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Have compiled 45 differences between Managers and Leaders after reading various books and articles. Its only illustrative and not exhaustive. Since Leadership is mostly situational, the skills are complementary and overlapping too.
Would really appreciate suggestions, feedback and additional inputs.
Arun Kumar Davay
Arun Kumar Davay (2200+) | LinkedIn
From India, Madras

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Excellent Posting. Kindly share as much as you can because i found it very informative and elaborate. With profound regards
From India, Chennai
Dear Arun Kumar,
That's really good PPT...its informative, very realistic PPT....I could visualize yes these were the qualities I have seen in all the managers I worked with...I can surely look for leader now...thanks for valuable information.
Forscher Consultancy
From India, Mumbai
Arun, excellent presentation. There are too few effective managers and even fewer leaders which could explain how so many ineffective managers get their jobs.
From United States, Chelsea
Thanks Arun 200% agreed with the content. Sometimes these Managers address themself as a leader and ask people to follow their instruction....................
From Malaysia, Melaka
Hello, Mr. Anrundavay, Thanks a lot its very informative to all of Managers & Leaders. Keep Sharing like this. Have Nice Day. Thanking You. Best Regards Pravin11
From India, Nasik
A very informative ppt....pls keep us updated with such more good ppts. A very good job done!
From India, Chandigarh
Nice one Arun - there's a quote I'd once read about the difference between a Leader and a Manager - it goes like - Most of the energy of a Manager concentrates around shaping the present, while that of a Leader, around building the future :)
From India, Bangalore
Very good, Arun, and thanks for sharing. Some slides are a bit repetitive and maybe the word (concept) to oppose "transactional" could be "transformational".
Keep sharing and best wishes
Rani Innes
Senior Partner and Lead Trainer
Link Communications
From India, Bangalore
The Book High performance....... is very excellent book. Every body who at the start of new business, must read this book.
Presentation is also very powerful to understand the difference between the two.
Lokesh Khandelwal
From Australia
Really Good Job Please keep it up and share the informastions. Awaiting further from your end
From India
Hi Arun,
It is really a very attractive and informative PPT and inspires a Manager to become a good leader.
Thanks for sharing and keep posting
Thanx & Regards
Balkishan Sharma
Manager HR
Paras Healthcare

Hi Arun
Good & Informative one.

From India, Madras
This Presentation is very good for understanding. We can select the job of manager but we also can become leader at that seat also.
From India, Ahmadabad
Excellent Posting. Kindly share as much as you can because i found it very informative and elaborate. With profound regards Nihal
From India, Thana
Very very nice PPT. It is highly educative to make out a strategic difference between Manager and Leader. Very simplistic and informative. Suri Babu Komakula
From India, Vijayawada
Dear Mr.Arun Kumar, That was really a great presentation with simple terms. Will be really useful for all type of industry. Thanks a lot for sharing the same with us. With Best Regards Devibala
From India, Madras
I have an answer for your QUERY........I am not trying to hurt anybody but it is the fact which i had realized as i too had recruited professionals. Its not that easy to IDENTITY SKILLS IN INDIVIDUALS because we don't those who speak FACTS.
Now a days you can find many qualified so called professionals but most of them INEXPERIENCED NOR POSSESS RELEVANT QUALITIES......but they managed to get into organisation by clearing ALL ROUNDS. But the real picture is revealed when they fail to get things done whenever he/she is assigned xyz responsibility......
With profound regards
From India, Chennai
Good presentation. inspiring thoughts..
some contradictory statements are here in the presentation.. please find, and correct me if i go wrong.
there no point of comparing manager with Leader.
1).as name itself says, Manager is a employee, who has his own boundaries.
2).Manager will have his own boundaries which management cannot allow him to cross.
3).Leader is INDEPENDENT, manager is DEPENDENT.
4). Manager has to follow the rules, leaders have no Rules.
5). The hiring purpose of the manager is to increase production, where as leader is not.
there are so many other considerations we must look into..
From India, Bangalore
Dear Arun thanks.... excellent informations... now a days more relevent it is what we need a good manager or a good leader thanks once again Vikas Seth
From India, Ahmadabad
. There are too few effective managers and even fewer leaders which could explain how so many ineffective managers get their jobs.
From India, Ahmadabad
That is a terrific input Simon.
This explains why commanding type of CEOs who are 'power freaks' and 'not having Transformation Skills' may just about manage to hold on to meager success or fail in taking the organization to greater heights.
Dr Ulhas Ganu
From India, Mumbai
Hi Ulhas
Absolutely. In my experience, measuring leadership performance purely through results delivery, creates an environment where command skills are encouraged. I believe that we need to measure leadership performance not just through the WHAT (i.e. results) but also the HOW (i.e. true leadership). My current thinking is that this can best be achieved by tracking employee engagement scores back to individual managers. I have written an article on this on my blog but as I am a new member I am not allowed to post a link here - the article is easy enough to find at briiliant-leader.org and I would be delighted if you and others here were to join the discussion and let me know what you think.
From United Kingdom, Wisbech
Hey, its really a good presentation.
but what i have seen in past yrs that if a manager makes mistakes then it is accepted..but when the leader makes a mistake then he/she is gone and it is generally considered as "unacceptable"
is it really so?
From India, Gurgaon
Thanks a ton Arun.... presentation is really helpfull.
Also I was looking for activity which can help me differentiate in Group and Team. The activity should be able to list down the attributes of Group and Team.
Looking forward for some help
Thanks once again for the insight...
From India, Hyderabad

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