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Dear all,
Good Afternoon!
I am working as a HR Consultant and request your views on the following point.
"How can we identify the top talent in the whole organization?"
"What could be the different ways/paths/methods of identifying the top talent in the whole organization?"
Through brainstorming, we felt that Competency Mapping may be one of the way to moving ahead. But, personally I am not sure of, how to go further with this method.
Hoping that my issue will be resolved with your valuable views.
Awaiting for your responses.
Thanks in advance,
Warm Regards,

From India, Hyderabad

The topic is very challenging. Here are some of my views on it:

There would be 5 stages to it:

1. Define the comptencies for operating the organisation successfully.

2. The competencies can be further categorised based on levels/grade in the organisation. (e.g Say Communication is one of the competency then define level of communication required at Top management, middle management and junior management)

3. Identify the behavioural indicator for each level of competency.

4.After the competency mapping is complete, you may evaluate the individuals in the organisation based on the behavioural indicator defined in step 3.For this you may use interview tools, business games.

5.The outcome of the Assessment should be categorised on the understanding of following for each of competency level:

a) General principles/Process

b) Reaction to uncertainity

c) Approach to each task

d) Generating solution

e) Overall approach and attitude to rules

f) First action on a problem

The result would provide you with current top talent and also be guiding in the grooming of future talent.



Hi Mr.Kaamith,
Thank you for the immediate and effective response.
If I am not wrong, the steps you provided is all about on carrying further, competency mapping system. Is that right?
If yes, presently we are furnished with job descriptions and performance appraisal data of 2004-05 (latest appraisals did not take place, yet) for different positions in the organization. So how to use this data and where to begin with?
I think that the 1st step you stated can be completed from the available job descriptions. Can we complete the step-4 from the available performance appraisal data? Please clarify.
Once these queries are solved, I will again get back to you for step 3 and step 5. :) Don't mind otherwise.
Please guide me through it..
Warm Regards,

From India, Hyderabad

there exists a parallel way of doing it.
if you have a pyschologist on board, analyse the bahavioural set of succesful hires in your organsiation.
then use statistics (corelation/ regression etc) to reach the common behavioural set.
time spent on both mapping competence and psycho analsyis would be equally long.

From India, Delhi
My company's business is to identify top talent using a one hour, web enabled assessment. It is quite brilliant in that it pre-screens candidates who can think, initiate and execute. If this tool is interesting to you, look at the website
Hope this helps.

Yes Sravani,

You are right the initial step is for competency mapping where in you identify competency and competency behavioural indicator for above average or excellent performance for a given job.

JD is very important for Competency mapping. You would be required to use a combination of JD,interview method and observation. The combination of the 3 would give you a strong base to build the competency mapping.

After you have done the competency mapping for all the job, you need to assess your employee for these competency based on a matrix of the behavioural indicator and the points in step 5. You would require an expert to make the analysis.

The process could be expensive.But if you have experts in your organisatons it would help.

As far as the PMS data goes, it is an important source of performance indicator. If you have the rating for atleast 3 years (ideally 5) than maybe you can map it to find star performer's.With just 1 year data it would be heavily biased and may not give good result.

But yes the PMS is meant for identifying the top talent and rewarding the performance.

Since you cannot assess all the employees based on the Assessment tool because of time and cost invlved ou may use the PMS data to evaluate those with Very good and Excellent performer rating in PMS (Assuming u have unsatisfactory, needs improvemnt, good, very good and excellent as the rating scale).

What is your reason to identify top talent, if I may ask?



Hi Mr. Surya,
Thank you for your immediate response. Yes, from different view point, may be psychologist could help in the process but we don't have any such person available on the board. Moreover I am individually responsible for this entire project and need to move with it.

From India, Hyderabad

Thanks for the information. I have gone through the link and other details you specified. But as a consultant, we are requested by our client to do the process manually.

From India, Hyderabad

Hi Mr.Amit,
Thanks for your direction and support. As said, I have identified the organizational competencies and also competencies required for each level.
Now could you guide me on assigning behavioral indicators for each competency? For example: "Ability to identify the client's requirements" is an identified skill for Jr. consultants. So how to assign a behavioral indicator for the same?
Please guide.

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Sravani,

Please find attached herewith a document with some key competencies and the relevant behavioural indicator.

Usually the competencies are defined than the competency is categorised in levels with behvioural indicators. For eg. Say Business Acumen is one of the competency than Business Acumen would further have four levels and their respective behavioural indicator as elaborated below:

Level 1:

1.Manages growth and seeks to expand market share

2.Creates a hunger for business success throughout organisation

3.Sets trends; comes up with new commercial concepts

Level 2:

1.Demonstrates an awareness of financial issues affecting the organisation

2.Focuses on delivering strong bottom line results

Level 3:

1.Uses hard facts and objective data to win a point

2.Thinks from the broad organisation perspective, not just own function

Level 4:

1. Seeks inputs from other departments/functions on a day to day basis

Once all the levels are defined with Behavioural Indicator you need to assign the competency level to each of the job.

e.g Say VP Operations is one of the jobs than on Business Acumen Comptency he would be on say level 2.

I hope this is clear. If you need any clarification let me know.


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