Dear all,
Can any one share any template, presentation on Why-Why analysis which is key to accident investigation. i need to gv training to our Sr. Management.
looking forward for your help & support.

From India, Udaipur
Plz correct yourself, it is not just for accident investigation, it is for any problem's root-cause-analysis.
You just go on asking 5 times 'why this happened?' many times than one, you will encounter with root-cause by the end of fifth WHY. Once root-cause is identified, eliminate - which solves the problem.
For example-
Why this accident occurred?
- not wearing PPEs
Why not wearing PPEs?
- stores does not keep adequate stock
Why stores is not keeping the adequate stock?
- not anticipated new joinees
so on....

From India, Bellary

Dear Hansa
I have one presentation on the topic... As it is copy righted one I have send to your mail id... Check it and make modifications suiting to your requirements...
Dear M Rama Krishna
I am having one question? Why it's always 5 WHY??? Why can't less than this or more than this???

From India
Dear Dipil
Thank you for notposting copyrighted material. But do you think it's ok to send it by email?
Asking Why times is not a must; if you can get the answer within 3 whys.
Dear Hansa,
Please see Determine The Root Cause: 5 Whys and 5 Whys powerpoint .ppt training presentation - Attached
In addition to 5-Why's, you can also use the means-end chain. I had come across this tool in the 70s. In addition to asking Why we want or Why it happened, one has to ask What can be done to prevent it or happen.
And choose the one which is within the scope of the department or the person.
Have a nice day
Leaning and Teaching Fellow (Retd)
The University of Bolton, UK
Chief Advisor, Promentor-consulting

From United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Simhan
Thanks for your inputs into the thread... I am sure that Ms. Hansa will not re-produce the presentation "as it is" for her use... My intention was only to helping someone who was in need... However thanks for the cautionary words...

From India
Dear All,
Please find attached a ppt on Root Cause Analysis which can be undersood easily by giving daily life example of a banana peel.
I often use this example in training programs.
"The important message of this example is Corrective Action Changes as the root cause changes"
You can add actual incidences of your company and impart training.
Hope this is useful.

From India, Nasik

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Hi Hansa, so far you have received many impressive replies and now in addition to this, i would like to share something..please find attached two documents...
From India, Gurgaon

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File Type: doc What is Why-Why analysis.doc (123.5 KB, 1419 views)
File Type: doc Why Why Enalyst Sheet.doc (45.0 KB, 964 views)


Dear Sir
Short and sweet presentation... During one of the training program I attended from DuPont faculty what they have taught me is that to try to make the session as simple as "KISS" - Keep It Simple & Stupid so that all can understand the ideas and will grasp more...
Once again thanks for sharing such kind of a training module with us...

From India
Pl.find attached herewith a single slike ppt which will clearly guide you about 5why and it should normally contain the underlying causes possible for all whys to straight take your process map kind to the root cause where the problem lies for the effect you observed.
Neel Ganesh

From India, Madras
Pl.find the attachment slide in word doc for 5why analysis understanding purpose.
From India, Madras

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File Type: doc What is 5 why doc.doc (108.5 KB, 333 views)

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