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neha sandilliya

hello seniors
i am in 3rd semester of my PGDM (hr).appearing for many mock interviews and in which they ask me a question, why HR?, than i replyed i like to interact wid people of different society and culture. but its seems they are not convinced by dis answer. can you plz correct me where i went wrong. what better answer can i give wen anybody ask why HR?
neha sandilliya.

From India, Pune

Dear Neha, You did did n’t go wrong as when u joined, u had no idea about HR.IT purely depends on interviewers how he takes it?
From India, Pune

HR person is expected to be the one who takes care of the most precious resource put in the business, that is people. If HR fails to find the sensibility of the people employed the core objective of the establishment will also fail.

From India, Kannur
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Dear Neha,

In addition to the points mentioned by Mr. Madhu T.K, please introspect why you selected this course. Remain honest, it can simply because other courses required higher grade during MBA. Even if it is so, please accept that. In case you had a different motive, no matter how naive it is, please formulate that. It is possible you saw someone as an effective HR when you were young and that impacted you. It can also be that you have a dream to bring in a value to this profession. You may not have any clue how to make that idea work, but would learn more as you intern and apprentice in the role.

Right now you may not realise, but that naive idea can be the sole driver during your career and take you through when you hit the road block.

You may then look into the professional offering in HR and find an alignment in you. You may define the area you enjoy troubleshooting and connect how it would add value to your future role.

Please do read other discussion on the same. But form your answer on your reflections. If you pick key words from other's answer, your reply will stand fake and never convince anyone.

First mistake is never a letdown. Its the important step from where we start learning.

Wishing you all the very best!

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From India, Mumbai
Brita Singh

I think that your reply should focus on the fact that since the employees are the backbone or the most essential ingredient of any company you want to study how this resource may be best managed and encouraged to learn and grow for the ultimate good of the company. The fact that you are able to interact well is a SKILL but not the REASON for studying HR.
From India, Calcutta
Brita Singh

Further to my earlier message, do read Nayyar’s recent book on employees. The book will show you how important employees are and why it is essential that this resource should be well managed.
From India, Calcutta
Dear Neha,

I think it is one of the basic question that an interviewee should prepare before going for an interview. Another thing that I would like to highlight before answering your question is there are no right or wrong answers only appropriate or inappropriate answers.

If you say that you have chosen HR to interact with people the interviewer gets an idea that you have done something just for the heck of it.

I think you should jot down your strenghths and weaknesses and how these are going to help you in your chosen area. What are the expectations from an HR manager and how you are going to work on that with your present skill set. Also the prospects of HR in the future should be added in the answer.

Last but not the least, being a women nature has bestowed you with the quality to nurture while a man has to acquire this through training. An HR manager has to work tirelessly with missionary zeal towards people and their upgradation.

Hope this gives you some clarification in writing your answer.

Nandini Sinha
Principal - NMS

From India, New Delhi

Dear Neha
The only untapped resource in the world is Human Resource.The HR Manager is responsible to support all the functions in the organization for best and maximumm utilization of the Human Resource.He becomes a pivotal point for all the departmental head in the organization helping them to enhance existing employees productivity,hire,retain and develop best talent and provide them a competitive environment to excel and growth.HR Manager is a challenging position and HR Manager with the passage of time gets well aware of all the proesses in the organization.
Should you require further information/clarification please advise.
Syed Sajid Nazar Ali

From Saudi Arabia, Jiddah
Ms (Cite Contribution) has spelt it right. forget about the interview and his question.

Ask yourself why you have chosen HR ?.

Try and dig within yourself Think slowly and without inhibitions of ego or shame .

please write down your answer. now sit and think what you have written is it true and real? fif you sit as an interviewer does it convince you .?

have u chosen it for easy to get a job.,or easy to pass or does it fit your background , or somebody advised you or your friends have chosen the same or there was no alternative ,it can be anything or just like any job. please make yourself clear of your doubts and confusions .then prepare for a suitable reply. please do not try bluffing.

The other person at the other end of the table knows far more than you and can catch u or embarass u .

The answer can be as simple as this.

i chose HR because it is easier to read or i do not like mathematical types.

But after chosing and studying i find it has a vast field and very interesting and so many problems which till today no body has been able to give correct solutions because man is a complex person and changes his response to work depending on hundreds of parameters influencing his character and i would like to contribute in this ,accepting challenge etc.etc. best of luck

From India, New Delhi

hi neha,
just you like to interact people thats why you opting HR its not satisfactory because interaction is a process which involves in every profile or specialization. They want to ask you how your future goal is corelated with HR? sothat you are opting this.
According to me appropriate answer depends upon every individual, may be someone tell you ans. but you can't justify that.
I tell you that what should be your interpretaion of that question.
Try to find out your own ans from your goals and personality.
Astha Srivastava
HR Executive

From India, New Delhi
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