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We are placed near chandigarh, a large engineering organisation and looking for hard core trainer on a freezed time basis for base level employee.
Expectations - Arrest Attrition on agreed %age
Trainers with prover track please quote.
S C Garg

From India, Chandigarh

My organisation is into DIVERSED ENGINEERING MAINTENANCE SERVICES having 1500 employees where TECHNICAL EMPLOYEES ratio is more than NON-TECHNICAL. I train employees on various modules but still, we are facing issues related to ATTRITION..

For your kind information, ATTRITION cannot be ARRESTED under any circumstances, even if you appoint me as CEO of your organisation but, it can only be CONTROLLED to an extent, where TERMS AND CONDITIONS will be applicable.

1) A trainer cannot control ATTRITION but he can submit points for CONTROLLING ATTRITION, where TOP MANAGEMENT is expected to pay ATTENTION on TOP PRIORITY BASIS
2) Look forward for RIGHT PEOPLE(qualifications may not be mandatory but desire to perform and excel in favour of organization is very much important factor) to be employed for SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENTS.
3) Spend time to understand PSYCHOLOGY of your EMPLOYEES
5) Everything is TIME BOUND and we do live a TIME BOUND LIFE, where nothing can be assured.
6) It is the job of the TOP MANAGEMENT to CONTROL ATTRITION based on various factors where HR DEPARTMENT can support beyond their limits to RETAIN THE BEST WORKFORCE.

May i ask you a question?
1) To what extent your MANAGEMENT had succeed in controlling ATTRITION?
3) Why there is need for a TRAINER "TO ARREST ATTRITION ON AGREED %AGE" when trainer can only train, motivate, educate, counsel employees but, cannot meet their requirements/demands pertaining to SALARY/COMPENSATION and other FACTORS associated at WORKPLACE.

I would appreciate if you can share your views to support your requirement.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Mr. Garg,
I can solve your problem in totality.
Please contact me with full details of your organization at and
I tried to talk to you on phone but the effort did not materialise.
Sunil Chandra (Agrawal)
Pentagon Impex International
Pentagon Impex

From India, Calcutta
Dear Mr SC Garg,

Nothing is strange than your requirement and replies to your post by the fellow trainers. This post is a classic example of how people are ignorant about the concept of training - those who ask for it and those who agree to provide it! Alas there was one sane voice of Mr Khadir who stood up and has put the straight questions. Now it is time for you to give replies to those questions.

Motivation of employees is explicit responsibility of your management. Don't expect some outsider trainer to succeed for the failure of your leadership. Training improves motivation, yes no doubt but then there are scores of other factors for this and motivation improves only to a small extent. I have written scores of times that "training is not panacea for all the organisational problem".

Good to note that someone has come forward to take the responsibility. Please award him this assignment and share the results of the training say after three or six months. I have patience to wait for that time period.


Dinesh V Divekar


From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Dinesh Divekar,
I sincerely appreciate your reply and i am really surprise to see other trainers offering their services without even evaluating or understanding the existing scenario. This is the major reason for "THE BEST LOGICAL/CREATIVE TRAINERS" being ignored and sidelined as we are accustomed "TO SPEAK FACTS BASED ON TRUTH"
Your point will definitely come true "Don't expect some outsider trainer to succeed for the failure of your leadership" If, S C GARG had decided to allow a trainer to meet his expectations.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Mr. Dinesh Divekar,
I recognize the impertinent insinuations in your comment.
I assure you that your patience will be fully rewarded, should the assignment come to me and should the client choose to share the results with this forum.
Sunil Chandra
Pentagon Impex

From India, Calcutta
Dear Mr. Sunil Chandra
I appreciate your positive attitude but Its too early for your conclude because you haven't got any information about the current situation leading to ATTRITION.
Whatever you are going to achieve, i or Mr. Dinesh can even achieve more than expected but we don't believe in "GIVING FALSE PROMISES" just to ARREST ATTRITION. Better you present a PERMANENT SOLUTION that can CONTROL ATTRITION.
Allow TOP MANAGEMENT to do their JOB rather just expecting MIRACLES to happen.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Mr. Garg,


I see that Mr. Khadir and Mr.Divekar have already highlighted some valid points. What I understand is that specially in the Engineering sector- this attrition at Entry level and Junior Level is a constant challenge. Its the way Engineering Industry works. The Challenge has even translated to the Blue Collar Workers as well- Thanks to NREGA. Politicians might have scored a vote but have definitely screwed the Economy.

In a situation like High attrition rate- I don't think you need trainers. What you need is some Organizational Consultant to work in Parallel with your management time and make your organization a better place to work. They will understand the dynamics of your organizational environment and attempt to influence the factors causing attrition, by giving some recommendations to your management.

It would be upto your management to accept or reject the same. Having said that- I would like to emphasize that the factors could be both internal and external. Like availability of better work options in the vicinity, which will be according to the spread of your Industry in your area.

Further, even after all these efforts- there would be a restricted zone of influence -you wud be able to cause change to, beyond that you won't be able to do much. Attrition will be there- you need to decide how much you are willing to manage with. You need to set a target for it.

Though people will come and tell you- they can give a program and attrition will be down. Be careful, they are promising what they can't deliver. You will only be left with frustration in the end. Its a question of individual maturity- maybe the people who approach with a proposal like that- haven't understood the dynamics of business in fine details. You need to be extra careful with such proposals. There is no single capsule training which can solve everything.

What you need is an Organizational Transformation- just bulldozing the minds of employees with Company Sponsored mandate might not do the trick. I used the word Transformation specifically-as its beyond Change, like a Caterpillar turning into a Butterfly.

Hope this helps!

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr Sunil Chandra,

I would not like to engage in one-to-one duel however, since you have written your post mentioning my name explicitly, it is incumbent on my part to give reply to you.

I have given my comments on employee attrition several times. These are as below:




and most important is:


There is no evidence to show that by hiring services of some external training company, one can control attrition. If that were the case top notch companies like Infosys would have done it long ago. Moreover, well-established training companies would have made their "controlling employee attrition through training" as their sales pitch and minted money.

Attrition is problem anywhere and everywhere. Training companies also have beset with this problem.

While business is important, accurate assessment of the client's requirement is more important. We the trainers should be judicious in drawing lines that demarcate our services. We always preach in our leadership training that leaders should have self-awareness. This very self-awareness is very much required about our own training services as well. Out of this humble thought I had written this post. It is more pertinent than impertinent but and certainly it was not insinuation.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Mohit Sharma
I agree with you in all aspect as you had clearly pointed out the "ROLE OF ORGANISATION CONSULTANT" in any organisation for managing various employee issues.

I sincerely appreciate your point that "There is no single capsule training which can solve everything". I am trying my best to educate our employees to gain as much knowledge as they can. This will help them to perform better.

Most of the professionals or employees at various levels don't understand the TRUE MEANING of ATTRITION and FACTORS ASSOCIATED with it

Even though i am a IN-HOUSE TRAINER, i am playing various roles like EDUCATOR, POSITIVE MOTIVATOR, COACH, MENTOR, PSYCHOLOGIST, NEGOTIATOR, COUNSELOR, ENTERTAINER etc. This is mandatory for me because i have to support my organisation by understanding our employees mentality and solve their issues to whatever extent we can do.

I cannot compel any employee for "INSTANT OR GRADUAL CHANGE" but i sincerely believe in educating our employees "WHY CHANGE IS REQUIRED AND WHO WILL BE BENEFITED OUT OF IT''. Today, making people understand is the MOST DIFFICULT TASK/ASSIGNMENT even though we are practicing EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

Most of us are living a BACHELOR LIFE here, We do provide our employees various FACILITIES, that could help them to spend their PERSONAL TIME productively. We aim to free their minds and other personal issues at home, which may create issues at work place leading to RESIGNATION.


Hope Mr. Sunil Chandra and mR. S C GARG will understand the FACT now.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
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