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Dear Ms. Vanitha
I would like to understand your role in your organisation. I am glad you are willing to sort out your issues within yourselves.
1 ) I am not able to understand, how come an employee can remain idle - either he/she has no work to do or i am sure NO ONE is MONITORING - EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY/OUTPUT at your workplace. Find out, to what extent FRONT LINE SUPERVISORS are delivering their roles, effectively.
2) Try to understand, why your employees are behaving in this manner. Is your organisation trying their best to motivate your employees for smooth operations leading to better productivity or meeting targets?
3) Try to be soft and handle issues with PROFESSIONAL APPROACH. Try your best to educate them about their RESPONSIBILITIES, PROCEDURES APPLICABLE AT WORKPLACE WHICH THEY ARE BOUND TO FOLLOW.
With profound regards

Dearest Vanitha,
10 minutes is the time that we have fixed up in our organization. you can fix up a time of 10 minutes in your company wid a place designated to them for their holy prayers............! trust me,we have implemented it and we were really successful in wat we did wid the permission of the Vice Prisident-Human Resources.And when it comes to religion and beliefs of a community of certain people working in the organization there is no boss who says no.........! do not go into much technicalities as people are asking you ur role and stuff which i think is not at all important........! its not a big deal believe me.and does not need hi-fi HR fundas which many of them r asking you here which does not play any role in solving out such a simple problem..........! Go and Try it and i will bet that u will succeed with employees being more than happy as they do not have to go to out at all and everything is inside the company itself........!

For any further queries please be in touch

Thanks and Regards
Ravibhushan Pandav
Human Resources officer

Dear Vanitha,
I have read the exchanges with interest. Kindly make sure that in a secular state you ensure that all are treated fairly. What will you do if a person who follows some other path says that he needs to pray and wants a prayer room and time off?
Hence, try to include higher management to institute a policy. Khadir has raised valid point, as always; hence, please consider the points raised by him. Also, Ravibhushan Pandav has given you ideas that are working for him. Any action taken without management involvement, in matters such as this, could lead to more problems in the future. You may be only "tackling the symptoms of a disease and not curing it", as the saying goes.
Have a nice day.

Dear Vanitha,
Put up a notice on the notice board in hindi as well as english and write it when will the rule be effective from and also the consequences if it is not followed as organization is being leberal and so it also expects that the employees follow wat is being conveyed to them..........! do it with all the other things that i have mentioned in the post above,you will observe that u will succeed............!
For any further queries pleace be in touch
Thanks and Regards
Ravibhushan Pandav
Human Resources Officer

Dear Mr.Shaik,
My desg is asst.manager but i have restrictions & interruptions by our manager. Im likely to take charge from 1st of Jun as Branch manager. Hence i just started observing the irregularities inorder to resolve and to ensure that everything is in place.
For the current position we have enough manpower and that may also be the reason for this. Come what may, is it good to spend most of the time out of the seat?
The problem is not with the organization but with the people who handles it.Here some people are treated special and others not and because of that they dont seem to bother anything.

In my experience, break for prayers is not prevalent in most of the organisations in India. It is prevailing in Gulf/Islamic countries.
It is not advisable to grant some previleges to particular community which may create discontentment among other employees. What will happen if a pilot or Train driver goes out for prayers while performing duties? Customs and practices shall be flexible in the current context.

Dear Vanitha,
It's like stabbing in the dark when people are asked to give advice without enough background information about the situation. When you say you will be taking charge as Branch Mangaer, I would like to know how many branches does your organisation have?
What do you mean by "i have restrictions & interruptions by our manager."? What happens to the manger, when you take up your new role?
Have a nice day.

Ther is no any such Law to permit the religious prayer during the working hours. If you permit one community for paying Namaj , then other will ask for Maha Arati, ... Going to prayer in Agyari.... and so on.
It is better to dont entertain any request which is related to religion.
Our focus should be to unite all these members as a family of the organisation who are working under one roof of the company & one family has one religion i.e. progress , development .... of the organisation.

Dear All,

In India, though we'R a secular country there is no formal guidelines in any organisation to permit religious prayers for any sect. let it be hindus or muslims or X'ians or any other sect. It is not healthy for any organisation to encourage such things. Even if permitted by default earlier, it should be closed by now to avoid future complications. U know, there is separate places of worship for every one and prayers should be perfomed there whatever may be the time it requires.
Of course, in India, in atleast may be 90% of the organisations perform only Ayudha pooja & is performed for that particular festival which is a closed/paid/official holiday declared by the Govt. Mind U it is once in a year but not a daily prayer, it is a festival commonly applicable to all the sects whether other sects like it or not.
U know non muslims' prayers are very simple and not much time is reqd. and there is no compulsory timing. Whereas Muslims require considerable time and procedure and at particular timings. I don't think any firm permit such things officially though some muslims run firms may permit here and there as most of their businesses are closely held. Gulf countries do strictly permit prayers and declare Fridays holidays. We are discussing about India U know. It is not advisable.

Dear P S S
I hope you don't belong to this world. We are living in 21st CENTURY where many organisations are PROMOTING - OPEN WORK CULTURE. Every individual has got his own religion to follow. Problems due to RELIGION is more in INDIA than any other country in this world and this is because of LACK OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS and our STUBBORNNESS/RIGID NATURE for not accepting certain facts.

Kindly try to understand RELIGION is personal and there are LOYAL/SINCERE/HONEST/DEDICATED/HARDWORKING PROFESSIONALS/EMPLOYEES at all levels in India and across the world who are performing their prayers IN-TIME without disturbing WORK CULTURE, as many organisations(MNC'S, MEDIUM/SMALL SIZE) in INDIA and across the globe had permitted MUSLIMS to perform their OBLIGATORY PRAYERS, while giving PREFERENCE to ORGANISATION'S OBJECTIVES/GOALS to be achieved or to be met.

For your kind information, the percentage of Muslims who perform their prayer are LESS.

There are countless employees in India itself who are doing their best while performing their prayers IN-TIME.

Kindly do remember that, Its employees BETRAYING ATTITUDE's which is creating hurdles in organisations. Every PROBLEM has a solution and it is the responsibility of the TOP MANAGEMENT to look into every issue and provide a OPEN SOLUTION that can help EMPLOYEES to feel proud as PART OF THEIR ORGANISATION.

NO wonder, every organisation's goal is to progress aggressively but organisations cannot be SELFISH. Its EMPLOYEES that form AN ORGANISATION and you have to take care of your employees. When you address all employees working under one roof as "A FAMILY", then do understand how to make your FAMILY MEMBERS to PRODUCE BEST RESULTS in favour of their organisation while giving them facilities at workplace to perform their SHORT PRAYERS termed as OBLIGATORY, but not to misuse the same.

As i wrote earlier, one has to understand EMPLOYEE(S) PSYCHOLOGY/MENTALITY. At workplace promote BROAD MINDEDNESS, OPTIMISM, ENHANCE MATURITY LEVELS and lot more rather creating issue in the NAME OF RELIGION. I am sure, you'll definitely find different kind(ATTITUDES) of employees.

If i had an opportunity to solves issues in any organisation, across the globe, let it be anything/any issue, i am ready to travel extra mile to get things sorted without any making organisation to INCUR ANY KIND OF LOSS. - TERMS & CONDITIONS are applicable.

With profound regards

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