Some ppl are again comparing the work culture of Gulf region with respect to India. I put it very bluntly.
Gulf economy is not dependent on the local workers but on expats. The locals are liabilities to the companies or organisations. The locals under the quota system comes to work as per their wish and leave frequently under the guise of prayers. Most of the Pvt companies just engage them for the sake of fulfilling the govt rules but in actual many companies are dependent on expats who scrupulously work there. I was in Gulf for 3 yrs and seized of the work culture of local workforce. If expats leave abruptly, those countries will come to grinding halt.
29th May 2011 From India, Lucknow
Though it is not specifically mentioned in any employement agreement, but it is very clear from the working hour policy in most of the organisations that any activity which is not related to defined official work is considred as personal activity and personal activities are not allowed during working hours, before after & during lunch break personal activities are allowed without utilising organisation's resources. Also in some business activities it is required to bill customer on T & M model which requires vendor to bill their customer on the number of hours worked by the employee for that customer, time spen for personal activities can not be billed to the customer.
29th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
I am from Pakistan which is an islamic state as you all know. We do provide a specif place for all employees to offer prayers if they wish. If we are in General Shift, the time of Zuhar prayers comes that is covered in the lunch time i.e. 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. and employee must have his / her lunch and prayer by that time. For Asar in evening, 10 minutes are given but employee makes sure that his job is not hurt and he also understands it that prayer should not be excuse. Likewise other prayers, a specific time is there and people are back to their work after performing prayers. I agree with the others suggestions that speak with the concerned directly that their such time off is affecting some company rules and all good employees and good empolyers will make efforts to reach a decision based on win - win situtation.
29th May 2011 From India, Delhi
You have to notice that they only goes two time during the day, first between 1-2 and 4-6. How much time they consumed you can ask them to work, and i belive they will definetly agree to it. for Salah(namaz) usally it will be 15-20min only. No one go for namaz just for killing the time, infact if you notice majority of Muslim do not offer namaz.
your friend in Islam
29th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
While people can enjoy their religious freedom, nothing in any law says the concerned employee is allowed to take liberties during work time.

During scheduled breaks they can say their prayers. No one is allowed additional time apart from breaks fir that. If someone is so religious as to need half hour five times a day to say prayers, he or she should not be working.

I have seen muslim employees in my clients office. They say namaaz on friday for which they have asked for a delay in lunch time on Friday for them, and return within the lunch time. In another office I know 4 of them share a cab to quickly go to the nearest mosque and back to manage within the allotted time.

My own driver is Muslim. He checks my schedule in the morning on the days he needs to offer namaaz and schedules his prayers within that time available (when he is idle and I am in office). For my part, on such days i try to delay or prepone travel if possible as a matter of goodwill, but if it's not possible, too bad. He has taken up a job knowing the terms of his employment.

Please remember that if you allow this to happen, you may have a Hindu employee asking to be allowed to say his prayers. I know aarti can go on for an hour if someone wants.

Also realise that if this escalates, the company will avoid recruiting from the particular community, which harms the community in the end, for the sake of a few persons taking undue advantage of religious freedom.
29th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Ms. Saswatabanerjee,
You are adviced to refrain from giving unethical statements "If someone is so religious as to need half hour five times a day to say prayers, he or she should not be working." For your kind information there are people who pray during the night while others are snoring, but still manage to be on time in their office.

I would be glad if you are more practical in your writings. I am requesting you to please try to understand the IMPORTANCE OF 5 TIME PRAYERS in ISLAAM and PRAYERS in other RELIGIONS. PRAYER has a specific meaning and SPECIFIC PURPOSE. Once you had understood, then you can write anything you wish.

In every religion, you will find different kind of people. Few pray every day, few pray once in a week and few use to pray once in a while, free pray as per their wish and there are examples who never use to pray at all.

You are welcome to post your comments, suggestions, views but not provoke RELIGIOUS ISSUES which are the most sensitive TOPIC in this world.

Please do understand your LIMITS/BOUNDARIES before you write anything. I do understand that we are living in world where we have to FREEDOM TO SPEAK/WRITE but "WE DON'T HAVE FREEDOM CREATE ISSUES, HARM INDIVIDUALS OR PROVOKE ANYTHING THAT COULD LEAD TO DISASTER"

It's my sincere appeal to members of this forum to consider this option before we post COMMENT, SUGGESTIONS, VIEWS, etc related to RELIGION.

Kindly don't mistake/misinterpret my views/suggestions/advice in your favour.

With profound regards
29th May 2011 From India, Chennai
Muslims should understand that we live in a Secular country where People from other religions go out of their way to accommodate Muslim sentiments, hence muslims should not make such big issues about prayers
and worst of all, never to exploit this facility if given in whatever form.
If duty to God is important, so is duty to the country and duty towards the Company that provides employment.
Prayers should be adjusted within the lunch/tea/coffee break timings, without making a hue and cry about it.
There is nothing great about Gulf countries/ Saudi Arabia since they are extremely discriminatory in their dealings with human beings. As such they consider Indian Muslims like 'B' Grade Muslims. We don't need to follow their example.
Muslims should respect the work culture of whichever organisation they work for and keep religion in their private domain only.
Riyaz Khan
29th May 2011 From India, Delhi
///I would be glad if you are more practical in your writings. I am requesting you to please try to understand the IMPORTANCE OF 5 TIME PRAYERS in ISLAAM and PRAYERS in other RELIGIONS. PRAYER has a specific meaning and SPECIFIC PURPOSE. Once you had understood, then you can write anything you wish.
if it is that much important u have to join in a muslim organisation. law should be equal for every one. In an office, if other persons cannot take even a fifteen minits in office time for their personal work how only muslims can take office time in the name of religious. your prayers and religion is completely your personal. you should not spoil office times for the same and in daily basis.
30th May 2011 From India, Madras
We had a similar situation, wherein some employees wanted to attend a religious lecture for one hour in evening during second shift for 90 days. So, we formally changed their working hours, instead of their shift starting at 2:30pm, they reproted at 1:30pm....and we jointly agreed that there would be no pending work left at the end of the day.....we made them give this request letter and we agreed for that request. No body objected....
You could try something like this.
We have another problem, wherein few employees do not shave/ wear footwear/ wear black dress during 40 days in december janurary. My CEO deosn't like this...but we are quiet as of now.
30th May 2011 From India, Delhi
Hi, Guys,

Good morning

On the subject of allowing the employees for offering prayers to religious faiths , the following are to be given a thought.

1. Is it obligatory on the part of the employer / company to allow such prayers during the duty hours?

2. Any of the labour acts stipulated any section or provision giveing time for offering prayers during duty hours?

3. If employees are requesting time to offer prayrs during duty hours, the productiion schedules, availability of time, relation of work of the persons allowed for prayers with the other connectd works or group to be analysed before giving or allowing for prayers. Is it not difficult?

4. If there is no any objection from productioin / other sections that there is no interruption of work / productioin schedules due to the persons allowed for prayers, this can be dissued in details and a schedule to be drawn.

5. The time given for prayers my not be more than 10 to 15 minutes and for this time such employees have to work extra.

6. Over all it is not good practice to allow employees for any prayers during duty hours as we say " WORK IS WORSHIP".

7. During Lunch break of 30 mts as stipulated under Factories Act, the persons wants to avail prayer can go for prayer for 15 mits and the remaining periodd can had their lunch and go for work without disturbing any work achedules and other persons.

Manager - Employee Relations and Development
in an MNC company.
30th May 2011 From United States, Piscataway
Dear Vanitha
Our's is manufacturing setup and here we legally allow our muslims brothers to do there prayers and give them there time only during the Ramzan period but not on a regular basis.
This is only to ensure that we dont hurt and interfere in religious practices.
The names of those employee would already go to the production manager to plan his production accordingly.
Hope this is of some help to you in your decision making
30th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Hi All I am Fully Satisfied with Mr.Khadir Suggestion,in this way we can let them to perform their prayer easily without wasting precious time.
30th May 2011 From India, Bhopal
Hi ram,
The above amounts to racial profiling. Unfortunately it's the first thing people will think. Few of course will bother to state it like you have done. I was making the same point, that if some people misuse prayer, employers will stop recruiting Muslims. That is bad for the society in the long run. That worries me. Of course each business will do what's good for them not what's good form the society .....
30th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
No body can allowed to show his religious interest in public life ,if you allow to them to follow namaz then other people will start maha arati or gurubani then your office will become mandir mazid or gurudwara and you can win the national award by the hands of our precident of india for Rastiya Ekatmata but your company will be bankrupt. no any nation allowed such a type of religious activities in office time .
30th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
I would request the administrator to stop this discussion; most of the persons are advocating their agenda without being realistic and considering larger socio-economic interests and industrial peace.
Advocating a point just because I belong to that specefic community is not the right and professional approach.
Better to stop this discussion. Ms Vanitha must had got the Idea what she should do.
Manoj Thakur
30th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
i wud not advise this, ms vanitha. we are a secular state and tolerant towards all religious practices. But that doesnt mean we are going to allow separate prayer time during working hours. Work is work and that itself is worship. i am working for the last 29 years in HR and i'm in a senior HR position in a wellknown company. i hv not seen any muslim taking time to pray in working hours. i hd some of the closest friends from Muslim community. I still remember Mr Aladdin from Andhra to whose house i used go during Ramzan and enjoy the sweets there. I hv not seen them do prayers in working hours. As somebody observed here, it is permitted in Gulf countries being predominatedly muslim countries. but there Fridays are holidays and not sundays! We are country of multiple religious practices and we cannot allow discount for every religious practice inside a company. I say to stop this practice and do not allow this... from the way u explained that lady, i think she is taking praying time as rest time!
30th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Please discuss with employee, I also offer a prayer (Namaz) at office working hours. I take a time maximum 15 mint.. He can adjust Zohar namaz at lunch time or Asir namaz at before leaving the office or he manage prayer time with increase office working hours. If he spend 30 mint total offering a prayer, He will increase office time with her/himself. like if office hour is 9-5.30 p.m., he can adjust prayer time with office hours at 9 to 6 or 6.30 p.m as per discussion with our senior. I think it will very helpful for both side. i also spend 30 mint more in my office for adjusting prayer time.
30th May 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Vanitha,
In my view, you can discuss with employees, and ask their view on the same and further you can go ahead.
The best thing is if they continue the same, better ask them to work extra in the morning or evening which they are using for prayer.
30th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Any restriction on Namaz can create issues. Rather you should suggest to the employee to work extra hour to compensate , if the work she/ he doing is time based. If its delivery based and if the individual is managing her/his time to complete the deliverables and namaz, we should not be complaining .
30th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Hello vanitha,
You are not a muslim that’s why you are feeling such things. I am a muslim and I know one thing no one can stop anyone from praying. And that thinking of stopping itself is bad. If during the office hours if prayer is called then what can people do. They are supposed to pray so they will pray. If half an hour goes in that company wont loose millions or billions. So why are you making this topic as a big thing. I am in a gulf country and here is you stop a employee from just praying then it is a biggest sin. We muslims wont tolerate that also. We not going for party. Lunch break will be hardly an hour. In that hour also people can pray . but the evening pray when will they. Does your company give snack break. No right. Then please don’t make it such a important thing.
and finally one more thing
yes you need to permit NAMAZ during office hours. no other option
30th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi vanitha
With the reference of your queries, I suggest that the organization culture in your organization is not properly implemented. If your organization has an Islamic culture then it is permissible. If not, your organization has its own culture and try to follow the organization culture properly then the employees will not follow their own culture.
when the organization culture is strongly and equally shared among the employees then they themselves will not bring their own culture into the company.
Conduct a training program to incorporate your organization culture for all the employees and make them understand to follow your organization culture which is common to all the employees.
with regards
30th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
how can you compare Namaz with maha arati or gurubani. we muslims have 5 times prayer a full day. does maha arati or gurubani also same. please it is not right to say such things
30th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
how is this 5 minutes reasonable for a prayer. we cant just go straight and pray. we need to take wodhu(wash some parts of our body like legs, hands head with prayer) that itself will take time. how can 5 minutes given for a whole prayer. 20 -30 minutes is a must.
this is not a running race to run and come
30th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Vanitha,

Let me give you an example. Iam a 22- year old MUSLIM. I have worked in three different organisations in the past 4.5 years & they were not Muslim organisations. They let me offer prayers. Its all about understanding.

You understand the sentiments of your employees & this would surely boost their morale & increase your productivity.

It is OBLIGATORY to offer prayers 5 times a day. Why make a hue about it. Any employee would mostly stay in the office till 5 or 6 in the evening. He only has chance to offer 2 prayers during the office timings. He could offer the noon prayers during lunch time without disturbing the work schedule. Regarding the 5' o clock prayers even if the employee is taking 15 min of time to offer prayers (in case he is in office after 5'o clock) I hope the company is not loosing millions.

Organisations give smoking break, snacks break,etc. So what if prayer break is also given, why make a fuss about it. Prayers have a great effect on mind & body which will indirectly benefit the company.



30th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
consequences if it is not followed as organization- my GOD you are showing that if any one prayers more than the allocated 10 minutes then they will bear consequences. this all thoughts must be thrown away.
30th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Vanitha,
Same goes my views. Its wise if your organization could allow employees to follow their religious traditions during office hours. And also making employees aware about how to compensate the time spent, to complete their office duties.
30th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear All,
As far as discussion on Namaz is concerned,I would like to inform all people that Namaz which is order from Directly Allah who is creater ,sustainer of this universe is prayed five times daily at specific times.All God fearing people pray five times irrespective of their jobs/positions.Such persons are true persons .
HR Managers must make necessary provisions in this regard in their policies.
30th May 2011 From India, Lucknow
In a previous company, a few people (4-5) would come in to office 30 minutes early to have an prayer session. It was beneficial for them and helped them to bond.
30th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
i absolutely agree with you. its seems if some employee goes for half an hour for prayer company is going to loose millions. some people just dont understand some religions.
30th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear Mr.Ram
At the outset try to broaden your THINKING LEVELS. You are still living in a DARK WORLD. This thread is about PROCRASTINATION, MIS-USE OF TIME/FACILITIES AT WORKPLACE.

1) What do you mean by MUSLIM ORGANISATION? Is your organisation established on the principles of RELIGION?

2) Have you ever worked with MUSLIMS who had been offering their PRAYERS IN-TIME WHILE DELIVERING THEIR BEST.

3) Kindly do your HOME WORK and get back to me on this "you should not spoil office times for the same and in daily basis"

4) Do not compare PRAYERS with any other PERSONAL WORK. Understand the meaning of a PRAYER and its PURPOSE.

5) My ex-organisations had permitted me to pray and we never had any issues at workplace just because we had excellent understanding between us at all levels. Perhaps you need to study further "how Muslims are MANAGING TIME EFFECTIVELY - i.e. offering prayers IN-TIME and others activities without incurring anyking loss

You will get best places in India itself to do your home work....BE PRACTICAL ALL THE TIME AND DONT WRITE WITHOUT EVALUATING SITUATION/CIRCUMSTANCES.

Though prayers are MANDATORY for every Muslim, when we pray honestly praising ALMIGHTY, we are blessed in may ways.


With profound regards

30th May 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear vanitha,

I would suggest you to ask those muslim employees to take permission from the concerned authority. If the authority permits then they should be allowed otherwise ask them to offer namaz during their lunch breaks.If the time(15-20 mins) allotted is considered as wasted working hours then ask them to compensate it by working extra during lunch or after working hours(Overtime).I dont know much about other religions but except islam, no other religions have mantory daily prayers.And in islam it is must to offer in whatever situation you are in.Any namaz (except friday) should not take more than 15-20 mins maximum.I dont think that HR shoul be so strict that they can allot atleast 15-20 mins for religious prayer.My father is been working in India's one of the top leading automobile company.He is been working in chairmans(non-muslim) office for last 28 years.Chairman knows that he offers namaz but never restricted him to offer the same.He even has a long beard.But Chairman never insisted him to shave it.I know there are some HR policies to be followed on.And company rules and regulations differ company to company.But just think that a chairman of a company respects other religion ethics then why cant HR.I am not trying to defend my religion and people.I am just explaining my point of view.


30th May 2011 From India, Pune
Hi All,
I feel the whole discussion is such a waste of time. This discussion is causing some people raised tempers, and others to have their own agenda.
According to me the main culprit in all these discussions is RELIGION itself.
Do you know the longest running CON in this world is the very concept of GOD.
If people could learn to live like animals without greed, and absolutely no need to do any kind of prayers, there will be lot of happiness and peace in this world.
NO GOD, No Prayers, No religion, = only PEACE and Harmony in the world.
30th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Vanitha,
Let the people to do namas in time. 5 to 10 minutes is enough to do the namas in one time. Probably there will two namas in office time, one at noon another one at evening .Ask them to do namas during lunch break and evening tea break.
30th May 2011 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
I think in this discussion people had started supporting their religious agenda apart from understanding the simple work ethics. Just imagine a situation where 1000 odd employees are working from different religions and everybody requests you for performing their religious rituals during working hours; how you would manage work, because it is not possible that timings will match for all those.
So I request that this discussion should be stopped with immidiate effect as it is only propagating religious fundamentalism.
30th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Vanitha,

Thanks for the Question and believing in CiteHr site, Members/Seniors/Moderators as a Good Adviser.

There are many good suggestion given my all respected Seniors, Moderators & Members, some has taken sensitively, some has express Professionally and some as Generally.

So by different type of views I hope you can easy got the conclusion and able to implement or Handle this simple issue professionally.

I just want to mention few points as other did.

1, The mention issue is not big, so its not necessary to go with higher management attention, but for your safe side, you can address it.

(But keep in mind as a good person no one should effect by losing Job)

2, Only two Mandatory Prayer come in during office hours, so Afternoon Prayer (Zohar) can be merged along with lunch time and for Evening Pray (Asar) you can give just 15 mins.

3, If in case work getting effected, if four or five person leaving together for prayer, then you can request them to go two person at same time, and once they come back then other can go.

As prayer can also be offered individual or group of two or three person at a time.

4, You can suggest them to bring Prayer Rug/carpet along with them and allocate some small place in any area which should be clean and advice them to pray individual or in group of two person.

Further to avoid more delay going out in mosque and coming back. (This I used to Do at Present).

5, You should be informed to the employee’s who going for the Prayers, that the time allowing for the prayer is just for the prayers, so kindly don’t misuse it.

(The person who ask time for prayer he just mean it, but I knew some of them just misuse as said by many comments, suggestion, just to escape from work, which is really not tolerated)

6, Lastly, in my point of view, if a person offer prayers either Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, they offered by the bottom of heart and that make Him/Her to avoid think bad or do bad.

In which the productively of the company automatically increased.

So kindly take up this matter easily and implement some simple rules in the benefit of organizer as well as Employee.

30th May 2011 From Kuwait, Hawalli
India is a secular and not a communist country where every Indian enjoys full rights to practice his/her religion in private and also in public. It\'ll be wrong to say that we all should become communists or atheists when at office and again become religious and God-fearing when back at home. Afterall, we all know that most of us spend the major part of our day and many of us some part of evenings also at office. Hence, religious freedom cannot be curtailed at workplace and an Indian citizen has all the right to practice his/her religion even at workplace, although it should not hamper his/her official duties.

We are in a modern setup and at modern workplaces where we have enough liberty, flexibility, space and freedom and nobody these days works like slaves, hence there is no doubt that a brief break can definitely be given to offer prayers to people of every religion if they want to. Even if such liberty is given there still will be very less people who will actually pray since prayer is not entertainment and not all people enjoy praying, even when at home. However, if anyone is found misutilising or wasting that liberty then he can be questioned and counselled and appropriate action may be taken.

This is not a big issue, though a touchy one, and hence the discussions have gone so far on this issue. Had India not been a secular democratic country then the matter would have been different and the yardsticks would have been totally different. Let\'s try to value the secular and democratic fabric of our polity.
21st February 2014 From Hong Kong
Dear All,

I thinks there is too much of discussion has been done on this topic & in between Vanitha is invisible...& i think that, she is also got more confuse after this.

Sorry to say that, but, we are discussing here irreverent about the praying.

When we are saying that, how much praying is important in any religious & very eager to prove that..but, in same time, how many rest of things are following as per said in respective religion..?

Why we do pray...? I believe that, prayer is create link & connection between god & us, which should be do honestly & from, that can be done, anytime, any day or in day or morning or night, evening etc any time..pray mean.u r remembering god & ask him to keep blessing on you.. then, why do we need the specific time remembering god..? & also, i believe that, none of religious say that, leave your work & do the pray. Where we Indian people believe as "Work is God" & putt poster in factories & work premisses & same was taught us at a time of out childhood, then how can we forget at time of performance..?

we should think in different way & even employees should also need to be educated. No need to do comparison from country to country, as it is very different with culture, peoples, mentality. etc.

I am extremely sorry if i hurt anyone's of emotions, but i can just say that, I am not against any religion.


Tushar Swar.
22nd February 2014 From India, Mumbai
Dear Vinitha...

All above suggestions are valuable and true.

Let me quote an live example of my own office based in Delhi, where CEO also belongs to ISLAMIC Religion, and many of our staff is also from same religion.

Being a muslim CEO too our employees are not allowed to offer NAMAZ on daily basis in office time, in a week on JUMA FRIDAY they are alloowed to go to MASZID and offer NAMAZ, but in office it is not allowed.

As you told your boss is not aware of this, it is bad part of matter, as an employee we can pray,worship or offer Namaz in office but we are not supposed to, as it is our business working place, and doing it on regular basis as a boss it cant be overlooked..if an office had 20 employees over all and similarly they started worship according to their relgion demand it willbe worst condition to control it, as you cant allow any one employee to do and cant stop others for same.

Hence as a manager you are aware of your office atmosphere,conditions, employees state of mind etc. slowly try to overcome this issue.

Hopefully i am clear in my view, we are there for work, we are not authorised to use office/business place to worship on regular /daily or eventualy basis.

Some times /some ocassions me be granted as a part of religion but on regular basis it is not tolerable.

Thanks & Regards

Manish Srivastava

+91- 96707- 66 888
22nd February 2014 From India, Lucknow
Religion is a personal matter and should not be discussed in public forums, else this will turn into mud slinging. This issue has to be dealt with caution within organisation. Regards Umesh Kaushik
23rd February 2014 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
On what Tushar has to say reg religion and life, I\'m afraid but people have differing opinions and this is not the correct platform to do a deepdive into those things. Here the matter is very simple - whether to allow any religious activity that doesn\'t come in the way of official duties or not. Even I sometimes feel that religion has done us more bad than good, and that religion should be a strict No-No at workplace, but, being a secular democratic country that gives right to every citizen to practice and preach one\'s own religion, I\'m of the opinion that prayers can & should be allowed in limited way so as to not hamper work. If some people differ then they need to think first if they\'re disallowing the right of religious freedom to any citizen. Offices / workplaces / organizations are never above the country and it\'s constitution and whatever rights & duties the constitution provides to each citizen. Pl correct me if I\'m wrong.
24th February 2014 From Hong Kong
Dear VAnitha
If you are aware that freedom of practicing, preaching religion is one's fundamental right in India, yes there should not be any misuse of it. but you can't stop someone from practicing prayer, it is violation of one's fundamental right. neither any organisation can do this. now coming to the point that, every other person will ask such permission for their own prayer, so madam let me put this very straight you too know that in other religions there is no such particular time of prayers or compulsion but in Islam one has to perform prayer five times a day without leaving it. it is compulsory . so you can explain this to other employees if such case happens. and you too know that no other religion commands to perform 5 times a day.
this is very unfortunate that people now have started to capture employees personal freedom.
i have worked in three organisations , no one stoppped me in first two organisations but where i am working currently, my HR just unnecessarily put objections verytime. she keeps enquiring about me , although i had told at the time of joining only that i cant leave my prayer work n prayer both are important for me, i will ensure my work on time but i will also perform my prayer. i said i will perform my noon prayer during lunch but i need a break in evening , she agreed but later after 2-3 days she said you cant do this. i was so hurt, how can someone say NO for prayer. and then i said mam i told you this earlier, you can't stop me or let me talk to the MD directly, she said no MD is saying NO. i said let me talk to him then and she said no you cant go to him.
it was so stupid of her she was assuming me as a fool.
then sghe said i can only give you 5 minutes. then i thoought at least i would pray anyhow. i don't get time for WUZU, so i perform farz of wuzu coz it takes time in washroom and she has a problem with that also.
i pray only farz namaz because in half n hour lunch time its not possible to have lunch and perfrom full namaz.
i feel suffocated when she enquires about how much time m taking for my namaz, once it took 2 minutes extra and she told me not to take extra single minute.
although i complete my work on time, give her no excuse to scold me still she does that to me.
she is my manager also.
the most ridiculous thing is she has a problem with washroom time also, she says no one can take more than 5 minutes in washroom.
i just feel suffocated and wish to leave the company sometimes.
really very bad of you people.
they can puja on thier seat, they can have HAWAN in office on Diwali but cant let us muslims perform our prayer.
There is no single holiday for muslim festivals. not even for EID , they only have 1 RH that we can avail but what about other festivals??
and they have 2 days holiday for deewali, 1 holi, 1 christmas.
that means they only have a problem with muslims.
such a shame.
Please respect don't do this to us.
14th June 2019 From India, Gurgaon
Dear All,
India is unique in its diversity of religions, faiths and beliefs. We are very accepting and permissive. We tend to overlook aberrations due to our phenomenally inherent tolerance, despite what the 'Intolerance Brigade' says! It is much easier to manage work in homogeneous environments, where only single faiths reside, than in a heterogeneous environment like ours.
The factors that must be weighed while considering this problem are:
(a) Number of man-hours lost, if any. If none, then the problem is solved.
(b) If man-hours are lost, can other workers, who may not have a daily requirement of taking time off, be compensated on a monthly basis?
(c) Can a via-media be found such as a minor adjustment in the lunch break to the mutual satisfaction of all faiths, and still retain harmony without affecting the output of the organization?
It is not a problem to be taken lightly as it affects the sensibilities of all faiths in one way or the other, while impacting the productivity of the organization. Hence, it needs a very carefully considered decision by the upper management, which should become policy to be respected by all without deviation or rancor.
Here's wishing you all the best.
Colonel Gahlot (Retired)
15th June 2019 From India, Delhi

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