Hi, I just want to confirm can employer add their PF contribution that is (12% on basic)in CTC? Regards, Gayatri Naik
From India, Pune
Dear Gayathri,
CTC components you can include.
Annual gross salary of the employee.
Employer PF/ESI contribution.
LTA(If applicable)
Performance bonus(If applicable)
Variable pay(If applicable)
Hard furnishing(If applicable)
Medical reimbursement
GTI / Life security plan
Ex-gratia or bonus
Superannuation (If applicable)
ESOP(If applicable)

From India, Mumbai
Dear Gayatri,
Yes, Employer can add their PF/ESIC contribution in an employees CTC.
Most of the employers using this practices. Even some employers also adding Bonus/Gratuity in the employees CTC - it depends on the employers views.
Hiten Dalal
Officer ll Personnel.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Hiten n Everbody
I'm Facing one problem in my office....
one of my Sr colleague always use to speak on mobile (for work perpose only)
but every time his voice is such a loud that Disturbs each n every person in the office...
He use to walk here n ther while talking.
Apart from that the confidentiality of the business doesn't Maintain becoz of his Loud speaking Habbit, everybody comes to know what he is talking about.
& as an HR my MD asked me to tell that person to Speak in a lower volume...
...but as He is My Seniour I don't Understand How to stop his Habbit...
Even I Put Notice of Rules whlie Talking on phone...but that was in vain..
Please help me in this matter
Your Friend

From India, Pune
Dear Rupalee,
Just inform him politely that people dont like the way he is speaking in the phone. moreover you MD dont like that. Convey the message to him.
In organisation an HR should not differentiate between senior and junior. you may have respect with the seniors but your organisational policy has to be downloaded to each and every employee of the organisation.
Still he is doing the same it is because of the EGO what the person has. in this case ask every employee to ask him to speak low. if every one is questioning he will be silent for sure. (Hope you have seen the naukri Advertisement - HARI SADU, H - Hitler, A - aragont, R - Rascal, I - Idiot). use similar strategy.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Shenbagarajan
Thanks a lot for your Brillient suggetion
especly for that Add... HARI SADU......
I'l Try that one...
but can u do one more fevr to me by suggesting any Idea/ Way like HARI Sadu...
or give more example so i can get any idea in my mind...

From India, Pune
Dear Rupalee, unless you and your colleagues raise your voice he will not change. If you want you can send telephone etiquette to all your staff which he should read and should change.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Rupa, If possible prepare some "Standard Operations" related to office Etiquettes with fine and Display on the notice board & acknowledge from all employees. Regards, Hiten Dalal
From India, Mumbai
Dear Rupa,
If possible prepare some "Standard Operations" related to office Etiquettes with fine and Display on the notice board & acknowledge from all employees.
1) Etiquettes
1.1 1: Wearing informal dress (T-shirt/Jeans etc.).
First Action- Warning Letter
Second Action- MEMO
Third Action- Rs. 500
1.1 2: Keeping loud ring tones/Noise of mobile phones
First Action- Oral Warning
Second Action- Rs. 500
Third Action- Custody of Mobile
Hiten Dalal

From India, Mumbai
Please tell me what is superannuation. and what is the difference between superannuation and retirement. Regards Vikas khatter
From India, Delhi

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