Hi Guys, One exercise which can be used with senior management teams for team building workshops. Hope you find it useful. Do share your comments and feedback. Cheers, Rakesh
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It's really a good a good exercise.Could you explain it broder sense.
Q1. In what type of companies use this exercise?name few of them?
Q2. There are many more exercise which are same objectives,so why this?
It just a query,because I'm a MBA(H.R) student.So its very necessary to knew
Shaleen Srivastava.

From India
Dear All,
Can any one tell me the important barriers to communication in organisation which effects the business process of an organisation severly and also tell me the solutions for overcoving it.
Thanks in advance,
Anil Kumar

From India, Hyderabad

My specialization is HR with Financial services
Hello Anil,

Here are the some of the Barriers for Effective Communication..
(1) Filtering - It refers to senders purposely Manipulating information so it will be seen more favorably by the receiver.

(2) Selective perception - This is when receiver in the communication process selectively see and hear on the basis of their needs, motivations, experience , background and other personnel characteristics .

(3) Information Overload -Individuals have the finite capacity for processing the data. When the information we have to work with exceeds our processing capacity, the result is information overload. Hence they tend to select out , ignore ,pass over or forget the information.

(4) Emotions - How the receiver feels at the time of the receipt of a communications will influence how he or she interprets it . The same message message received when u are angry or distraught is often interpreted differently from when u r happy.

(5) Language -words mean different thing to different people. Age , education and cultural background are three of the more obvious variables that influence the languages a person uses and the definitions he or she gives to words.

Regards ,
Garima Sengar

From India, Bhopal
Basically barrier to communication is lack of understanding of the content & context of the message. The factors leading to this are :
  1. Lack of interest in the topic/subject by the receipient
  2. Lack of listening skills on part of receipient
  3. Lack of clarity of thoughts and ambiguous message conveyed by the sender
  4. Noise - External & Internal (External noise is disturbances etc.) and Internal noise is again due to the fact that our mind is faster in processing and we jump to conclusion (sometimes you would have seen the tendency on part of some persons to complete the sentences on your behalf).
  5. Follow CCC while delivering your message across - Clear, Concise & Crisp.
Hope this would meets your query and serve you to think on these lines..
H M Thakur

Hi Shaleen,

Thanks for your comments. let me try to answer both the queries.

1. We have seen it work well for quite a few of our corporate clients. As mentioned in the article, it works specially well, when you have senior management groups, who might be a bit skeptical about conventional team building activities, which turn out mostly to be a day of fun, minus the learning component. We have found it useful also for visioning exercises for teams, where the team is trying to set a direction for them to follow for a specific time frame, either medium or long term.

2. Like you said, there are quite a few other exercises as well, which achieve similar objectives. This is just one amongst the many that could be used. Like mentioned earlier, this works best when you have small senior management teams, where members know each other for sometime at least and are comfortable sharing with each other, because the discussions can be quite deep and engaging. So it is important to have a certain level of mutual trust before the exercise, so that they are comfortable in sharing, especially their vulnerabilities.

Will try and share more exercises around the same as well.

Do let me know for any other queries.

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From India, Delhi
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