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Hi friends ,happy to be part of a CITEHR community.
This is my question for all the safety officers in india.
Are you really satisfied with the ur profile.
Do u all really think that the companies in india give importance to HSE system or is it a management trick to save them from the govt and other social organizations.

From India, Bangalore
Industrial Relations
Safety Consultant
Raghuvaran Chakkaravarthy
Environmental, Health And Safety
Kesava Pillai
Occupational Safety & Health
Safety Executive
Construction Safety


Dear Vineeth
Warm welcome to citehr... Nice to see you here... Hope you will be actively participating into the forum discussions...
Now let me try to tell give my comments against what your query:
Are you really satisfied with the ur profile: Yes. No doubt, cause I got a good platform for working where the management giving 1st Priority to Safety. From the last One and Half Year got a chance to work in association with M/s. DuPont.
Do u all really think that the companies in India give importance to HSE system or is it a management trick to save them from the govt and other social organizations: In 80% of the companies Safety is for the name sake or for the sake of satisfying the minimum statutory requirement...In such a situation what you said is exactly correct...
However openness and seriousness towards Safety yet to come in Indian industries... Lets hope for the best and do our best for making it best...
Keep in touch and keep on particiapting in citehr forum...

From India
Kesava Pillai

Dear Friends,

Though for some time I had no posts, quite often I was watching through the interesting discussions. I am sorry to say that of late we lack professionalism and quite often unrelated issues are also being brought in to this useful forum.

All of a sudden I felt like involving for this particular post on safety management.

Am I not seeing some kind of a frustration with the safety officer friend? I realize and with my experience I can very well say that most of the safety people are somehow frustrated for they are not able to achieve what they dream of ideal safety management.

Quite often they are put through conflicting situations.

They are unable to take safety through to the top management’s priority. It some how doesn’t work – but why?

I feel I am a good teacher for safety. Because of that I do not want to give a straight answer to the post from Mr.Vineeth Krishna but want him convinced and not to get frustrated with the present situation he faces.

First I have a presentation here on Today’s Safety Officer.

In time I will also have another one on History of Industrial Safety.

Let us see where we can reach with the issue at hand.


Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam

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singh inderjeet

Dear Vineeth,

First of all, welcome to the family. This is not only a CITEHR community but also a CITEHR family, because we discuss, we fight & we learn here.

Are you really satisfied with the ur profile.

Answer of this question is a big YES. Look I am a security officer but playing a role of safety steward also. And I am finding this field very interesting. There are lots of thigs to learn. There is a lot of space of innovations too. I am actualy enjoying this job more.

Do u all really think that the companies in india give importance to HSE system or is it a management trick to save them from the govt and other social organizations.

Again my answer is yes. Whatever Dipil said is also fine but my views are a bit different, because

1) Companies are forced by law to ensure proper safety of their employees.

2) No company wants its image to be malafied because of frequent accidents due to unsafe acts, conditions etc.

3) No company wants to get indulge into needless legal obligations.

4) Yes, there are small industries, who actualy are not serious about safety, but big companies are taking it staid.

5) Somewhere I do agree with DIPIL too that "seriousness towards Safety yet to come in Indian industries." because we are comparatively less serious them other countries.

Anyways *Together Everyone Achieves More*. Lets work together to achieve that level. someday we will surely LEAD in this field too.


Inderjeet Singh"Born to lead."

From India, Rajsamand

Dear Mr. Vineet

First of all I welcome you on behalf of all our members in the forum.

Never think about your profile or work culture in your company. Think only thing in your work that you are doing service to the worker society who are underprevileged people of the society. There are so many organisations and people work for the rich to make them so rich. But we are decided to serve for the bottom level of the lower class people in our society. That's why we have opted to work in the Safety, Environment, Health Department and Industrial Relations Department.

While going to sleep in night, you can feel that with your advice and guidance today, you have saved someone from an accident/incident. That means you have saved someone's life by which someone's family's livelihood. That Satisfaction, if you have, then you need not to worry about other's comments, job profile, etc. Always keep it in mind that, alongwith your nature of job you are doing the social service to the mankind too.

All the best

From India, Kumbakonam

The naked truth is 99% of the Indian companies have no clear cut policies on HSE (including majority of reputed companies and top 15 companies of Nifty). Remaining 1% companies are trying to enforce HSE.

From India, Lucknow
Dear Sir,
Thank you for the reply...Its really a very impressive presentation.
i agree with you in this...But there are few things i want to discuss with respect to the given presentation..

The above sentences are extracted from the ppt.
what i want to ask is why safety is not a part of core business..In my organization we are marketing safety.
As all of us believe that same should be ensured right from the grass root level but the hierarchy starts from the top management.
Please eloborate...In My earlier thread i just want to have a feedback from the other professionals. And to be honest i am satisfied with my profile.
Thanks & Regards,
P.Vineeth krishna.

From India, Bangalore
raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Vincent,
First of all sorry for very late reply.......
Already our team members gave enough explanation about your question.
Dear KSP,Dipil,Inder,Bhaskar & Pon,
Thanks for your input on this thread
Mr.Bhaskar excellent explanation you gave to Mr.vincent what i thought you wrote the same.Thanks a lot.
Keep on sharing.

From United States, Fpo

Dear All
Safety Management is a very important topic... Even though you got a good platform to work upon where management is supporting for the implementation of safety initiatives/norms, sometimes we (Safety Pro) fail to implement the same... Cause we don't know how to manage it??? So here comes the importance of Safety Management...
Now my concern is what should be the Structure of a Good Safety Management for:
1. Project - Construction Activities
2. Plant - Running Manufactoring Factory
Let's have a fruitful discussion on the topic to have better understanding of the same...
Thanks in advance...

From India

Dear Vineeth
I am 100% agreed with you, I think only except refinery and some dangerous chemical plants. I thought not a single company in india, those who really interested to follow or implement the safety management system at site.
Management peoples always thought that safety peoples are useless. But they don't know safety is the eye of each and every project.
I think, in india it will take long time to achieve full safety at construction.

From India, Mumbai
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