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What are the methods of self motivation that will help you to be more productive?
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Dear Ankita,
In my opinion,if you want to get motivate your own self than firstly think positive because this is main tool to motivate you.
After that give some time to enjoy your life with different - 2 way like singing song,reading motivational story and watching good motivational movies.
Get motivated from ideals who are struggler like sachin,ambani,lalu parshad yadav,akhlesh yadav etc and also learn from common man.
see some motivational movies like chak de,3 idiots,300,titanic,the last castle etc.....
remember some shares like as follow :
Hade game husti se gujar kun nhi jate,jina nhi ata to mar kun jate,
manjil ko pana hai to tufana bhi milange ,dar agar hai to kasti se utar kun nhi jate "

Revert me if i do to little bit motivate you .............

From India, Ludhiana

Hi Ankita

There are no quick fixes to become self motivated. It is an entirely personal outcome of an individuals attitudes, beliefs and upbringing among other factors. However there are certain steps that one can consciously take in order to become self motivated. Some of these points have been expresses by Dev above but I will still take the liberty of elucidating a few pointers.

1. Have the right attitude - being positive at all times is the key. In addition one must be prepared to tackle obstacles with out getting disheartened, face opposition without being cowed down, be realistic and throw in the towel if the glaring situation warrants it.

2. Define success and goals - the whole objective of being self motivated is to achieve success by achieving your goals. The presumption here is that both the goal and the path to success are clearly identified.E.g. An underworld DON would have ammasing power and money as a goal and the path to success is through ruthlessness. Most of us would find this a very repulsive idea. On the other hand a Godman would seek to be self motivated in order to bring salvation to the multitude. This goal too seems unappealing to the average man on the street.

3. Align your passion and your future - Nothing is as self motivating as indulging in your passion. The reason is when following your passion, the urge is from within and this intrinsic motivation cannot be substituted by any extrinsic consideration. E.g. You are a trained musician but you are well aware that you do not have the flair to be a successful professional. You can explore other possibilities like being a part of a musical troupe or being a music teacher or a music critic or a music concert organizer etc.

4. Make it fun - it is only when one has fun does one freely indulge and remain self motivated. Keep focusing on the progress that one is making and that makes the process enjoyable. Keep in the company of those who encourage, support and enjoy working with you.Learn to laugh at yourself and the little goofy moments at work.

5. Dont chase success; let it come to you. - the little surprises you get be it a gift or a windfall or a an unexpected compliment always makes one thrilled and delighted. The same principle works excellently in life as well. The moment we narrow our focus to achieving things at any cost, the self motivation is replaced by greed, jealousy, pride and other such negative emotions. On the other hand diligent effort, smart work and team effort are traits that trigger self motivation within.

Trust these points would help you remain self motivated at all times

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From India, Mumbai

Hi Ankita,

If you could provide a bit of background I think you will get a better answer.

What I am interested in knowing is what is prompting you to ask this question.Is it you who requires motivation or is it for somebody else?Secondly, if is for you-then are you looking for living life in a motivated style or are you seeking motivation to help you perform better in professional life?

While actually metaphysically-your professional life would be subset of your personal life.For practically if you look at it everything is personal-it is your job, your work, your love,your home!

So it is your total life infact.For what you choose do will also impact how will you spend a major part of your everyday life and big slice of your total life!Since by and large you get recognisation from society by what you choose to do and how well you do it.

To feel happy doing something it is necessary that you love what you are doing- I mean if you do not like accounting and if I compel you to do a job in accounting either you will be angry or bored to death.So consequently you much choose for your profession something you love.Anything else that you will do will give you -ve vibes and as a result you will send -ve energy to others also.On the other hand you will not really look forward to starting your work.This means: YOU WILL NOT FEEL MOTIVATED TO DO THE JOB

So if you analyse:if u r happy with you are doing than there will be no need to motivate you-because you will only be too eager to start your job.After all, you are enjoying yourself on it.

But unfortunately there are so many of us who are not able to understand what they love,.They are either victim of the flow or peer pressure or parent pressure or maybe for the heck of it they are there

Now Ankita-I want you to chew the above for this is only a part of the answer.For while your question is very short the answer according to me is not so simple.For my understanding is that if u were interested in theory than you would have picked up the books or surfed the net.If u really want to understand the subject than some details discussion would be required.If you find what I have written above interesting than let me know and I shall continoue further.

From India, Delhi
Gurusamy Arumugam

Dear All,
Ingredients of "motivation" shall be - Attitude of
1. Self Competition
2. Competition with Others
3. Long term goals
4. Accomplishments......
Very simple formula
With warm regards,
Arumugam (

From India, Madras

Motivation directly related to our Self Confidence.No one has the same Level of Confidence for EVERYDAY.
So,raise your Self confidence thinking as you are golden one in this world.Do something extra day to day life & Put extra effort to achieve them.Just do whatever you want to do.Most of them waste their time for thinking WHAT to do? Here want to say that you must do what you know.Dont judge your result too quickly & Judge your result from where you started.Also Many of them TRY to achieve their Success But in reality either you Do or Dont.SO, Never TRY.
Ajit Kumar

From India, Delhi

hey Ankita,
i know its hard to motivate onesellf but i tell you one thing i am sad most of the time but i always know that when ever i get time i enjoy myself the most forgetting everything and when i a sad or something bad happens to me i say to myself "I have faced much worst situation than these and go to the situation and face to face to without any fear of loosing or wining because thinking about both of these is dangerous for me at that time as it can effect my present or the future if there is a negative effect of the situation but this does't mean you have to be negative be positive only k dear enjoy yourself and take care

From India, New Delhi

Methods to bve motivated and be more productive

1. At the begining of the day- Decide what you want to achieve today.That is your goal.You can be motivated unless you know u need to achieve something.In other words, a person without target or goal is on an endless journey.You also have to understand that goal has to be achievable.

2. Once you have defined your goals you need to write down the methodology/route map for reaching that target.Secondly, the resources you will need to achieve your goals.

3. Next step is to ensure you prepare a step by step process map of the activities needed to reach your target.You will need to also incorporate some flexibilty into plan to cover any exigencies.Try to think in advance what can go wrong and plan against it to reduce exigencies.

4. The next step is to incorporate the people whose help you will need to ensure that they deliver on time.

5. Finally, implement your plan.

Now if you follow this method you are likely to be more productive and if you succeed in it than this will automatically motivate you.Nothing motivates like success.

But finally, going back to my original post on motivation: Are you the right person at the right job.For if you are not, believe me, motivation will be a fight and almost a constant and daily fight.Money is merely a result of your succeed and for real success it is necessary that you love your work and enjoy every moment of it.HAPPINESS IN THE JOB IS WHAT MOTIVATES ANYONE

From India, Delhi
Sanjay Ghiya

Hi Ankita,

Do agree with above verious responses on motivation, particularly, big YES to Mr. Jacob.

One gets motivated by many factors. For example, if he or she completes the task before its schedule time. Achieves the exam result at par he wished or better than what was expected. Motivation is obtained by 'Doing the task successfully".

'Positive attitude' and 'Discipline' in day to day work, are one of the key factors for better drive to carry out defined / assigned / created / interested activity and that certainly brings the motivation. Doing the most interested activity brings the satisfaction, particularly, when yield is fruitful, and thats bring the motivation.

Set the target (May be long term and short term) and follow them regularly. (Setting the target by understanding own capacity and capability). Working on the target regularly, passionly, tirelessly would fetch the succes and that would give feeling of self motivated, too.

Reading the articles / books on Self Motivation would help for one to motivate. Inspiring stories and same time positive attitude of a person, certainly feels motivated to carry out specific task / activity.

Summary: Positive attitude. Living life with a bit discipline ( No haphazard), Sense of achiving something, Doing most inerested activity.

Ultimately, it is doing, doing and doing (Interested / assigned / created / defined / delegated / ) with Positive attitude and Discipline.


Sanjay Ghiya

Reliance, RCP, NaviMumbai.

From India
natural effect
ankita for motivating yourself you dont need principles you need a dream and love that dream like anything thats all
From India, Raurkela

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