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We are starting social service/Community "VELLORE YOUTH BRIGADE" with help of our friends in my home town already we done some blood camp's, conducting some awareness program's in schools etc..,, Now we are planning to start our new project "Plastic free City". I knew it's not easy but we will make it happen as much we can.
I don't have any idea how to start this project and run this project we have totally 65 members on our team. (We will not work 24X7 weekly 2 days we are all work on this project).
Please suggest/Advice me how to we the start??
I hope will get perfect solution through our citehr EHS forum.
" We do something, better we talk"
Thanks in advance.

From United States, Fpo
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singh inderjeet

Dear Raghu,
Excellent thought. I'll surely get back to you.
For now only one suggestion i.e. "You can take help of local govt. authorities." Also start motivational camps.
I'll come back after working on it.
Inderjeet Singh "Born to lead"

From India, Rajsamand

Dear Raghu

First of all my heartiest congrats for you and your team for thought of doing such noble work... "Plastic free City" name sounds good but to achieve this goal is not so easy...

From August 2010 onwards use of plastic is banned in entire Rajasthan... In the initial days there was some resistant... Police were questioning those who were using the plastic and ask to stop and giving time to replace the bags... Then for two or three months there in my place in all the shops paper bags and cloths bag were using in place of plastic bags...then the same condition comes back... Everywhere plastic bags were taken in use...

Why I quote the above real life example which I face just to give you my opinion openly... It's not so easy Raghu... In this example Govt. tried to stop the use of plastic... There was force initially... Later on it reduces cause of many reasons... Easy availability of other type carry bags, it's cost, whatís the substitute for employment to those who involved in the production of plastic bags,etc. Govt. ultimately instead of making the rule more enforced, give up...

I am not discouraging you... In your case you don't have the support of the law or government or police... You can't use enforce method for making your dream come true... So following are few ideas which comes in my mind for making your idea work out:

1. Make people aware about the hazards in the use of plastics. Because without awareness nothing going to change.

2. For awareness make leaflets in local language and distribute frequently.

3. Organize public dramas and classes on this subject to make people aware.

4. First make easily available substitute on same cost. Cloths or Paper carry bags in place of plastic carry bags.

5. Ask people to buy the secondary resource and to stop use plastic.

6. May be you people can think of producing such alternative carry bags in your own city by making small scale production unit. Will get job to few people also.

These are my thoughts only... You can work out on this with your friends...

From India
raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Inder,
Thanks for Feedback Dude. Already we conducting some programs in Schools. Its good idea ask help to Govt Authorities i hope if we ask help they will laugh (When i explained to my DAD about our project by phone he was laughing). . . we will see what will happen. . .

From United States, Fpo
raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Dipil,

Thanks for your open feedback I knew we will not achieve this goal in 1 or 2 years it will take time at least 40 % we will achieve in 3 years itís our target. Already we spoke to shopping mall owners & few big complex owners regarding our project they are not ready to support us 100 % but they are all interested in our project we are all keep on tracking with them if they are ok we will achieve our goal easily will see.

We spoke to Big hospitals & Pharmacy (they know very well about environmental) at manger level only we are try to get appointment to management level I hope at least few of them accept our project.

1) Yes we have a plan to distribute LEAFLETS in local language.

2) We have a plan to conduct some awareness programs in schools and conduct some quiz programs regarding our project in schools and colleges.

3) Cloth or paper carry bags itís on our plan.

4) We have a plan to meet our district collector (Itís not a easiest thing but if he interested or will get support from him its helps us a lot).

I donít have idea how to get help from local government/..

Most of them donít know about environmental problems first we are make awareness to public and specially students. Then the main problem is most of our team members canít participate at all programs like me (I was locked in overseas) but they are helping us through phone and mail (To get appointments, financially etc.,,)

Do the Given Duty and Don't await for Results ó Bhagavat Gita

I am Doing my Duty and Will do forever Dipil...!!!!


I expect more advice from our seniors. . .

From United States, Fpo

Dear Raghu All the very best for you and your team... May your dream project come true with the help of all...
From India

Dear Raghu
Hope this Plastic Waste Rules, 2011 will be of useful, for implementing it in Vellore.
The same is implemented in almost all the major Cities in India. Of sure you will get help from your Municipal Authorities.
Wish you all the success.

From India, Kumbakonam

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Dear Mr. Raghu,
Congratulations for the excellent noble work.
You have proved that the Geographical boundries dont matter.
I am fully with you.
You can begin with awareness by dislaying posters.
You can also take help of local social bodies, schools, colleges.
Attached is a pdf file which will help you. Source Internet.
Another file which was an article in India Today.

From India, Nasik

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File Type: pdf Do not Use Plastic Bags.pdf (674.8 KB, 229 views)
File Type: pps Global Warming - India Today.pps (994.5 KB, 196 views)

raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Bhaskar, Thanks for your input on this thread and also thanks for sharing such a wonderful document with us its will help us a lot. Keep on touch. . .
From United States, Fpo
raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Sudhir,
Thanks for your comment and Support. Your correct Mr.Sudhir geographical boundaries don't matter. I want to do something for my nation if that's helps to my nation 0.001% i am happy for that.
We planned the same will see how it will work. . .
Thanks for your contribution on this thread. Keep on touch. . .

From United States, Fpo
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