Hi All,
I have this doubt which is creeping in my mind since few years...
I want to know if your organisation is implementing 360 degree performance appraisal method? If yes, how good the results are.
This is one of those systems I have read about but have not got the chance to implement it in any of the companies I worked in.
DO share your success or failure stories.
Many thanks in advance

From India, Delhi
Hellooo.... We have no one here in the forum, who have implemented 360 degree.... I’m still awaiting....
From India, Delhi
Dear Ms Archna,
I have some experiences with the people working in the companies where 360 deg appraisal is implemented. In my company it is not being followed though I suggest this latest technic may be used. Those who can give approval for implement also have the fear of getting low valuation. Hence not implemented in my company.
My friends mill also have some starting trouble. After that, the evaluation is nor objective neither subjective. Hence, it is of no use, as our senior professional think. If somebody put the HOD with less score, then his score for him is very less and will spoil their future also. Hence, they will admit that this is also wrong.

From India, Selam

Having implemented this in my earlier assignments, the following brief i would like to give.

1) We started this for the people who were at the level 2 of management initially i.e DGM's and above - This covered, DGM, GM, AVP, VP and Presidents.

2) The attributes to be evaluated from each group i.e the subordinates, peers, superiors, external customers/ external agencies were differentiated based on the grade and the functional area of the assesee.

3) The evaluations were summarized for the subordinate, vendor and customer groups and these were anonymous when given to the person under going the 360 degree appraisal. The superior's feedback was direct.

4) the weight- ages for the subordinate attribute and external agencies were unique for people with teams larger than five subordinates and those who are in sales and vendor development and purchase.

5) the cycle time of 21 working days (compared to the earlier straight jacket method) went up to 45 working days in the first year. But came down to 30 days in the third year.

6) The people with high ego levels and those in front line sales and purchase had to bear the maximum brunt as the ego's were severely hurt in some cases and there were strong indications and pressure on HR to revert to the old system. However the system has stayed and it took seven years to get settled in.

7) the attempts to know the subordinate feed back/ vendor feed back and witch hunting based on the opinion formation/ wild guesses were the very strong back lashes we faced in the year one and two. These have subsided in the subsequent years.

This was the company manufacturing specialized auto components.

Kind regards

Dayanand L Guddin
General Manager - Strategic HR
Endurance Group

From Singapore, Singapore
Hey Venus and Dayanand...
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us here on the forum...
But I have few more queries regarding the successful implementation of 360 degree...
# When you implemented this method and the ratings were hidden but do you think it is possible for the higher management to take it sportingly specially in your case, Mr. Dayanand. As we all know that in Indian organisation, anything that comes from subordinates is not taken very well by the seniors.
# How successful were you in implementation.
# Point no & clarified many doubts, but how did you or the HR team prevented them to know about the ratings and comments from their subordinates.
ANd if you can, please share your experiences for the point no 6 as well. It would make an interesting read for the people in the forum and we all can learn a lot from this.
Thanks Again...Many of my doubts have been cleared by you Mr. Dayanand.

From India, Delhi

1) Your observation about the higher management taking it in not so sportive sense are well founded. That is why we had to conduct many sessions to sell this concept. But the basic factor was the commitment from the top most person of the management and his conviction on the kind of naked truth what this would reveal. It requires a lot of courage to take feed back from those whom you consider less equal mortals. But the very conviction of the top person and his readiness to start from his level set the ball rolling.

2) The issue of persons attempting to know the feed back from specific subordinates, vendors, was handled in a firm but sensitive way, indicating that the same could be done at the other end of their bosses as well. The pressures were well with stood about the threats of mass resignations, exodus etc and with the clear indication 360 is here to stay.

3) Also in cases of severe negative feed back from subordinates / vendors proper verifications were independently made without involving both parties to know the veracity of the feed back and then actions were also initiated. The feed backs where the issues of favoratism, corruption, harassment were confirmed people were separated.

Kind regards


From Singapore, Singapore
Good efforts...
All this may sound very interesting but i can feel the kind of complexities you guys must have gone through in order to make 360 a successful method in your organisation.
I agree with you that top members of management have to support such causes for their greater success and accomplishment otherwise it remains a mere formality to work on such methods and techniques.
But another thing want to mention here is, this forum have many users and still none of them have used 360 in their organisation or even if we say just 10 percent of total population here is using that method....Don't you think its a failure of having such methods specially in Indian organisations where the ego comes first before anything else.

From India, Delhi
So i atteched here with the PDF file so u think any think important then find it ok thanks
From India, Mumbai

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Dear Archana,
We have plans for implementing 360 degrees performance appraisal system for the TOP MANAGEMENT & SENIOR LEVEL EMPLOYEES as we are studying its benefits.
But we do consider almost everything in our performance appraisal so that we help our employee to deliver his best rather ignoring his skills/talents which are not noticed by many.
Perhaps i need your guidance to implement the same in the nearest future.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Though we are discussing the implementation of the process here, here's my experience on a process which was already established, when I joined the organization. This is what I saw, the feedback was collected on an online questionnaire. But the weightage was not provided to every category.
Suppose the client feedback or the peer-to-peer feedback system didn't have any direct weightage, just as the reporting manager's questionnaire had.
This didn't make it subjective, as those feedbacks were purely from a data point of view. I am sure it cannot work like that for every company.
Every field required to have weightage which would finally add upto a score contributing to the final scorecard.
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From India, Mumbai

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