what is needed?
From India, Gwalior
Impression is the first impact you leave on a person and as we all know the first impression is the lasting impression,so to impress some one the first thing you should do is to be yourself,no need to try impression management technique by which at the end of day you will be recognized fake.Every one is best,and unique..stick to your unique atributes,definitely people will like the way you are.Be honest ,be true to your self,no need of putting halo effect..
From India, Hyderabad

Hai Gayatree, Its really a true word,But most of the peoples are not understanding others feelings and thinking. Regards, Vaishnavi.L
From India, Madras

yA, Thats true :-) . empathic nature is missing in people. they are not trying to understand that if we were there how can we react ? we are in comfort Jones .. so need not think about others - this kind of attitudes are developing in people. but remember if you are best to your self and others, carrying a sweet smile, wishing the people who are with you , making a small surprises and giving priorities to your near and dear one's, making your immediate boss and fellow colleagues satisfy with your work and support, not making fast perceptions towards anybody.. IN MY VIEW These can make your public relations beautiful :-) you can get positive reflections in life.
From India, Hyderabad

Hi there,
To impress people;
1 - Have and present smile always,u can confirm that the person u wanna impress is impressed,when you get a smile from them,at that very moment u r starting to impress them
2 - When u r trying to impress others,u MUST listen what they r speaking and respond,at the time its all about them not u
3 - Start to ask the stuufs about that person,family/career path/interest/etc,but it shud point around them
These r simple techniques to impress somebody,but this doesn't work for all,especially i will recognise what people r gonna do for me by the first moment itself.But,this is the way to break the ice of opponent and impress.
And often use their names,coz people often like their name,so if u use the names oftenly,they'll start to like u.

From United States
Hello Mr. Nagarjuna,
The tips you gave were quite informative and I am sure people will definitely succeed in building good professional relations if they apply your suggestions. I appreciate your contribution.

From India, Bangalore
With A confident Smile and positive body postures & gestures , any body can be impressed undoubtedly. That’s what i believe with my own experiences.
From India, Bangalore
padmashri athane
In professional life, just be urself... Dont bother what people are thinking of u... Just do what u feel is perfect.... Rest of the world will automatically respect and follow u.... Just stay hungry (for knowledge) and stay foolish(for application of knowledge)
From India, Pune
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