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I would like to hear about some innovative and interesting corporate social responsibility initiates by large and small companies. Not the stuff where the company just donates something - but interesting ideas which have created an immediate or sustained change.
The discussion is inspired by something I bumped into. AOL. - they started an initiative where they would create a "creative" space for people - and people would just come in and create whatever they wanted to - draw, paint, sing, dance... anything.
Any other examples you know of?
17th February 2011 From India, Gurgaon

In my last company...CSR was one of the things on our MD's agenda....

the initiatives taken were:

# Blood donation camps within the company...as it was a BPO..all the young staff used to take participation...

# They were attached with an NGO where the company helped in building a school for the kids who cannot afford it. We provided PCs loaded with multimedia to help kids learn something new as well apart from the regular things...and it really helped...

# Regular trips for the kids to Company premises..in different batches....kind of a day picnic where they could interact with everyone.

# Every month Rs.100 to Rs.500/- was deducted from the salaries of the entire staff(Voluntary agreement)...and was given to the school for fee free studies of the underprivileged.

# Regular visits by our staff members to the school....for the purpose of showing them that their money is being utilised for a good cause.

# At the companies Annual function..these students used to give performances...such as skits, dance, song competition and many more.....and one of the student was in fact got a letter of invitation and scholarship from Indian film Industry.

These were just few of what we have done with that NGO....

Lets hear it from others as well....



18th February 2011 From India, Delhi
In Wipro infotech at Gachibowli, Hyderabad some staff are going to nearby school and teaching spoken english to the rural children. Weekly three classes for 6 to 8th standard
Really I felt the wipro people are doing for the society. This is only real CSR.
I have conducted the CSR programme by donating furniture to a school, conducting medical camp to worker class people, conducted Aids awareness programme only at Hyderabad. Presently here I have organised a blood donation camp as a part of CSR Activity
18th February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam

Here are few CSR activities by different companies:

School-on-wheels: Springer one of the largest publisher for Science and Technological journals , sponsors a program called "School-on-wheels" for children at the construction sites , slum areas and other under-developed areas. This program offers a bus, books , teaching material and volunteers who teaches these students. Generally the volunteers are employees and interns to Springer. This program is governed by a NGO Called 'Door-Step school'. This NGO appoints volunteers to the areas that are identified to impart education. Crest , a Springer company based in Pune had printed and distributed books for the students. This program had been running for more than last three years.

Rain water Harvest Program: Electronic data system, used to run a program called Global volunteers . This would identify a sustainable project locally at every city EDS had their offices, across the globe. They used to promote these program to be run and managed by the employees and train them for it. It had arranged for a Rain water Harvest program in Pune . There were a group of employees who were trained on Rain water harvesting and did work on an area making it ready for cultivation. They further trained employees on rebuilding a school at the outskirts of the city. This program too, was completely managed by the employees who further donated books and computers .

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18th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
At the University of Bolton, UK, students are encouraged to go to schools and teach kids. Also, some staff act as advisors to Young Enterprisers ( Welcome to Young Enterprise <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) ). A number of companies provide space to students to take part in the Young Enterprise Scheme, in addition to encouraging staff to act as advisors.
I know of some organisations, in India, helping plant trees, clean parks of unwanted plastic waste, etc.
I wonder if a scheme such as the YE can be started by CiteHr staff!!
Have a nice day.
A retired academic in the UK
18th February 2011 From United Kingdom
Even our company (CPIL, KOTA) is into the same, few remarkable activities are:
1)Launched the free of cost Yog Training Programme
2)Blood Donation Camp
3)Tree Plantation activity
4)Water Saving Campaign (Presanted Nukkad Natak & Presentations in central locations of city for the same)
5)Gave encouragement to the impoverished sections of the society by their moral upliftment through candle lighting and distribution of gifts to them in one of the function Function which aimed at eradicating the disparity between the rich and the poor and created a ray of hope for weaker section of the society.
6)Donation to Polio Disease Victims for the treatment of their disease.
7)Adoption of circles and dividers of the city and taking responsibility of their maintenance.
18th February 2011 From India, Jaipur
Most of the discussion is based on Charity/Philonthropy, CSR is far from this.
CSR must be based on sustainability parameter. Like HZL,Tata, they are doing work on this. At HZL, Rajasthan We are promoting more than 3000 SHGs women through various Income generation activities, 1000 farmers with modern agriculture practices,100% vaccination of animals, Vocational training and job to local unemployment youth, development of Local infrastructure work,Safe drinking parameter, Adoptation of ICDS center, Mid day Meal, Computer Education programme and so.We are running more than 50 project in the focus area like- Health & Hygiene, Education, Sustainable Livelihood,Social Mobilization,Infrastructure Work etc.
All above work is based on felt need of the community and its leads to overall quality of life of villagers
19th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Archana Good work. I hope you are able to take it to your present company too. Your quote is good.
19th February 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear All,
The Corporate Social Responsibility is a very vast subject. It is like adoption of a village wherein all the basic amenities are provided by govt with limited resources. In other workds an organisatio would adopt a particular village and provide for Adult Education; Safe Drinking water; Flouride check; conducting Medical camps and give treatment; creation of awareness regarding HIV-Aids / Mal nutrition; Eye camps; Blood Donation; First Aid in Emergencyetc., Some organisatins also enourage self help Groups for women on their daily livelihood on Cottage; Tailoring;and other small business promotions and provide necessary financial help . They create seperate Annual Budgets for Corporate Social Responsibility.
Therre may be more than the above. We have done all these in our organiation.
19th February 2011 From India, Hyderabad
CSR should be aligned to the business; only then it would be beneficial....what you take from the society you give back many times over.
19th February 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Hi All,
Understand CSR is going to be mandatory for profit making organizations. In this eventuality which body will be the statutory authority to monitor such schemes. Is it required to obtain any registrations externally if such a project is taken up on a substantial volume.
19th February 2011 From India, Nagpur
Dear All,
In our company, we have adopted Govt. Schools and try to provide the students with the basic amenities like drinking water, Sanitation facilities, PCs, Extra Special Coaching for Weak students etc.
19th February 2011 From India, Coimbatore
Nowadays government has instructed the corporate bodies to spend on CSR Activities 0.5 to 5% of their profit.
19th February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
In Future Group we have something called HappYness Committee.They carry out social responsible events and activities on behalf of the entire store.
Recently they have organised a sit-n-draw competition for specially abled children and put their drawings in exhibition.
From time to time they engage in community service, blood donation camp and make this a sustainable practice in east.
19th February 2011 From India, Calcutta
The appended below thread was posted by me on 31 Dec 2010 for all your information please in the name of Budget for CSR. You can make note of it.
Dear HRites
Now the Government has roled out a new policy that all the PSUs are to spend 0.5% to 5% on CSR Activities.
The Companies with less than 500 crores turnover will have to spend 2% to 5% and above 500 crores turnover will have to spend 0.5% to 2%.
This is for your information please.
Wish you a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
20th February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
I had attended a master class on CSR Last year . This was facilitated by Dr. Wayne Visser, CEO CSR International. The core issue of the CSR is, it is perceived as a philanthropic activity. Whereas , philanthropy is just a part of it. Organizations are fundamentally required to meet the ethical conduct , legal compliance and make economic contributions to the society.
The primary issues and the solutions for the developing countries summed by Dr.Visser were as shared below:
  • Role of legislation-BEE v. Environmental rehabilitation
  • Impact of voluntary codes-King II v. AA 1000
  • Influence of globalisation-Sentrachem v. SPDC
  • Poverty alleviation-Beyond philanthropy?
  • HIV/AIDS-Beyond the gates?
  • Transparency-Beyond corruption?
  • Global vs local priorities-E.g. Energy v. Health
  • Profitability vs disinvestment-E.g. Anglo Zambia
  • Political vs corporate governance-E.g. NEPAD
Please do share how is your organization dealing in these areas.
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20th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
In Andhra Pradesh Normally poor children are only studying in Government Schools, If you can afford Rs.10 lakhs or more the government is having a provision to let you adopt a school and you can give the name for the school and you give the name of your boss's mother to that school.
You check with other states for any such provision
21st February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Indeed great to hear the various initiatives taken by different companies. In fact I would like to take one step beyond by sharing that our Company (A speciality retail outlet) HQs based out of USA but with its supply chain in different countries including South Asia has CSR embedded in its corporate pillars saying "Do Whats Right". So starting from Sustainability to ensuring a clean and visible supply chain to working on Climate strategy and Human Rights to running education program for women workers working in the factories to working on issues like trafficking and child labour to empowering communities by providing them sustainable mode of employment harnessing their skills.....well the list goes long
21st February 2011 From United States, San Francisco
Fantastic... didn't know there was a government policy for CSR - thanks Bhaskar. It's interesting to note the Andhra Pradesh initiative of naming of schools by sponsor companies - wonder if they can extend this to villages - where companies would adopt villages and the village would be called Tata-Tilakpur or Birla-Mirzapur.

Any ideas in your head which can be great CSR initiatives?
I can think of an entrepreneurial one - I feel one of major issues in India and many developing nations is food. If a company could emerge which would create subsidized clean food distributed through stalls or vans - with a big hoarding of the sponsor company name. I think this would help in various levels - one people would feel better if they eat better - with such tough competition the local food vendors and restaurants would be forced to up their quality level - thus improving the overall food quality and hygiene of food products. But of course success would depend on the company organizing these CSR events and the level of monitoring the sponsor company is willing to take up.

One other is creating camps for pregnant women - recently I came across a pregnant woman who was seriously ill because of lack of proper nutrition. The problem is not that they do not have food - it's lack of proper information and lack of the will to buy supplemental medicines which are extremely crucial for the proper development of the the baby. If companies can organize camps where such supplemental medicines and information are provided for free - it would seriously help.

Any other ideas?
21st February 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sir,

If we distribute food - for how many days you can feed to those people?

then the unhappy person will tell that the company made the people as beggars.

When I approached a school head Master in Hyderabad sub-urban area for my company CSR programme I planned to donate School Children and teachers Furniture once and constructed compound wall to protect the land of school, that time he was informing me that If my company can sponsor 10 Lakhs for this school there is a provision to select the name for the school. That's the reason and news I have mentioned

In the same school Wipro Infotech staff are visiting the school and teaching the Spoken English for 6 to 8 standard students.

The same only I mentioned in the thread

Really It gives immense pleasure to share such a news to all the members which I got from reliable sources.

About the Government Policy for CSR activities I have seen the news in CNBC TV 18 channel on 30th Dec 2010 and next day I posted the same as separate thread to bring the same to all the CiteHRites.

Thank you for encouraging us.
21st February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
No... I didn't mean "Free Food" - I meant subsidized quality hygienic food.
It's nice to hear such real life stories of discovery. It's a great initiative by Andhra Pradesh - it has recently been one of the top developing states. I spent a few years of my childhood in Hyderabad and from what I hear - it has completely changed in the last decade.
Sid [CHR]
21st February 2011 From India, Gurgaon
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) <link updated to site home>
Link to Indian Govt Guidelines found at Google
21st February 2011 From United Kingdom
Dear Sir,
Now Andhra has completely changed its face. Thanks to Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu a great and good administrator the state is having. The innovative ideas were started by Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu and the same was carry forwarded by Ex CM Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy, afterwards in that state there is no control by any one. Hence there is a fear of Telangana issue in everybody's mind.
Only time has to tell the correct reply.
Thank you for your valuable comments. It motivates us.
22nd February 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Hi Dear,
Here all are talking about adapting village, educating children n stuff, i would like to draw your focus on underprivileged children n families who are suffering from life taking disease cancer n they cannot afford to have their treatment done its hard for them to take two time food then how come they manage to get the treatment for their disease though i can be cured if detected at early stage.
However, being an Cancer Care NGO we are serving poor underprivileged families. In last two years we did many cancer detection camps and awareness programs n seminar at different college, schools & many places.
We did Charity shows with celebrity & distributed cheques to needy patients.
If you interested to serve or help cancer patients can contact me or can mail me at
17th August 2012 From India, Pune
Dear Astha
It is great to listen from you that you are involving yourself in cancer care activities. Please give some more information regarding your organisation, so that our members can contact your organisation for conducting their CSR Programme.
17th August 2012 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear you can mail me or can call me on my number its mention in my signature or you can provide me your contact detail so that i can contact you.
Our NGO website link:
Global Vision NGO <link updated to site home>
17th August 2012 From India, Pune
Dear all, I am attaching copy of National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business issued by the Govt last year for your ready reference. Thanks
2nd September 2012 From India, Malappuram

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File Type: pdf National_Voluntary_Guidelines_2011_12jul2011.pdf (1.55 MB, 38 views)

Dear all,

Its my previllege to share the experiences while working outside our Country and seen the real sense of Corporate and social responsibilities. Let me share the novel idea what Korean people does as part of the said responsibilities.

Each and every employees of a private / public companies have to serve for the society for approx 20 hrs in a year. All the social work performed by the group of people are being photographed with the clear evidence of participation and accordingly they report to the local authority. We as Indian national working here also taking part into that.

In such occassion, the korean people identify some designated public area and go for cleaning with all required hand gloves, chimta, gunny bags, big plastc bag etc. After cleaning, they go for dinner in the group and enjoy the evening. More so, the offices are being cleaned by the individual employee of the company regardless of their position, only common places, toilet are being cleaned by paid worker.


Prem kumar

South Korea
3rd September 2012 From Korea
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