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I am a supervisor in an electronics industry and been handling production overall control. Things were doing fine until I was transferred to another section.
I've met new sets of workers, line leaders, technician and engineers under my control. My problem started when my manager demand for a high quota on my section and when I explained it to my group they assured me that it will be achieved. However in the actual process, some workers were unable to get the target due to long machine breakdown and technicians were not helping them. Already instructed my engineers to talk with them but nothing happens. I also talked with the technicians personally but still these oldies seem not listening to the newbie in the section.
What should I do to these non-performing workers? What training do I need to have to develop more my leadership ability, if there is any? I am working with giving incentives, do you think it will work?
Engr. Robin

From Philippines, Makati
Dear Mr. Engr. Robin,

Let me put forward my suggestion in the most practical manner. Kindly try to understand there is no room for BASELESS EXECUSES.


1) An applicant/individual is hired as EMPLOYEE for getting relevant things done where he/she has to understand his ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES to meet organisation GOALS.
2) You need to rely on LEADERSHIP SKILLS(includes TEAM BUILDING & SUPERVISORY) that you need to demonstrate, in order to save yourself(job).
4) Try your best to convince your TEAM MEMBERS to understand their RESPONSIBILITIES and discharge their duties IN TIME.
5) Develop your SELF ESTEEM and maintain your dignity being SUPERVISOR. Utilize your powers effectively without hurting anyone.
6) Maintain all your correspondence in BLACK & WHITE
7) If any one is trying to play game with you, Its time to intiate disciplinary action against him, before your company starts incurring loss due to respected employees who doesn't want to obey their SUPERIORS.
8) Keep updating your superiors in written about existing scenario, in timely manner.
9) Learn to play SAFE GAME.

Kindly do follow & implement my suggestions. Kindly do get back to me after a week..

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Hello Robin,

I guess people anywhere in the world essentially are the same when it comes to a few situations--like the one you are in now :-)

Coming to your query, you haven't mentioned your caliber/ability to handle the tasks in which you aren't getting any support. Usually the best way to handle such category of people is to be a hands-on person YOURSELF--irrespective of the industry or function yo are into.

If you can handle--at least to some extent--the machine repairs, suggest 'just get going'. When such level of people see a newbie giving orders, the usual tendency is to see it as a 'this guy is bossing us' situation & then respond accordingly. Hope you get the point.

When you notice a machine has broken down, instead of telling the maintenance staff "repair it", you can tell them "let's repair it" & LEAD by getting your hands dirty. If the guys are good technically, then their response will be to participate [if they aren't good technically, then they will take advantage of it & let you do the work]. In general, it's human nature to avoid or fear taking on anyone outside who knows 'his/her' job, something he/she should have been doing in the first place--after all it could lead to redundancy if repeated & the worst-case-scenario could be: he/she will lose the job: as simple as that. And to the extent I know about Filipino mentality & scenario, it should work.

To elaborate, you had mentioned rightly that you are treated as a 'newbie/outsider'--try ways to ensure that THEY BEGIN TO GET THE FEELING THAT YOU ARE ONE OF THEM.

So incentives may not work in this context @ this stage. Once you prove yourself to them, incentives will take over as the performance-enhancing tool.

However, pl don't expect miracles overnight with this approach--over time you will reach a stage where you don't need to tell anything--things will be JUST taken care of.



From India, Hyderabad
Hi Mr. Robin,

This is very similar situation that i have faced in recent past when i joined one of the project of Coal Mine in Jharkhand. 120 HEMM are deployed by the company for production but only 30 HEMM are in good condition for work and rest of HEMM stand in work shop for maintenance, furthermore, Every employee showing their attitude and don't want to work in organize manner, and only few employees have accepted and obey the decision due to this reason production down drastically. we worked out and implemented some good policies (which i have given bellow) after 3 to 4 month company was making profit from this project, and every one taking interest to work.

you stated in your problem that machinery has not be maintained by the technician on time, as you identified the root cause of non achieving the target, you just work on to motivate the existing workers rather hiring or taking any hard decision.

you should work on following points.

1. Do employee Satisfaction Survey (if there is any dissatisfaction, just work on it positively.)

2. Make the policies for career growth (like promotion, Job rotation, training Etc.)

3. Involve every line supervisor and Ask suggestion from Seniors Employee in Decision making Process.

4. Create a group culture work and should make one representative who can accountable and responsible (Reward and recognition give to all group members, if work complete in time or before time)

5. Always work on management by objective policies.

6. Train the Employee by showing Team work related videos

7. One day in every week fixed for meeting with every employee and understand their problem and give solution.

8. Create an environment that every employee feel as home.

9. in term of maintenance is concern (create a separate maintenance team (Only three employee involve )who can watch and supervise the all technician and their supervisor and sole responsible for all equipment in good condition for work., and also involve for preventive maintenance activities)

10. and lastly make working condition healthy and hazard-less ( Organized monthly meeting related safety and precaution)

Hi dude this is a time taking process but after three to four month you will get the fruitful result.

From India
Dear Mr. Robin,
I had the same worry like yours before when I used to handle big groups and teams in our organization. I came across an HR manager/friend and recommended a new methodology in handling unmotivated people in a team. The <link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) gives you a new approach to become more productive and have more motivated teams and team leaders in any organization you are into. I do hope this one will help you.

From Philippines, Marilag

I would suggest you to wait and watch policy with providing training to employees.As you said that machine break down is biggest problem to loose productivity and company 's money .here there are two prospects one is process and another is people.on process side you need to strengthen fundamentls to reduce down time unless no incentive scheme will first go by people approach sicen you are new to this organization ...start doing frinedship with oldies, say them good morning, ask for personal matters with a certain boundaries ....doing so you can mix your self in their group.once this happens you can arrange a workshop on TPM a japanese way of managing machines to reduce down time.

People give their best by persuading rather pulling especually when you are new to organization and last long practiced culture.So dony go by heart...go by learning step by step and exercise your personal leadership skills.

If you are able to manage down time in such scenario it will be a miracle and definately you will be rewarded by your hiogher managememnt.

Focus on prevention tools rather than curing, in such situation TPM will surely help to solve breakdown and repair problems.


Raju Prasad

From India, Mumbai
They are merely testing who you are..... You’re not advice " Dont let the situation change you You change the situation" you’ll feel better later... Rgds T
From Fiji, Suva
Hi everyone,
I am very grateful for your responses and I am taking notes on them. I just want to add a few things on how our management works:
1. There is a monthly evaluation for the employees. I graded them based on their individual and group performance.
2. A feedbacking will follow few weeks after evaluation once the results be returned from the HR dept.
3. What makes things worse is when they received their low results in evaluation, they tend to revolt.
4. There is an existing incentives given by company for top-performing individuals but seems they don't care.
5. I am now slowly knowing them personally so that I could reach their sentiments towards work and towards me.
For the greater success...

From Philippines, Makati
Hello Robin,

It's encouraging that you are following the comments of the members very closely & seriously--gives a sort of 'incentive' to ones who respond to such threads :-)

Coming to your new details, just give these comments a thought.

## 3. What makes things worse is when they received their low results in evaluation, they tend to revolt.

Comment: Don't you notice any connection between your Points-1 & 3? Basically that's one way of conveying that they weren't taken into confidence when the grading was made. Suggest devise a way to take their inputs too when grading--but let it be clear to them that the Final word is YOURS, since taking inputs doesn't mean allowing them to decide their own ratings. This method is double-edged sword--it cuts both ways, if not handled properly. If the rules don't permit you to involve them in the process before you send your Report, find ways to do it informally.

## 4. There is an existing incentives given by company for top-performing individuals but seems they don't care.

Comment: You will be a better judge on this, but I have a feeling that YOU are left with a baby which was spoiled earlier to your entry in this Group--maybe the earlier boss mishandled the scene & you are facing the flak. Just look out for signs from this perspective. If indeed true, frankly you have a much simpler task @ hand, since you already have an indirect / intangible benchmark to cross after which the team attitude ought to normalize.



From India, Hyderabad
The above points given by Mr. Skhadir is nice... Added to that, Im willing to add some more points as below,
Always make a unique identity which helps to get the work done from the staffs. Make sure that you are also one of the part of them to achive the target set by your higher officals..
Try to encorage the wokers with some small gifts if they really bring any imporatant quality issues..
You need to ensure with them that you are supporting them if any other department heads question on their work etc..
Always fix the targets with your sub-ordinates who directly take work from the workers. Be part of that to give small ideas to increase the output.. Regular awarness of current scenrio will be updated to them to understand the requirement of the company..
I hope the above points will also helpful to take smooth work from employees..

From India, Madras
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