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Thread Started by #sureshsubramani1985

Hi, In what way we can improve the loyalty of the employees towards the company. Thanks and kind regards, Suresh
5th May 2011 From India, Madras
Appreciation, Rewards, Recognitions will increase their loyalties and decation. Promotion and Increments based on the performance will increase their hardwork. Benefits will increase their Security
5th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi Suresh

Interesting Query !, I don’t have any time tested or proven remedies for this. But we can discuss it on this forum and get excellent answers from seniors and readers.

My suggestions are :

Complete orientation and knowledge of company’s policies and procedures.

Awareness of organizational culture among employees

Listening to feedback of employees regarding matters related to their employment.

Rewarding employees for their “gone-extra-mile” contribution with incentives, certificate of appreciation, R n R Events, gift vouchers, or simply a pat on the back or gratuitous thank you, appreciating E mail or Letter.

Wishing, congratulating, and appreciating personal events and achievements of employees in their lives.

Appropriate work – life balance for all employees across all departments.

On time salary payments

Transparency in policy making and decision-making related to employee matters.

Motivating employees to believe that, they are important part of the organization and it’s a teamwork towards growth success and prosperity. “Partners in Success”

This are few suggestions which came to my mind.

5th May 2011 From Kuwait, Salmiya
Hey Suresh,
Make them aware of their current and true dimensions of their job...
Set clear expectations as to what you really want of them...
Also, you can use the time tested formula of giving rewards and recognitions...
Also you can organize various developmental activities so that they feel that even the company is adding value to him...
Hope this was useful...
5th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
I personally think, loyalty is an in-built quality - all the other factors like, increment, appreciation, promotion would help to increase the morale. However i also comment that the - leaders in a company would play vital role in bringing such attitude towards their employees. I strongly believe if the company has good leadership and value system people would understand thier responsibility and acheive more than the expectations.
6th May 2011 From India, Coimbatore
Hi there,
IN my opinion I think one of the areas that will help improve employee loyalty
•Communication – Keeping it open top down & bottom up
•Transparency – When the management its transparent with their policies & communications
•Accountability/ Responsibilities: when the organization allows employees to be accountable & responsible when taken certain decisions, it give the employee sense of trust they feel the organization trusts their judgment
•Involving employees in key decision making
•Performance Appraisal, when employees are subjected to evaluation more than once in the year to ensure employees achieve their goals and use TRG&DEV to cover their weakness gap
•Training & Development: when organization is concerned with continuous development of their employees to ensure their meet their goals
6th May 2011 From Oman, Muscat

The solution shared by Yasmin, Miloniysanghrajka, Anandmed and Anayaat sums it all. At the same time, Hussain have nailed it! No matter how many processes are drawn, not even single one of them would stand time tested, as human values needs to be inculcated, intrinsically. Extrinsic rewards can create a momentary difference in the behaviour.

In order to instil loyalty, take a look at the bigger picture and then, drill down to each employee. If you have a large employee base this might not be possible, so group employees on the basis of what motivates them. Ideally this is done by clubbing employees on the basis of demography, age and location. Though, it’s best to leave some room, for the ‘uniqueness factor’ in every employee.

Once you have clubbed, identify the main motivating factors and influencer. An Ipod might make an entry level employee happy, whereas, if you are acknowledging a senior employee, try arranging it on a family day. Give away the certification when the family of that employee is around. This would not work for the fresher, as they tend to travel far away from home and stay alone to work. I know a company, which used to arrange the child or the spouse to give away the certification and the business head used to hand away the prize money in a cheque. Such a prize distribution ceremony looked very dramatic to me, till I noticed the effect.

Internally, create role models in your organization. Find employees across the levels, who have travelled to different offices of the company and worked across a major board of people. Identify anecdotes that symbolize overcoming adversity and establishing achievements. Club the two and arrange for sessions both formal and informal to set that message across. The more employees see them, they easier it will get to initiate similar behaviour in them.

Loyalty is a lifelong and a two way process. When you initiate the programs to instil that in the employees, please take a hard look at the organization and its attributes. Your programs will fail, if the leadership of your organization fails to be the cut for it. It needs to be established as a top-down process. Work ethics and people values have to be driven both ways.

Acknowledge every action where an employee puts the organization first. It may not be possible to award such gestures, but make sure they don't go unnoticed. A series of such acknowledgements would bring in the culture in the long run.

Finally, make sure that these programs are not acknowledging the needs on the periphery. Create alumni, to foster the sense of belonging, beyond the organization. If these beliefs about the organization can echo outside, the environment inside will follow the lead.

Request you to share more about your organization, so that we can help you identify a fitting solution.

(Cite Contribution)
7th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Friends
I feel pride that I am also taking part in this brain storming discussion.
In my opinion, A senior should live as a role model to others, then only others will follow or copycat (whatever name you tell it) the senior. As a matter of fact even children are observing the parents activities and learning and it is not listening to parents or others to act accordingly. Even everyone have their own role model in their life. If they select the correct role model then they will follow the right track.
The Loyalty cannot be bought by the money, motivation, promotion, appreciation, etc. It is a in-born quality and the role model being selected by the staff members.
7th May 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Suresh,
I have recently started my job and i may not write much on this topic basis of my professional experience. But i can say what all things is important for me to stick to a company and to be loyal in the long run.
1. The whole work environment where you find your self comfortable to work and your view and thoughts were listened carefully.
2. Your Contribution to the company is to be recognized.
3. The working culture should be professional as well as the company should have confidence on their employees.( E.g. you don't need to put a security camera in near the water cooler to check how many time your employee is going for water or tea.)
4. Constant learning experience and addition of new knowledge and skills
5. And most importantly to have an security or to know that your company cares for you.
7th May 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Suresh,
Others have given you some sound advice. Hence, let me ask you a few questions.
What do you do, in which industry, and what is the size of the organisation? do you have a lot of competitors around? What level or class of employees are you considering? Had you checked the web for a general question like this you would have found answers such as the ones at Google
As the saying in teaching goes "There is no one best way to teach." , there is one one best way to improve the loyalty of employees.
Have a lovely day.
A retired academic in the UK
7th May 2011 From United Kingdom
Dear Suresh
A lots of suggestions, comments, etc are given above.
In my opinion in addition to the above, if one feels that he / she is taken care of, respected by the other sincerely then he / she will feel to contribute to the other sincerely. The contribution from each other should flow selflessly then the loyalty be generated. Both parties should try to sincerely contribute to this effect.
7th May 2011 From India, Pune
Hi, I totally agree with the excellent suggestions by all the respected members here.....almost everything has been covered over here......excellent posts!! Regards, Supriya
7th May 2011 From India, Indore
First, every living beings, by nature, crave to have importance and love. Make the employees feel, genuinely, that they are truly valued, and important to the organization. This is the single most powerful feeling, as per my understanding, that would naturally increase loyalty.
Second, the top ppl should meet ppl lower the hierarchy on periodic basis to listen to them and ask them if they are fine. This will make an impression that the top ppl are personally interested in them. This in turn will result in increasing loyalty.
Third, call people by names, to the extent possible (bcoz i don't know the size of the org.). This will work on the subconscious level of the members of the organization.
Warm Regards,
"Blessed to realize that i don't — and can't — know everything!!"
7th May 2011 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Mr. Suresh,
NOT POSSIBLE to improve LOYALTY but one can LOSE/GIVE AWAY HIS LOYALTY FOR PEANUTS PRICE. You can definitely succeed in enhancing PERFORMANCE LEVELS.
Senior/Experienced Members including others had posted their suggestions.
Onething what i had understood is that, you are "A LOYAL PERSONALITY" and i am sure you can educate your employees about "LOYALTY". You'll get mixed response but, very few will show interest in your hard work.
Kindly do correct me if i am wrong..
With profound regards

7th May 2011 From India, Chennai
I liked all the post here, I personally feel that trusting your employee will increase their commitment towards the organization and also both the employee as well as the employer should share their contribution.
Bhavani S
7th May 2011 From India, Madras
I had read suggestions and views posted by various members of this forum. I would like to Participate in this Brainstorming session and submit my suggestion for further reference, which may serve a purpose.

Loyalty Refers to the Person is absolutely true to all the times..

All Employees should be treated equally without showing partiality...This will avoid employee thinking against the organization

If you want your employees to be loyal towards their organization, the first and foremost thing is Motivation which can be given During Induction period, introducing him or her to all employees and much more information to be revealed in favor of employees This makes an employee to mingle with his team members at all levels and build professional relationship.

Excellent Guidance this will make him more attracted towards the company.

Stress Free environment will make him more ACTIVE/DYNAMIC/ENTHUSIASTIC.

Dispute Resolution when Problem arises - Solve it then and there - BIASED DECISIONS

Good Compensation packages based on performance and evaluation of an Employee

Offer an incentives program for the loyal and hardworking employees.

Updating Knowledge of latest technologies and policies.

Offer benefits to the employees such as health care and vacation time.

As Suggested by Ms. (Cite Contribution) Pointed out can arrange for Family day which include weekend parties,Picnics.As Mr.Bhaskar said Loyalty is a inborn quality. people can change under different circumstances.

As Mr.Khadir Sorted out always beleive in Positive Motivation.which can take into a greater level
8th May 2011 From India, Coimbatore
Dear Varsha Nice Reply. So your positive approach and self-driven confidence is visible from your above reply. Keep on sharing your views and comments on all the healthy threads. All the best
9th May 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
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