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From A Labour To Ceo- Jyothi Reddy (Great Inspiration)

An Enlightening Inspiration…….Jyothi ReddyÂ

Every successful story has a painful beginning

and every painful beginning has a successful ending ..... Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam...

Do you think it is just a common statement. It is not a mere statement. A philosophy of life. It is not even a mere philosophy of life, It is an alarming, compassionate, soothing and profound answer to all the questions that always chant in your mind. A right and correct response to the pains that you experience in the early phases of life. It is said No pains ,No gains. Multimillionere Bill gates has rightly said ' If you are born poor, it is not your mistake but if you die poor it is your mistake.’

Let me elucidate , narrate and bring into lime light of an eye opening , mesmerizing and inspiring life story of a lady who was just an agricultural labour, worked for Rs. 5 per day until 1989 now became CEO of Keys software solutions in USA and making millions of money and serving the grass roots of Indian society. Is it awe striking and jaw dropping for you ? but you need to believe and accept because you are all going to witness her, listen to her and even talk to her very soon. She is none other than Mrs. D. Anil Jyothi Reddy.

I know You become more enthusiastic and eager to know how a mediocre village woman could surpass all the obstacles of domestic as well as financial and made her dreams realized. Her success is not limited to her or her own family, the social service that she renders to the needy folk of society inspires many corporate giants to extend their hand with her to help the needy. The financial support that she renders is not a big issue when it is compared to her life story which has become a living example for millions to take her as inspiration and face the challenges with brave heart. Now many women take haer as an example and coming out with courageous hearts to brake the limiting believes as well as glass ceiling which condense their actual growth according to their innate potential.

Now here are some of the important phases in her much instigating story of her life. I know many of you even feel the warmth in your heart and wet your eyes and burst into tears by becoming panic. No.. If you intend to become is not liked by either Jyothi Reddy or us ..What we expect you to recharge your selves , pump the inspired blood to each and every artery , energize each and every cell, strengthen your muscles, expand your perception break your limiting beliefs, burst your comfort zone, stop blaming the environment and re-define your goal and aim at the sky and gigantic your image…….yes, yes…..we are sure that you will .. you will…. Make it possible.


D. Anila Jyothi Reddy was born in Narasimhula Gudem in Hanumakonda mandal, Warangal District as eldest of four children to a common peasant who has lost his employment during emergency. His father was joined in Army but could not continue because of his attachment with the family. The military training that he had, the attitude that he developed, was given to her as inheritance. As it was very difficult for the family to meet the both the ends, he was forced to join Jyothi Reddy BALASADAN, a government orphanage at Hanumakonda as amother less child.

From 5th class to 10th class Jyothi Reddy stayed in orphanage by having solitary life away from home. She used to await if anyone would come and render some help. Particularly during winter season when she used to shiver like anything as her blankets were torn. May be this had a strong influence in her sub conscious and drive her to orphanages often and help the children with all that they require among all the love and feeling of belongingness. Even during summer she never used to go to her village, she used to stay in warden’s house and did all the house hold work for which she was fed.

The empathy that she shows on all the orphans is gained through her own bitter experiences. Recently she made a representation to the Government of India with all her allies to legislate the Rights of the Orphans. She strongly believes the words of Mother Teresa… “ The worst disease in the world is neither poverty nor other, lack of feeling of belongingness, being unwanted is the worst ”. Whenever she visits the Orphanages in India she prefers to spend more time with the orphans. Even they rejoice her company… “ she is more than mother to me’’ says Ranjitha, an orphan who is being sponsored by Jyothi. If you see many college students keep on blaming their environment and parents when they fail to satisfy their wants. A sincere advice to them to visit any orphanage at least once in a year. You better understand the real pain of the life and appreciate what you really have.

MARRIAGE: Mrs Jyothi Reddy passed 10th class with good marks and she dreamed to continue her education. But her parents have contrary plans. At the age of just 16 they performed her marriage with Mr. SangiReddy because of their dire financial position. It is quiet common in rural India, many parents of girl child treat them as burden and try to remove the burden as soon as possible and perform marriage at an early stage. She was innocent and not knowing much about marital life.. time passed the age of eighteen she became mother of two girls. It was very difficult for her to provide the basic needs of her children to feed them and to look after.


Strong determination to take care of her children made her to persuade her mother-in-law and husband to work in the agriculture to work for money. She worked for Rs. 5 per day as agriculture labour. Many other people who worked along with her on field were impressed by her attitude taught her the basics of hard work of peasants. She worked from 1986 to 89 on field till she got an interesting turn in 1989. Nehru Yuvak Kendra (NYK) started a night school in the village to teach the basic education for adults. As there was no graduate from the village and Jyothi was the only available option, they appointed her as the volunteer to educate the adults after giving some training. It fetched her Rupees 150 per month. She gathered all the co workers in the evenings to the Centre and taught them the basic education with unique play way methods. The Inspection authorities were very much impressed by the initiative and dedication of Jyothi as the volunteer and appointed her Mandal Prerak of Hanumakonda

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From a Labour to CEO- Jyothi Reddy (Great Inspiration)



From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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