Dear Seniors,
I completed M.Sc.Bioinformatics.Currently I am doing MBA in HR through distance education.
I am working as an Admin & HR Assistant in UAE for past 4 years. My company contains more than 100 employees. I love my work as well my coworkers. Last year 4 employees were terminated in my department. So they gave me more job responsibilities in Admin/HR/Accounts/Reception. I managed myself to finish all my targets. I am doing my work in a perfect manner. I didnít get increment for past one year & also I didnít get any bonus.
Please advice , whether I have to look for another job or not.
11th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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avsjai 472
Hi Farzana
I trust you are facing a challenging situation,which is a healthy sign.
Use this opportunity to learn new skills,which will enhance your value in later years.
Have a chat with your management and request for a higher salary.
You need to give the mangement an opportunity to evaluate your skills in other areas.
Best wishes.
Note:Pl see the below link for my post which will enlighten you in a better way.
11th May 2011 From India, Madras
Dear Farzana
I suggest that you have a talk with your management about your salary increment and bonus, Since you are handling multiple jobs they many look in a positive manner, or else you have to search for other alternative.
If company doesn't take care of you and your career, then you have to take care of your own.
Best Wishes
Suman Kumar
11th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Farzana

I liked your nick -"puremotherlove", though I think there is a redundancy; as mother's love is always pure !!

Hope the above line makes you feel at ease and at peace with yourself.

You have been doing extremely well in your company and like the company and its people. What irks you is : "I didn’t get increment for past one year & also I didn’t get any bonus."

Now, what can be the reason for it ? Did you try to analyze it objectively ? Perhaps the reason could be anything; apart from your performance; such as financial constraints or management constraints in terms of limiting such rewards to certain number and magnitude.

You are feeling so stressed to consider : "whether I have to look for another job or not".
It seems you are taking the matter of 'not getting any increment or bonus' too personally (as they say), or are being too judgemental of yourself; else there would not have been the thought of "leaving the company".

Please look at the rewards and compensation offered, in totality, over the years. If you had been working for 4 years in that company and have had no other reasons so far, for any grievances; then just the fact that you were not given bonus/increment should not be the sole criterion for switching jobs. There can be plausible reasons; such as, how i the financial condition of the company; what is the proportion of such left-out employees; do such employees largely belong to to 'service'/staff functions/supporting departments etc. - in general whether some formal/informal policy was at work ??

It is not advisable to change jobs purely on small financial considerations; otherwise one would find people switching jobs every other month !! However, if you feel, with some amount of conviction, that you have been 'singled-out' for this or you are supposed to take this as a 'message'; then it is just the right time to look for another job in quite earnest.

Otherwise, if you like the company and feel comfortable; you can be patient and optimistic as you await and look forward to a justifiable enhancement in compensation and job content in near future.

Warm regards.
11th May 2011 From India, Delhi
Dear Farzana,
As per your qualification, you deserve for senior level jobs, instead of Admin/HR/Accounts/Reception etc..(But I know in middle east Wasta/Reference is also important then Qualification:()
And I believe in UAE the bonus method not implements as the give the service, indemnity, settlement yearly wise or two year (not sure, but heard from many)
You can refer UAE labor law, for the more details, either bonus enable or unable.
And as per my opinion you should stick with one job, which in future you can have an opportunity as a senior level, management level Job, instead of doing multiple job.
Another thing read company policy about increments procedure either they use to hike in salary yearly or two year (As you mention they not increase your salary since year)
I agree with AVSJai - Use this opportunity to learn new skills, which will enhance your value in later years.
Thank you,
11th May 2011 From Kuwait, Hawalli
Dear Suman,
Thanks for your reply.
I already spoken to my manager about my financial issues.He promised me to given an increment on April.So i was happy.On April, he made increment to some of our employees.He didn't made for me.It made me upset.Aswell, i am working for our two sister companies.
I can see assistants with low workload in some other department.They are paying equal to me.
Waiting for your reply.
11th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Dear Raj,
Thank you very much for your reply.
Thanks for your comments about my nick name.
If its related to financial problem,why there are providing increment to some of the employees?.
As the sametime, they are saving 4 employees compensation (4 terminated employees).They are saving more.In that compensation,why they are not able to provide atleast 1000AED as an increment.I can undersatnd that, they are showing partiality in the nationality.
All managers are very friendly to me.Many times they used to say "You are the best".
I am hard worder.I am very enthusiastic lady to learn lots of things.
They can utilize me by providing training & promote me to higher position.Laster year , I gave training to two assistants.Their salary is higher than me.
I am really upset.
Waiting for your reply.
11th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Dear Sayeed,
Thanks for your reply.
What you mentioned in your reply is 100% correct.They willnot compare the qualification & job responsibilties.Some employees with diploma & higher secondary qualification with seniority position.Some employees with higher qualification with junior level position.
As per our company policy,they didnt mention anything about bonus in our policies.When they get profit,they are not providing equal bonus in percentage basis to all employees.
They willnot promote me to seniority position even if i stay longer in this company. No doubt about that.They didnt even support for in my higer studies.
11th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
U welcome,
My concern is either sharing of bonus with in employees mandatory, or not as per company policies (As per ur above comments its seems NO)
As per ur comment they not sharing equally, That means the other employees who getting bonus from profit, may be they agreed with company for commission + Salary, thats why company paying them, not you.
And in my earlier post, I have said stick to one job, but not stick in these company, (My suggestion was to stick in any one field either HR or Accounts, which help u in future, instead of doing multiple)
Thank you,
11th May 2011 From Kuwait, Hawalli
Thanks for your valuable advice.
What you said is correct about the commission & bonus.
I worked in sales for 6 months , my job responsibilities was preparing tender,BOQ & contacting clients & suppliers.
I replaced our purchasing officer for 4 months , my job responsibilities was preparing procurement,ordering supplies,coordinating with project,stock inventory etc.
They didnt considered me.Whenever they need to do work,they are using me.
As per your advice,i would like to stay in one field to have a growth in my career.
Let me check for another job with more responsibilities in one field.
Thank you ver much Saeed.
11th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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