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i am kaveri, a student of HR, as apart of my curriculum i have been told to interview expatriates who have come back to their home country after the assignment got over and find out about wat kind of training were they provided,how did they and their families adjust in the new country, what kind of challenges did they face and how were they treated in their home country when they came back.Basically their experience from the time they were informed about the assignment till the time they came back and again got settled in the home country.and how the whole process ffected their career.
For this i have to design a questionnaire.can some one help me as to what kind of questions can be asked to interview expats...??
From India, Bangalore
Hi all,

I am currently working on a market study on “Expatriate Management in India”. To better understand the expatriate perspective, allow me to solicit your views and experience on the following:

1.Challenges/issues faced by both companies (how to select right people for relocation, repatriation, etc.) and expatriates (compensation, culture shock, etc.), while relocating to international locations
2.Key categories of HR policies that need consideration for effective expatriate relocation management
3.Measurement of effectiveness of the expatriate management process
4.Best way to support the process of acculturation (cultural adjustment)
5.Improvement in the retention rate for repatriates
6.Career and performance management processes for expatriates
7.Spouse and family support policies
8.HR policies that helped and further areas that HR could help with
9.Areas in compensation package
10.Best practices in the field

I look forward to your participation and would be glad to address your thoughts on the same.

From India, Delhi

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