hi anshu you can even plan to gift dry fruits packets instead of some other things. even i have a staff of 160 employees ,we have decided to give them dry fruits gift packets to all.
From India, Aurangabad
Anshu the sunray

@lipika: First of all many congratulations for the success of your Diwali party...Reading your post gave me an idea that when it comes to deciding a game, I should ask the employees to choose a game of their choice. Earlier I thought about Tambola, but now I think dumb charades is not a bad idea either. :) But can you tell me more about "Stamp on the Numbers"?
I am excluding Rangoli competition for a simple reason that this might not fascinate the guys who are in majority in our company. Probably I can include that as a task for decoration, and I am sure that will be done by female employees ;) Undoubtedly, you spent very reasonable amount on the entire party. Wonder how much we will be spending from of our kitty!
@neha.indsur: Thanks for your suggestion Neha, but like I previously mentioned, majority of our employees are young guys and thus dry fruit packs might not be well appreciated by them. Can you kindly suggest soemthign else meant exclusively for young guys who are tech savys?

From India, Delhi

Dear Anshu !!!

Thanks..I will start my discussion with the "Stamp on the Numbers".

Its a simple but a team building,strategies formulating and can be played in corporate.

1...In this game there is one organizer,who will organize the game, probably you can be in your case.

2...The organizer will have to write the no: from 1-32 on a piece of cardboard or on any hard paper as this will stamped with foot.You can chose any no: but necessarily starting with 1 up till...(prepare this in advance becoz this is the tool for the game)

3...Divide all the participants in a team of 4 or 5 or any no:

4...Ask each team to choose a leader and once they will choose,ask them why they have chosen he/she as leader?

5...Then take the leader to a separate room and explain the game i.e.

In one room all the no: from 1-32 will be spread on the ground.

The respective team with their team member will have to stamp their feet on i.e it should in a sequence i.e starting with 1, 2, 3 &so on.

The team will finish earlier will be winner,keep a time track...give them some time limit.

Now Rules

1...While stamping the no: the team member will have say loudly the no: he is stamping.

2...There has to be pin drop silence ,only they will say the no:, not anything else.

3...Numerical sequence has to be followed while stamping the no:.

4...Other team member can help the player by pointing , tapping the no:

5...Let them decide that all the team members will play or some will other will guide with the no:,that totally depends on the teams decision.

6...If the will not follow the rule....Disqualified.

7...If none of the teams win in the first attempt give them second chance but untill & unless all team completes the game give them the next attempt.

8...Ask leaders to discuss these rule with there respective team & prepare strategy for completing & winning the game.

That's all about the game...try this its very interesting...It was BIG HIT at our place



From India, Mumbai
Anshu the sunray
4 sounds amazing and i wonder how nice it will be to execute this game. And Lipika I will be honest with you that after learning this game, I want to reserve it for some other occasion because it might be lost in the crowd of the other events we are doing. I might just pull out this game in a particular month w/o any special reason as a part of employee engagement exercise.
Thank you so much for covering every minute detail about this game :)

From India, Delhi
I have been asked by my boss to prepare a event calender in powerpoint so that we can have at least one recreational activities in a month.
Can anybody please help me out as how to go about it or if someone can post an ppt for an example....

From India, Jamshedpur

Hi Anshu,
As your company strength is less and mainly are boys can give them an IPod if you have good budget
My X-company had distributed the same on Diwali
And undoubtely your employees will be liked it
Parul Gupta

From India, Calicut
Dear Anshu
Celebration with colloquies is really very enjoyable and funny movements, which will boot our mind to create interest and new ideas in current working place. In our company we are around 50 staff. we have booked guest house near Beach ( Kovalam - Chennai). Staying there for a night with bucket of crackers and so and so. Whole night there will be fun with drink and dance. Budget all from our pockets. You are also welcome to Join. Come come come

From India, Madras
It totally depends on your budget for the celebration. If you have a good budget plus you have intention to give a gift to each of your employee, then you can always choose the suggested gift ideas by other friends here. If in case you are looking for something which is good and economical, then on-floor activities with active participation is always better.

Here are few things which you can do-

1. Plan a day where all employees are supposed to come in Ethnic wear.

2. Decorate the floor to give a feel of Diwali celebration.

3. Organize a Pooja in the office and make the employees be a part of it.

4. Distribute sweets.

5. Organize some nice fun events like games, dance, music, etc.

6. Give your employees a day full of freedom where no manager/supervisor will be monitoring them. Just make sure to communicate that deliverables will always be first, but they are free to take as many breaks as they want. This will ultimately be the best day for them as the Freedom really do wonders many times.

7. Ask them to prepare some nice greeting cards themselves. Prepare a well of name chits, ask each employee to take one chit, that employee will have to give the card to the name written on the chit. That way each and every employee will be getting a Diwali card. This gives a lot of happiness too.

Small little things before you begin your celebrations:

• Ask your employees to clean up their office desk just as many people clean their houses in India

• Add a few Diwali touches to the desk

• Pin up a Diwali card with ‘Happy Diwali’ written on it on your desk/ cubicle. Also, suggest each employee to give a card to any one employee.

• Ask them to bring in treats for the team during the festival week [is they want to]

Hope this works.

Akhil Khatri



From Germany, Dresden
saha pooja
Hi Anshu,
Just adding a bit to all the lovely ideas posted already....
Instead of giving a standardised gift to all the employees, it would become a bit more exciting if you can arrange a small lucky draw for the employee.
Also, some creative games like Rangoli competition may be arranged to add to the fun and enjoyment.
Happy Diwali!
Pooja Saha

From India, Calcutta

First of all I want 2 glad u becoz of ur encouragement towards employers...........
I got 1 idea that in ur company only 20 people r working so y cant u people will go and celebrate DIWALI in any ORPHANIGE with kids/oldpeople.......differently outside 4m company
Dont think it s too much according to my perception it was the goodthing.......

From India, Bangalore
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