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Respected seniors,
I m working as Executive recruitment in an edible oil company. Though its an Indian MNC but as our HR department is just 3 years old and organization is in transactional face of formulation & implementation of HR policies & systems.
Among those reference verification is the one. At present we are checking the past working of new joiners from their past employers in written. but we faced a recent case of illegal documentation on the name of a very very reputed company by one candidate. what action we can take plzzz guide???
7th February 2011 From India, Jaipur
Dear Alwar
I accept what you said... is true... ya give him a chance..But if that guy don't have experience certificate means he can say directly during interview.why wanna hide Moreover why wanna produce fake references and resumes.. It is unacceptable ..Because who ever doing interview they will understand if we say why won't get experience letter or anything from previous company.....I won't think a well reputed organization won't provide experience letter..Better to say truth than doing fraud things
7th February 2011 From India, Coimbatore

Please consider the following procedure:
  • Write to the company which have supposedly issued the experience letter , requesting to validate it.
  • The company will write back, disowning the document and the data along with it.
  • Take in in writing what is incorrect in the document. Put reference of the one who validates this document. Keep it strictly data oriented.
  • Call for a meeting with the employee and ask him about the documents.
  • Listen to the entire details he shares. he is least likely to share anything related to the fraud document.
  • Confront him with the data received from that company and ask him about it.
  • He is most likely to disagree to what you say , hence deny the entire fraud.
  • You may give him time to prove his point or close it right there showing the final mail from the company stating all the incorrect details in the document
  • At this point the employee is least likely to retort. Ask him to resign at the earliest.
  • Please make sure you have a detailed incident reporting of this entire discussion and communication.
  • Though these cases don't amount to litigation, but its important for you to maintain all the data with relevant document .

Blog your queries and allow us to contribute for you to resolve this.

Wish you all the best !

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7th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi Monu,
Since your company is in transactional face of formulation & implementation of HR policies & systems, this is the time when you prepare the baseline. From HR prospective, this is a case of gross misconduct and Intergrity can never be compromised.
Ask the employee for an explanation and terminate his services with immediate effect. Do not forget to take an apology letter confirming the misdeed that he has done on pen and paper.
I hope this answers your question.
8th February 2011 From India, Gurgaon
dear seniors,
thanks a lot for the suggestions
actually the guy is on a senior position and having authority to use company's letter head and other important documents, so we are in a position of dilemma whether wait for his performance and by the time he misused those then??
also his previous employer has asked to give the details he has submitted to us. so that they can take necessary legal action. yet our MD is unaware of all this... what is the right time to inform him???
8th February 2011 From India, Jaipur
Hi Monu,
Its not an issue whether he is in a senior position or in a junior position. As per the rules just go ahead and do all the right things based upon the law. You should have informed your M.D regarding this when the issue raises but you didn't. But don't delay. Take this issue immediately to your M.D. Though you mentioned that he is having your company letter head its better to get a written agreement from him stating that if he uses the company letter head without the prior permission from the authorized person then he has to face things legally. With regarding to the previous concern don't give them the information without you get an approval from your MD. For the rest you can follow what (Cite Contribution) has suggested. It is mandatory to keep all records (i.e) communications when you are handling this sort of situation. Hope you will find a best solution.
8th February 2011 From India, Tiruchchirappalli
There are plenty of resume we will find there is fraud . Mostly in Banking and IT, We have come across several profile like that .
9th February 2011 From India, Madras

What I suggest is that HR is not like cops or advocates. Its Human relations more than Human Resources. To err is human tendency and everyone wants to get a good job. Sometimes due to bad luck or improper motivation an employee may do this type of indisciplinary actions.

1. Confirm the date of appointment of employee

2. Who has taken the interview and on what all satisfied criteria selection was made.

3. How is the performance of the employee from the time he has joined. get feedback from Dept heads, line managers and also his colleagues.

4. Call his reporting head and try to know the out value of that employee. Dont tell the reason behind this inspection at first.

5. Call the employee try to understand his work values, his concepts and how he is planning to develop his organization. If he is a senior employee, he may not feel offended once you let him know the reason prior to start of discussion.

6. make him comfortable, listen to him, and let him know the reason employee is called for

7. after the meeting discuss with your head & top management and provide the points and outcome of discussion you had with the employee.

8. Once the top management decides what action to be taken, if required, you can arrange for an meeting of employee with top management, or terminate him with immediate effects.

don't terminate immediately at the earliest, if that that to be done then ensure you have mention that clause in his appointment letter given to the employee during the time of joining. check the clause in the appointment letter given to employee before taking any decision.

even though this seems to be as time consuming, but better method, as both employee & management can justify the reason behind any decision or actions.


Senior Manager - HR Operations / ISO
9th February 2011 From India, Bangalore
We have come across such cases before.
At senior positions companies tend to believe the person and take his statements at face values. However, these are positions "ubrama fadie" (hope i have spelt that right) which means - of utmost good faith. If a person at this position has a history of misusing his position and authority, specially to do things for personal gains, he will do it again. Its a risk you cant take. Further, the message that then goes down to the subordinates is that the company is willing to accept fraudsters, people of improper character, etc. Which is not the way it should be.

You need to immediately inform the MD. When you go to him, you need to take the details with you to answer any question that may be asked by the MD, else you will find your self in hot water. In case the previous company has asked for the details to initiate legal action, it may be a good idea to take a copy of the email / letter from the company and show it to the MD.

We had a similar case at a clients office, where such a person was appointed in spite of having a history of this type on the assumption that he was being victimised by the previous company, or that it was temporary deviation, wrong motivation, etc and that he is basically a good and skilled guy. Our audit (3 years later) found that he has been involved in further fraud by misuse of this company's letter head for personal gains. we had to spend a good amount of time fighting with the banks to get my clients name cleared of misdoing and coming to a fair settlement
9th February 2011 From India, Mumbai

I do agree with all the comments whatever other members have shared but what come in my mind is that did we ever tried to focus on that why any employee do such kind of things......what makes them do all this things in spite of knowing the facts about background verification..........why do we always value a candidate as per the experience he carry, the company he worked for...........why we don't consider the knowledge and if you have considered the knowledge then why you are questioning his knowledge now.....why years of exp is always a criteria for any position which makes people do such kind of thing........faking things is result of all this....

being in HR how many time any one of us have thought to help any new many time we have given them what they actually deserve.........if we cant help any person in his career like this then why are we creating problems in their lives just for something fake...........we should give chance to talent not to what paper say about anyone............judge the knowledge not papers.....
9th February 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear sirs,

I disagree with the point that we should give chance to him if he is performing well. It is question of attitude more than the aptitude.

Secondly, the poster of the mail conveyed that he is senior man. Don't we think that the seniors must behave and prove himself as an exemplary person and trend setter. If one senior behaves like this, in what manner his subordinates can be expected to behave?

If management takes a stance that "if he performs good, leave him and if he does not perform, fire him" - it would be totally biased. This attitude of management is nothing but favouritism.

It is a matter of attitudinal problem. There is no point in talking about the reasons behind "why this person is behaving in this fashion", etc. What is the guarantee you have that he will not behave in your company (new company) by faking some other documents? He can fake bank gurantee, he can fake cheque leaves, he can fake authorization letter and what not. Still he might posess extraordinary knowledge and a star performer.

It is matter of whether you are (as management) for or against this attitude? If yes, you apply the logic to everyone irrespective of their performance; If no, fire irrespective of the position (of course following certain procedures).

9th February 2011 From India, Madras
Hi Monu,
I would suggest the following:-
  • First Generate a circular that the company is conducting background checking of all employees with their previous employers and references given in their application
  • The circular muat state that if any employee had any reservation, they must intimate in writing their concern within one week; otherwise it would be presumed that the employee had no reservation in backgroung checking
  • Let the circular be signed by the MD
  • Wait for the responses and call all concerned employees, (who had some concern) one by one and talk to them. Ask them what alternate they would suggest to authenticate their previous employment. Inform them that the authecation would be done by you. Also tell the employee that any false authentication would liable for legal action.

This type of circular will start the ball rolling. After speaking to employees, you can decide further course of action

9th February 2011 From India, Madras
Dear Monu,

First of all I want to congratulate you for implementing Reference check procedure in the organization...I was recently watching one programme on CNBC, wherein there were revealing the result of the survey conducted for Indian Corporates.. It was found that 75 % of the resumes which IT company receives contains the details of such projects on which candidates have not either worked or may be not directly involved..

As the person is at senior level and he has provided false information means there is a question mark on his integrity. Especially, when he can utilize your company letter head, according to me the only option left out is nothing but to kick him out from the organization. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION AND MAY LOOK HARSH TO SOME OF MY SENIOR COLLEAGUES, BUT THIS IS BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE OF WORKING WITH ONE OF THE LEADING FINANCE COMPANY HAVING ALL INDIA PRESENCE, WHEREIN WE WERE NOT TOLERATING SUCH KIND OF UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR OF NEWS ENTRANT.

Secondly, as you have mentioned in your earlier discussion. I suggest to make your MD aware about the fact.. as soon as possible...

Warm Regards.

Shreyas Dave

9th February 2011
Perfect flow of actions shared by Mr. K.Sambasivam! Just one more addendum, if this announcement is been notified as a circular , then its important to put it on the notice board and intranet.
(Cite Contribution)

9th February 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi (Cite Contribution),
Thanks for your value addition.
Besides displaying in notice board / intra-net, the circular may individually be addressed and sent to every employee.
Thanks once again

9th February 2011 From India, Madras
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