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If an employee has joined a company thru placement consultancy and leaves the company within 4 days of joining bcz he was offered a high pay, is the consultancy at fault ? Is it company at fault ? Should these things hace been verified by the company ?
What should be done in this situation ?

From India, Mumbai
Generally recruitments agencies are payed for the their candidates after 30, 60, 90 days of joining depending on the agreement you have with them. This is done to ensure that if the candidate leaves during that period it is the agencies responsibility to replace him/her at no additional cost.
However I have had experiences with recruitment agencies who place candidates saying that they just need to work for 2 - 3 months and then they will place them somewhere else after the organisation pays them.
You might want to check with the candidate why they have left and see if there are gaps in what you have told the recuiter and what the recruiter has told them. More often than not the agencies are under pressure to meet their targets and often lie to the candidate. This is offten a major reason for the new joiner leaving with the first 2 weeks.
Unfortunately at times often the candidate will leave if he is not comfortable with the team he is placed in.

From India, Thiruvananthapuram


Few people have the tendency to appear for interview in multiple organizations at different positions and at times they succeed also in getting multiple offers simultaneously. I know one person, who is a Chartered Accountant and was recruited for my company. While working for a month or so HR got a background verification for this person from another company and when spoke to this person a very interesting thing revealed. It was his hobby to apply for different positions in different organizations at same time with modified CVs matching with each positions he applied for. He justified it as a measure to judge his capabilities to acquire a job in any position. In one very famous BPO he even did not disclose his professional qualification to get a call centre job and he got it and left after one week. So, for such people neither the recruitment agency nor the HR can not be blamed for wrong recruitment. However, precautions can be taken by checking the previous experience & the tenure to assess the stability of a candidate, provided he/she does not belongs to the above category. Further, before making any offer to any candidate, a background verification/last employer verification is imperative to minimize such incidents.

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From India, Jaipur
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Hi Keith,
I agree with you here. However, in this case, the placement was not paid anything for the applicant yet. On finding out the reason, it was told that he got a good offer in big company and he will be dealing with international clients as well. Regarding comfort of the applicant, it was just 4 days he had joined. Was not even placed in any team till now. Was doing an individual study, yet if these things happen only for having received a big offer.
Mr. Gopal,
Even I have seen people applying for interviews at the same time. They even negotiate with another company using one companies' offer letter.
Thank You for your replies and will consider all those things mentioned here that I have been missing out.
Thanks Keith , Thanks Mr. Gopal !!

From India, Mumbai
first and foremost you should provide the correct pay scale on basis of their employee ability.
From India, Mumbai
In this type of situation, neither the placement agency or the organization in fault. If any person get high pay then it is obvious that he/she will go for the higher pay. And if the employee was recruited with help of placement agency then according to the term of condition, the process will done.
The minimum time period is given to the agencies by the organization. If not completed then it is replaced by another manpower.
And here HR plays very important role by verifying the actual things. Here in this situation, HR should find the core reason behind leaving the organisation and act on that.

From India, Pune
Please check the agreement signed by you. Usually they will mention that if the employeed leaves within three months they would give and replacement..... employee leaving within a shortperiod for better prospects is become common these days... I think we as HR need to do something for this.... Any suggestions???
From India, Bangalore
let me first state that there is word in english, ethics, whcih is loosing its meaning for which all of us have to blamed, since v hv not been taught properly.
now coming to the subject
- it is not the question of who is right or wrong,
- the consultancy people will register each and every candidate who comes to him or referred to him. so he is doing his bussiness, and as someone has pointed out the payment is to be given after 2-3 months. and there woul be one more clause in the agreement (always agreement is must) suppose the candidate leaves, the replacement would be given free of charge.
- also it the duty of HR to check the candidates background, his history, if possible contact the previous employer or its HR (unofficially) to know more abt the candidate
- infact, within the city HR people know eachother (there is forum, circle) and they will be able to knoe abt the employees
- but now a days the HR is keeping aloof from the employees, that is another reason we are not proper info
-ultimately the candidates has choosen what he wants, let the company look forward for a better candidate, instead of post=martem and learning lesson from such incident
dr nagaraj

From India, Bangalore
Look, i work for an MNC which is into sourcing candidates and payrolling. It is never our endevour to source candidates who would eventually quit. It is not in our interest because there is a replacement clause which states for a specific period of time, and in the event that our candidate leaves within that period we have source another without any fees, to replace him. So what this situation practically does is that it increases our cost without adding any value. Plus MNCs generally look into their long term gain and in this age of cut-throat competition, we cannot entertain such a short term gain.

Why I am sharing this with you is that it is important to understand who you are tying up with. A placement agency will never look into such aspects. There are a lot of Big players in the market who would have to consider a lot of variables, which probably will get no attention from placement agencies. Therefore, please choose an option which whould benefit you in the future. A right partner would leverege your competencies and you will have to worry about such issues.

From India, Delhi
RavindraPande Software Delivery
Thanks all for putting the thoughts & can do's etc. I personally believe that we need to grow up a bit on this situation & think from the resource prospective as well. As a normal for an resource to avail the best offer be it an direct / offer thru recruitment firm. I believe this is what happened in the scenario mentioned above. As far as background checks goes you don't need to call any one just go thru Google, Facebook, linked In etc & you can be able to plot the complete Kundeli for that resource. By calling anyone you are making life difficult for everyone in terms of spreading rumors like these unnecessary. As now days referance will be shared only after final offer just to stop such calling for checking on this resource call additional to the marketing & credit card calls. Even our experience is the call hardly helps as HR have lease info than Facebook / Hi5 etc. Think & make a strategy around this to prevent this from happen. If you ask me think in terms of how US employers treat new joinees & how we treat them just think & plan we need to learn a lot for UK, US regions in this matter.
From India, Mumbai

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