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Dear Seniors,

I am working in a mid sized IT Company as HR Manager.
We have promoted a sales person recently as Sales Manager. We have a sales team of 4 members. All of them have to report to the new Sales Manager. Now the problem started when one of the sales executive came up after 1 month saying that he does not want to report to the new manager .We came to know from sources that the sales executive is not a team player and he finds the reporting structure rigid as new Sales Manager has his own style of working, he is a person who like to work as per processes and rules and regulatgions of the Company.
Sales Manager is little strict and harsh with his team mates but people take it negatively that after he became manager he has become arogant.
Both the people are performers so we do not want any one to leave but if we take decision in favour of one ,other's ego will be hurt and anyone of them may resign.

I would appreciate if anyone can help me in resolving this issue.

26th February 2011 From India, Kochi
Dear Divya

Please call the Newly promoted Sales Manager and inform the present scenario and instruct him to be littlebit leniant towards the senior and efficient salesmen and instruct him to maintain cordial relationship with his subordinates without any clash or hard talks.

Simultaneously Call the agrieved sales person and what was wrong with him and what was the intention of the newly promoted sales manager for passing the instruction for following the rules and regulations, and clearly instruct him to follow the rules for the benefit of the company. Explain that next year he may also become Sales manager and in that situation what will be going on in his mind.

Further explain that your intention of explaining the case is to only counsel and not as any disciplinary or administrative action against anyone.

Our intention for these activities are only to keep the insterest of the company and not on any personal grievance.

You must have empathy and not sympathy with any staff.

All the best Divya
26th February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Bhaskar,
Thanks for your response.
I have already spoken to both the people but I have never seen the Sales Manager behave in an improper way with anyone,he is a person who wants everyone to come up in their career and he is a very good mentor and motivator. His other team members have good regard for him as well.
I tried to talk to the Sales executive but he is adament on his decision on not reporting to SM.
My management doesnt want to lose him so we cannot take any harsh decision.
26th February 2011 From India, Kochi
Dear Divya....!!!
I go with what Bhaskar said...!!
It generally happens whenever any changes take place, it will be normal after few days.........!! You try have a word with all of them and make them understand.....!!! Being a middle a man we have to treat accordingly so that no one hurts with their Ego.
If we see other side of the coin the relation which starts with some conflict become good relation at last.

26th February 2011 From India, Visakhapatnam
You call the Sales Executive and do only moral boosting up and nothing else.
Inform him that he is going to be promoted in near future and his name is in No.1 position in Promotion Panel.
You are only talking to him as a friend and not as HR or on any official level.
Then you observe for any changes taking place or not.
26th February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Ms.Divya,

Step 1 : Go with the executive who does not want report to the sales manager - -

a) Provide a format to the executive to evaluate his boss on both positive and negative work as well as behaviour
b) Make him to report the incidents that prompted him to take a decision to resign
c) Ask him to provide a win win solution in an unbiased manner, based on the narration.

Step 2 :Repeat the above process with the sales manager.

Step 3 :Analyse both the reports and probe the fact.

a) If the findings reflects false,manifested, the executive needs counselling and a forewarning of action if repeated
again without any valid reason.
b) Advise any grievance be brought to the notice of HR and you may start collecting on a routine basis of feedback
on all employees from the managers about their sub ordinates and vice versa.
c) Based on the feedbacks, you can initiate counselling sessions or a training programme.
d) If the sales manager is found wanting on the areas of maintaining the team discipline or spirit, erupting
EGO,involving in personal criticism rather than addressing the core or related issues with basic facts highlighting
the functional defects, failing to bring commitment in his team - the sales manager needs to be addressed these
issues and make him/her understand that managing people is managing their hearts. In any organization 90% of
the employees leave because they do not like/appreciate their bosses on the functional as well as personal
behaviour.( Fact : one can not find a suitable boss or suitable subordinate or a organization or an opportunity. It
lies in our ability to make available things suitable to us in the interest of our own self. When i am suitable for any
situation, I make my organization more acceptable and face any challenges. As HR personnel, you need to bring
such culture. Work on it.)

Winning through heart is easy than hate, hence management is more personal than technical (Freedom
movement won with hearts and not by managerial skills).

Hope you get a solution.

T V N Murthy
Trefoil Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd
27th February 2011 From India, Ahmadabad
Send both of them together on some outstation training program on sales. One such program is shortly being organized in pune. This action will definitely reduce differences between them.
27th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Cases like yours happen in many companies now a days and this is one reason why management when they promote someone in sales to a higher profile tend to change his/her location. This is done to make sure employees who have been working with him in the same team don’t get their ego hurt when they have to report to his Ex peer . And as you are aware, in sales team leaders have to be a little tough and process oriented, otherwise the company has to compromise in its professional standards and sales processes. Moreover prompt reporting and discipline is two major factors that affect sales results.
In your case, if the sales executive is so adamant that he wouldn’t report to his sales manager when others in the team doesn’t have a problem in doing that, then you have to analysis the entire situation again. I think it would be better you have individual sessions with all the sales executives in your company, starting with Mr. Adamant. Don’t include the sales manager in the talks. Talk to everyone and find out how they feel about the company, job and their new boss. This can be also considered as your sales manager’s performance feedback from his team (you can be sure you have taken the right decision in promoting him). Analyze the information from all the team members and then come to a conclusion regarding the sales manager attitude and working style and whether it matches with your company’s system. If you find any fault with him take the corrective measures but if you find he is ok and the person is good to be a sales manager, then my opinion would be remove the concerned sales executive from the company. Don’t look at the figures he is bringing now and could bring in the future, since he can spoil the entire team in a short span of time. Imagine a situation where he doesn’t report his figures to his boss on daily basis, where he acts disrespectfully to his boss before other team members, de motivate the new joiners’ in the sales team, he can even deviate from his processes to get his boss in trouble, and so on.
Never compromise the system for an individual employee since it will spoil your company’s work culture and situation like this can recur in future also.
Termination is not the perfect action at all times but in cases like this it saves the team.
Remember “One rotten apple spoils the whole bunch”
27th February 2011 From Kuwait, Kuwait
Dear Divya,
In this situation, the Sales Manager should give up his ego and try to have a more cordial relationship with the team member. Team member is also a human person. Give a suggestion to your Sales Manager to show the love and affection to his team member. Relationship between them will improve in near future.
27th February 2011 From India, Velluru
Dear Divya,
In this situation, the Sales Manager should give up his ego and try to have a more cordial relationship with the team member. Team member is also a human person. Give a suggestion to your Sales Manager to show the love and affection to his team member. Relationship between them will improve in near future.
27th February 2011 From India, Velluru
Dear Ms. Divya
Every one has presented their best opinion where they had covered almost everything. I just want to submit my suggestion in a unique way which will help you to face such issues with ease, in the nearest future.

Before promoting an employee to mid or senior level, perhaps, you should have studied all his skills/talent i.e. carried out SWOT analysis along with COMPETENCY MAPPING. Remember its not an easy job because you are about to study an employee in-detail. For this you need to understand HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY(ATTITUDE, BEHAVIOUR etc). Please do remember one thing, SUCCESSION PLANNING is a very important tool but one has to utilize it perfectly to produce perfect/positive results.

If you can deliver on your own else please organize a training program called HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADER emphasizing TEAM BUILDING SKILLS for your SALES TEAM including SALES MANAGER. This module will definitely bridge the gap-mis-communication, eliminate misunderstanding, ego, will develops LEADERSHIP SKILLS in your sales manager and TEAM BUILDING SKILLS in your SALES TEAM. I had delivered this module to my employees and the results just matched my expectations. A MANAGER should play the role NAVIGATOR, MOTIVATOR, MENTOR, COACH, PSYCHOLOGIST, COUNSELOR and more for his TEAM MEMBERS. Only then TEAM can succeed in their mission.

Hope your company can invest a little amount and reap huge benefits through your employees.

You need to sort out all issues amicably and help your employees to POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. You can do if you believe in yourself.

Hope my suggestion is unique from the rest.

wish you good luck.

With profound regards
27th February 2011 From India, Chennai
The new slaes manager will be supported by his staff , but this doesnot mean a sales executive is wrong. The sales executive may be better than the new manager and but is undersestimated. So a better job profile with leadership capability should be designed for sales executive. This is not ego clashes but leadership role fight.
28th February 2011 From India, Mumbai

It happens when a person in the same group is promoted to Lead role. They carry forward the old feelings. The Sales Manager too could have gone through some Leadership Training. Also furnish the teams members in a private chat how the Sales person is promoted to Sales Manager in terms of results, goals achievements that he had shown in his track. I mean the criteria of promotion by the company rules could be transparent to the Sales Team members. Bottom line is achievements, but not at the cost of Team Integrity and Organization spirits. Hence the both need to go through counseling by leaving ego.

1. Ask the Sales member what he likes and what he doesn't like in the new Sales Manager. Compare these with the old Sales Manager and check whether these are true or not.

2. See that there is a common training program for the entire team away from work spot.

3. At the end of training see that both understands each other and share the expectations. Many times expectations set the team spirit off the track.

4. A common coach while counseling can talk in perspective of Organization growth instead of personal goals.

5. Changing the team is last resort and both need to pay for their ego imbalances that should accept the new team.

6. HR can handle Change Management by using Empathy instead of Empowerment.


28th February 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Divya
You can change the reporting Span, & some time you can change reporting i.e top other , may be self & higher authority.
This is short way BUT Smart to solve the problem for specific time when they mutual understand to each other
Pardeep Yadav
Jaquar Group.
28th February 2011 From India, Jaipur
it is noted that sales executive after 1 month says that he does not want to report to the new manager
pl check up what happened in this one month between manager and sales executive what and where went wrong, and find with the help of other members & analayse
v murali
28th February 2011 From India, Chennai
A same kind of problem i have seen in my organization where a particular employee is not ready to report to a new manager appointed by boss.
Boss tell to each of his employee that everybody will report to her for any concern.
But this particular employee tell to the boss individually that he will not report to her.
Then boss live this matter as it is and tell to that employee about report to him. Simultaneously he told to the that manager for creating a relationship with that employee. As far as they become a friend then she approached to that employee to come in my team.
And now everything is fine.
28th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi Divya,
Induction of an existing person in a new spervisory role in same team is not only a challenging but also a difficult but not impossible preposition and must be handled in subtle manner.
The process of this kind of induction should be properly designed, planned and executed in planned manner - should not take over a month. Normally it should begin even before the selected person and his colleagues know that this is going to happen. The leader should be given a role to play and the followers also a role to play with specific objectives to evaluate - not superiority but the relationship management.
Actually [besides the managed induction process], "Conflict Management / Group Behaviour" is the issue. It is a detailed topic needing time and efforts and real training. Here are some suitable docs that may provide quick help to the already inducted manager. You must openly support the newly inducted manager to manage the show without hurting his subordinates emotionally.
Regards / Vilas
Experienced IT Expert
28th February 2011 From India, Pune

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This is quite common happening when you promote one sales person ot of a group and the one becomes the leader of the group.
Mostly when other groupmembers are also of similar experience,they refuse to accept the new person as a leader.
Probaly the new sales manager was not properly trained before assigning him the new job.
Yo must train the new sales manager first and make him aware that he can expect such behaviour from his coleagues. They are still seeing him as coleague with whom they have worked as eaquals.
The new sales managers firs job is to establish his leadership in the team,win the confidence and trust of his teammembers,and then he will be able to get the job done as per his requirements.
Answer is to train train and train new sales managers before promotion.
amar bir singh

1st March 2011 From India, New delhi
Dear Divya,
The matter may be resolved by letting both of them talk out with each other in a closed room. The brief is to resolve the interpersonal issue and focus on sales. The compayy needs both.
Initially they may not agree to the proposal. But in interest of the company they would.
The result is always amazing!
Differences will be accepted and appreciated ! That is what make organizations and synergies to build upon.
Give it a try!
1st March 2011 From India, Mumbai
  • I feel you have only two choices before you in a given situation choose the right one by analyzing both short term and long term consequences.
  • Put your foot down and tell Sales Executive that, we have taken note of your grievance and we have talked and counseled Sales Manager, but you will continue to report to Sales Manager and be a cohesive member of Sales Team and we as a organization can not keep you away from sales team and you will have to report to Sales Manager.
  • Make Sales Executive to report to some one else, if it is possible.

1st March 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Members,
I have spoken to both the employees individually, Sales Manager as well as Sales Executive.
I asked Sales Manager to change his behaviour and be polite with his team members to whcih he whole heartedly agreed. I then spoke with Sales Executive, he said that he will not report to the Sales Manager and indicated me that if we force him he may he is being adamant....
1st March 2011 From India, Kochi
Dear Ms. Divya
I knew this will happen.
My suggestion is that, perhaps you may get a better employee if you loose the ADAMANT Sales executive. He should be flexible if he wants to come up in his life.
For the last time, try to find out as why SE is behaving ADAMANT?
what are his expectations?
Is he having any practical solution for current issue?
If nothing works out, please replace him rather spoiling the organisation culture.
With profound regards
2nd March 2011 From India, Chennai
It would be better if SE is assigned a different team with leadership role. We should not underestimate an employee , he must be very good in his work and deserves to be in a leadership role.
Simultaneously a Sales Manager can be trained how to handle such situation in a leadership position.
3rd March 2011 From India, Mumbai
The matter seems to be quite interesting. We have observed such happenings in most of the organisations and the final results are always disturbing for the employers as well as the employees.
In this particular case it appears likely that the other party whom you believe to be adamant needs to leave in the long run despite the fact that he is an effective team member.
The Sales Manager enjoys the advantage of being designated as senior by the higher management and is ably maintaining good rapport with rest of the team mates. It is enough to prove him worthy of a confirmed stay in the organisation than the other guy.
The only way left is that the junior must submit and realize the gravity of the situation and avoid being a loser or a rolling stone subsequently.
How you succeed in conveying this hard reality and rightly convince him properly is the million dollar assignment.
Good luck!
5th March 2011 From Pakistan, Islamabad
Dear Divya.
Here the issue is Promotion. So who has been promoted for the manager level that person should have been sent for Management skills & Team building skills. where he would be trained how to tackle with team.
Manager means - Who can take his (talented-untalented, skilled-unskilled, arrogant-obedient) team to reach his assigned goal he/she is fit for Manager.
This is just my opinion
With warm regards
K.V.Gopala Reddy
Soft skills Trainer
7th March 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ms. Divya
Please be informed that current generations MANAGERS need to possess LEADERSHIP SKILLS rather just managing their TEAM MEMBERS. I am training my company employees at MIDDLE & SENIOR LEVEL to develop LEADERSHIP SKILLS so that they can be more than just a ORDINARY MANAGER.
POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE must be practice by all employees at all levels to create a PROFESSIONAL OPEN MINDED WORK CULTURE.
With profound regards
7th March 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear All,
Thankyou very much for your suggestions and views.
We have tackled the situation by speaking to both the employees and now they both have kept their egos aside and started with a fresh beginning.....
10th March 2011 From India, Kochi
Dear sir,

I working in an Pharmaceutical company, as a second line manager, in my team there is medical representative, is not obeying my instruction, and his area manager instruction, he always expect company has to give directives to his mail id directly, for example recently one area sales manager recently joined, I have conducted a meeting at our office, and formally introduced him to all medical representatives, followed by I have sent mail through our company reporting portal, even though, that senior representative is not co-operative, and he is seeking official declaration from the company. But in my 22 years of experience no one is behaving like this, as per the hierarchy system he has to follow his immediate superior order, and my order, but why he is seeking one more circular from the company.

when we called him for any meeting he used to raise his voice, and talking negatively about the company policies, and strategies, so that I have isolated him, and didn't not called him for meeting for past 6 months, now new area manager is joined, so that I called him for a introduction meeting, and I introduced him in meeting.

Kindly advise me and quote the law section as per the labour law. very urgent. this issue is very big headache for me each and every time.
30th December 2016 From India, Chennai
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