Hi Guys
I have recently joined an MNC where I feeling hesitation as other staff members are from the convent school passed out and are from the rich families
Please advise as I am loosing my identity day by day by hesitating in talking/sharing my foods

From India, New Delhi
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This is something to do with your attitude and mindset.
I wonder how you can loose your identity by sharing your food with others. If it has something to do with table manners, you can very google and find out whats is TABLE ETIQUETTE.
Food is enjoyed for its taste, irrespective of whether made by rich or not. Treat your colleagues as friends , never differentiate them as rich / convent passed. When you are working in a MNC, everyone is equally treated and shares same privileges of a human being
You are a victim of inferiority complex and should be looking at eliminating it as early as possible. Come out of all these thoughts, walk out one day with your colleagues and share your food. They might be looking for an opportunity to spend time with you and might even enjoy the food than you do !!
All the best

From India, Mumbai
Dear Tanya Good Evening i am agree with MR. Sriram Warrier so you must Treat your colleagues as friends , never differentiate them as rich / convent passed.

HR Manager

Tanya ... a very nice question from you. We generally observe this at many workplaces.

First you should understand one thing ... you are no more in a school/convent... a company hired you based on your skillset... here richness doesn't matter, your 'performance' matters.

If those rich gals don't perform well, you may not see them down the line and where you could see yourself as a 'manager' .... then you have to deal with people who may feel the same as you are feeling now.

So, this is the life of cycle ... never give your weakness to speak out and shape up as 'inferiority complex' ... if it happens, others will have a reason to tease you.

Many people have the tendency of speaking too much or with fake show-off .... dnt go by words or looks. Try to comfort yourself with everyone with a cheering smile and have good dressing sense...

Off track .... gals get good attention than men by their clothes, smiling face, and way of talking .....

Just buck up and get geared to explore a new Tanya ...... Your name carries so much confidence and maintain that in person. Make your presence attractive and awaiting. Enhance your process knowledge so that people come towards you for other details.

There's nothing left in sharing food or sitting with rich class ..... sit with people who give value to you and see the pleasure you feel.

Carry on.........

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Well Said Mr. Sriram & Anil..
I too post the comment earlier on this discussion, but its not got posted.
Well write again..
You can share your food with them, if they ddidnt want then let them go, why you should worry.
As Anil said "company hired you based on your skillset... here richness doesn't matter, your 'performance' matters."
One more thing here is, most of the Rich family person just join to gain knowledge or experience, later they leave and take care of there family business.
So kindly concentrate on your work and just let it go all other invaluable things.

From Kuwait, Hawalli
Hi Guys
Thanks for your guidance
I want to make my identity
please share some tips which I can apply from tomorrow
I want to talk,share some knowledge but again Fluency in English is not there
Please advise

From India, New Delhi
HR Manager

Brilliant support Sushmita!!
Tanya, I agree with her comments and she metioned about one hidden point about communication ... which will help you very much for your desired presence.
To sum up, there are only three that will enhance the importance of your presence:
Your way of communication with people (soft, crisp, with empathy, with an added smile, consoling humor, etc.)
Your behavior with other (mingling with people, active participation in discussions, eleminating what others think, maintaing distance while you talk with others, etc.)
Your physical appearance (no bad breath, a mild fragrance, your dressing sense, a healthy talk, etc.)
All you need is a re-check on your thought process ... avoid the assumptions and be normal with a fresh and open mind. Welcome ideas...
Good luck.....

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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Dear Tanya,

Congratulations for this job which is taking you to the next level both in terms of professional knowledge and grooming. Try a 30 day project towards a flawless you. I am a huge fan of the Try something new -30 day projects video. This wouldn't change everything radically, yet necessarily, begins a process.

You have clearly identified the areas you wish to groom. Define a time when you would learn and then practice it throughout the day.

Focus on identifying the flaws and replace them with the right presentation.

You may select audio and video modes to enhance your learning. Try watching the youtube video on Corporate grooming at the end of the day. Listen to the audio files on language proficiency while you travel. Now practice what you learnt for one full day and then learn something more.

Observe everyone around you. Please avoid copying their behavior. Observe to understand their sensibilities, the catch words they use including the nuances and the non-verbal cues. Your observations would train you to your new environment. Take your time to work on your flaws, the right behavior would be moderated to your environment. Remain patient towards yourself.

You may consider enrolling for a language grooming course offered by the professional Institute such as British Council. You can start with their basic-level courses, which are often, online. This will not just build your knowledge but offer you certifications.

Please consider the materials and inputs contributed by our members.

Last but the least, try and consider this as a lifelong journey and not a duration-based program. The results will surprise you as you invest yourself in it. Remain focused on being a better self and not a copy of someone, you are not.

<link outdated-removed>

Language as a Window into Human Nature - video

Grooming for Girls- video - This may seem age old. Focus on how the words poise and grace are being used in this video to train. This is one of the classic videos, still referred by the grooming experts. Moderate the presentation to your environment. You remain the best one to judge that.

From India, Mumbai
In Human Resource Deptt

Hi Tanya,
I am working with a pharma MNC 's HR-Recruitment department, Wud like to show you the difference :-
Assume that you are comparitively poor & low in confidence, skills & communication, not from convent and others are just opposite in every aspect as per you mentioned earlier only
Now if a company is hiring a non convent which is you & a convent that means company has found that confidence that caliber in you with the same pace like in others, as per them you are as rich as a convent stuff in terms of all skills.. Now it is the time for "INTRAINTRODUCTION".
Explore your talent to them and prove yourself as a right hiring. They know about you now you have to know YOU.
Rest learning is a continuous & lifelong process & would suggest you to take regular classes for english speaking instead of online...
With Regards & Best Wishes
Minakshi Sharma

From India, Delhi
Consultancy_HR & IR

This is for the one who has started the thread.
Falling short of skills in communication and interpersonal transactions can be cured by own efforts
One has to take initiative, get over mistakes, not feel put down and march on.
But for that one needs to lookat "self-esteem" and on that matter kindly see the attachment.
Evidently, it is not my creation but I have used it for many candidates and with good results!
Check it out if it helps you!
July 26. 2011

From India, Pune

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