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Dear All,
I am working in newly born company with 60 employee, and i am the only one HR for them, so i want do some extra innovative development in my organization like Motivational Purpose, Disciplinary, Recruitment, training and Development etc.
Kindly Help me for developing the Organization.
Thanks and Regards,
Chetan Thorat

From India, Mumbai
Hi Chetan,
since its just the incorporation stage of the company, you have to put extra efforts.
Start with 1) employee handbook- which should include the code of conduct, office timings, policies etc etc (this will serve the induction to the organization as well as the disciplinary function.)
2) prepare a joining kit.
3) work on HR policies
4) letter formats- appointment, offer, promotion, appraisal, leave mgt, termination, contracts-for IT trainees.
5) set parameters while recruitment- also have set patterns for JD's.
6) prepare a hierarchy of designations.
Let me know if you need further help with formats etc.
start with this then move further to motivation & training & dev.
HR Manager

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Mansi,
First of all Thanks for the suggestion,
I already prepared all these things those as you suggested, but now a days i am facing problems about employee attrition,retention,Engagement and rarely about the Appraisal.
So Kindly help me on these things..
Thanks Once again for your suggestion.
Chetan Thorat

From India, Mumbai
Dear Chetan

As you mentioned that this is a new and a small company, developing and growth structure would depend upon many dimensions.

You talked about motivation, discipline, retention, etc.

For any company, whether policies, rules, Acts are put on paper and enforced, it is no guarantee that people or the resource would abide by them. For an HR professional, it is very important to balance between the human growth and the organization growth.

First of all, you should identify the problems with the organization's manpower. You should always ask why this attrition is happening, why employee engagement is not there, etc.

In shorter words, try and do a problem analysis or training needs identification for the group. It is smaller in size. So, either u can do it urself, if u think u r capable, or

U can also hire an external consultant who would do that.

when u know the problem areas with the people, only then u can think of solutions/alternatives.

Mere application of anything would result in loss of time, money, resources.

Hope I am able to answer ur query.




MINDSHARE HR Consultancy Private Limited

From India, Delhi
Hi Anuradha,
Thanks for the suggestions.
Now i have to work on identifying the reason of employee attrition and trying to retain them in the organisation.
Kindly let me know how to identify the employee attrition rate and how to reduce it?
there is one more query: here the employees are having laid back attitude, hence not punctual at work. Kindly provide me some solutions to stop this problem. Mainly it happens with the marketing and IT department.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Chetan,
For late coming, you have to take a strict action.
try maintain a late coming form + start considering 3late comings in a month = 1 half day.
U being a HR have to handle the problems in a very diplomatic way & that diplomacy should be in +ve way not -ve.
start telling the employees about the +ve outcomes of punctuality.

From India, Gurgaon
Hi chetan

Hope you are doing good.

Well I was also facing the same problem of late coming and we took few steps hope these will also work for you-

First we identified the reason for late coming after talking to every individual personally i.e. the reason could be not frequent transportation facility to office, careless attitude of employees towards organization, family issue, Careless attitude of management i ll give you example for it- like you plan up meeting with employees and you and other management members themselves reach late for meeting, If heads does not come on time i.e. if management team itself is not punctual, unfulfilled promises, lack of proper monitoring etc. We found out all such reasons after interviewing all the employees so to resolve this issues we took following steps-

1) Maintenance of office registers which includes entry and exit timings and strict monitoring of the same.

2) you yourself come in time.

3) To motivate employees to come on time i introduced a policy where in every week the employees who has come on time entire week were given a standing ovation by all the other employees and the management team, also these employees where given a small party of snacks like samosas and cold drink etc.

4)Also the employee who has come on time entire month was rewarded with 2 half days.

5)We fixed the timing for tea and coffee i.e. our office timing is 10 to 6, so first round of tea was given exactly at 10:10 am and 2nd round of tea only after lunch, this would sound silly to you but trust me it worked lots of employees came on time just for the tea as they will not get any tea or coffee before lunch.

6) Now coming on to employees who after all these policies came late, we personally interviewed them understood their problem and accordingly took step by explaining them how their hard work and punctuality will help the organization to grow and prosper and how their promotions and other incentives are based on these parameters.

7) Finally after implementing all these steps we finally introduced a policy where we introduced the punctuality as a parameter of overall appraisal.

All these steps worked for us. I will suggest you slowly slowly implement these policies because if you implement all of these together than the attrition rate will increase so take time and move step by step. First try to gain the confidence of employees talk to them and than take steps accordingly otherwise you can face strong opposition.



From India, Madras
Dear Yamini,
thanks for giving suggestion,
your suggestion is so good and easy to implement and definitely i will do this things..
once again thank you so much for your suggestion.
Chetan Thorat
HR Executive

From India, Mumbai
Hi Chetan

This is regarding attrition rate, see there are lots of reason for attrition-

1) Internal Politics in the organization

2) Ineffective incentive and appraisal policy

3) Less salary as per the competitor or no fixed timing for salary payment.

4) Employees not confident about the organization future and growth as your's is a newly born company so its quite natural that everybody will try for other secured jobs.

5) Less dedication of management towards employees i.e. lesser employee engagement in strategy formulation etc

There could be many other reasons try to find out the basic reason than formulate your retention strategy accordingly.

For now i ll suggest you the simple solution conduct meeting with all the employees and management involve them in taking important decisions like diversion of business or any other policy and take their suggestions. This activity will help you increase employee engagement.

I ll give you example suppose if you are doing some marketing planning and formulating strategies than call up marketing and supporting team to formulate the strategies ask for their suggestions i am not telling you to disclose any important information but do include team to discuss basic things, these activities will help increase the sense of responsibility in employees and they will think before putting up their papers.

This is basic human nature even if we plant few trees we like to watch them grow and flourish as our hard work is getting shape same with employees encourage them to brain storm come up with new idea, respect their suggestions if feasible than attrition rate will definitely decrease as they will love to see their hard work getting shape. And if employees will have other important things where they can utilize their brain will stop politics and they will also enjoy their work.

Hope you will like this idea.



From India, Madras
Dear chetan I am not allowed to post my mail id can you send me yours so that i ll send you test mail
From India, Madras

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