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Presents the scientific method to understand past behaviour and predict the future by getting to the root of present mindsets, habits and attitudes of an individual due to heredity and environment.

Helps You Measure Performance Competency of any Individual

Today, in a highly competitive world, successful people place increasing emphasis on assessment of peopleā€™s performance in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. These components are like the three pillars and hence even if one is missing it can lead to huge challenges.

The traditional methods of getting to know oneā€™s strengths and weaknesses carry the high risk of individual bias. Being subjective in nature such outmoded methods are not comprehensive and focus on knowledge and skill dimension alone. Attitude is the most crucial component that acts as a driving force, which motivates an individual to channel his knowledge and skills in the right direction. Hence the Psychometric Assessment Techniques are the key to help improve knowledge about oneself and use a frame of reference to understand others in an objective way.

Psychometric Assessment Techniques makes use of a battery of tests for a comprehensive understanding. This gives you the cutting edge in an objective understanding of one-self and others with whom you interact regularly be it your team, your boss, your customer or your family. Psychology is built on the words ā€œindividuals are differentā€. The watch word is to work on oneā€™s strengths and not weaknesses, on oneā€™s powers and not on problems. Psychometric Assessment Techniques helps you get to that objective realisation much faster much better towards a confident and growing future.

Qualifications and experience, although important, do not guarantee success in life. Today, you wish to know the real person (that you meet who is likely to mask the true self); and have the means to find out using psychometric testing. Through a battery of psychometric assessments, one can obtain information on one's aptitudes and personalities as well.

Psychometric battery of assessments not only highlights an individual's strengths and weaknesses but show pointers to his or her ideal work style and career from a holistic perspective.

Psychometric Horoscope leads to judgments that are likely to be more valid and objective removing the subjective bias. They are relatively economical and easy to administer when compared to other approaches.

The costs of psychometric horoscope pale into insignificance when one considers just how long it would take to obtain the similar inputs about a person. They are likely to lead to considerable cost-benefits in the long term. The expenses involved in psychometric assessment are minimal when compared with the costs of high-turn over of people, under-performance, interpersonal challenges in terms of individual stress and non-performing teams.

Hence more and more people are resorting to taking the psychometric battery of assessments and not just one test to understand people better. Today, one can not afford to be left behind. So make the right move to get your psychometric horoscope for your own bright future.

Psychometric Benefits

Self Awareness

Team Work

Career Planning

Leadership Development

Improve Communication

Interpersonal Relationships

Training & Development

Recruitment & selection

Empowerment Coaching

People Counselling

Performance Management

Organizational Development

Succession Planning

People Management

Sports Training

Now you can register your interest for a certification process based program of international class at 91 80 41161534 / 35 or email to or 09945001925 or 09901983542

Learn to benefit from the application of practical Psychology everyday with everyone everywhere.

From India, Bangalore
Mr / Ms Shreenidhi,
I would like a detailed information of PAT -- Psychometric Assessment Technique programme conducted in Mumbai for year 2013 or any other place close to Mumbai.
Please do mention mention how many days programmme it is and what would be the cost.
Thanking You,

From India
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