc, Just search in Google.... You will find many good & strong topics..... Choose a topic which goes very well with the organisation you are training in.
From India, Madras
Simhan Sir
I have planned to compile my project report by adding theory about the HR function( which is basically secondary data) followed by my key learnings of each function.This is the only option available to me as I wasn't allowed to collect any primary data from the employees through questionnaires,focus groups etc.
I am finding it difficult to quantify what I have learnt during my training as i can't reveal any confidential company information.Is there any other way other than the way I suggested to go about the project?
Also your PPT on research methodology posted in previous posts is indeed helpful.

From India, Mumbai


Though I may not suggest you any specific title without actually knowing what content your project comprised, but a few suggestions may help you zeroing on the title appropariate for project.

1) If you have undertaken an analysis of HR functions with pros and cons and merits and demerits of each function and arrived at your own findings,the title shall reflect this analytical approach. For example, your topic is to anaylise the practices/processes adopted by an organisation in identifying the training needs of the employees, then you can titles it as "Training needs analysis in.........." or "Is....(name the process) an effective tool to identify training needs - An analysis"

2) If your project is on discussion of the methods of designing compensation and benefits, you can title it as "Tools to design compensation" or How to design a just compensation and benfit model". If you analyse the existing tools and methods, then the title shall reflect that approach.

3)If your project is merely a collection of data and information about HR functions without any independant analysis or findings, you can choose a simple title like " An over view of HR functions" or " HR functions- a guide for a fresher"

4) If you narrate in the project your own observations and experiences about HR functions, the title can be " Experiential learning of HR" etc.

In essence, the title shall bear close connectin to the content iniside so that a reader shall make a reasonable guess about the content.


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From India, Mumbai
Thank you for the valuable suggestions.
I have not analysed training or compensation in depth in my company or concluded any findings.I have simply observed HR functions like induction,grievance,disciplinary hearing,induction etc.My major task during the training was to record employee documents in PeopleSoft software and maintaining personnel files.
So the titles suggested in point 3 and 4 are useful.Regarding the content of my project report it is basicallly a summary of different HR functions (from internet) and certain key learnings. I am looking forward for some more suggestions as to how to compile the project report in a better way other than the way I have planned.
Miss Rupinder

From India, Mumbai

From the list of HR functions, you have observed, and the key learnings you have acquired(nature is not known) the compilation can be as under:
1) Main head : Recruitment
a) sub-heads:Joining formalities etc
b) Precaustions : You can incorporate key learning inputs here, if any on this subject.
2) Main head : Induction
Sub-heads :
a) Mehod of induction
b) Duration of induction
c) Posting of induction
3) Main head :Training
a) Documantation on training
4) Main head :Grievance handling
a) Sub-head : Procedure
b)Key factors to redressal : You can incorporate key learnings here, if any on this subject.
and so on and so forth.
This is only a suggestive format meant for your guidance.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Rupinder.
Others have given you valuable suggestions and, hence, I will raise a few key questions.
Have you discussed the issue with your tutor guide?
Were you not required to submit a synopsis of your intended project and get it approved?
As you have not collected primary data, it will be difficult to display your knowledge of Research Methodology and application of statistical tests, etc. These may be one of the key requirements of your final project. Have you checked the project regulations?

From United Kingdom
Simhan Sir
I was not assigned any project on behalf of the company on any topic.My summer internship required me to assist in HR related tasks.Neither any synopsis was required from my end.Also the project may or may not be research based accordingly no data collection or statistical tests to be used.
I am very comfortable in designing questionnaire and use of SPSS package for analysis or any other qualitative research but this option was not given to me.There is no role of the HR superior to guide about the project. HR data being confidential poses the limitation of non disclosure.

From India, Mumbai
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