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HRD Attestation/Authentication Fom HARYANA

If you have done your education from HARYANA then you need to get the HRD Attestation from the below Address

Shiksha Sadan, Sec-5 Panchkula, First Floor Chandigarh.

Benchmark : opposite BP petrol Pump


A) Application Form and Affidavit

B) Passport Size Photo

C) Rs 50 Postal order for each Certificate/degree

D) Attested Copy of Passport

E) 2 Attested Copies of each of Certificate/degree to be authenticated

F) 1 Attested Copy of Final Year Marksheet

G) Copy of Job Offer letter (if any)

Please make a visit to this place before you start with the process of HRD Attestation because the requirements keep on changing

so better make sure what you require to submit.

Application Form -- You can get it from shiksha sadan

Affidavit -- They provide the format

Postal Order -- Purchase it from Post office, nearest one is Sec-4 Market Post office, make sure Postal Order has a stamp on it (when you purchase please check)

Document Attestation and Affidavit -- You can get if from Notary, nearest one is Sec-1, panchkula. Purchase a RS 10 Stamp paper from there and get the affidavit typed on it, catch some advocate there (you can find a lot at notary) and get copy of your documents attested (if not attested earlier) and don't forget to get your affidavit attested from the advocate or someone who

has the authority.

Then come back to Shiksha Sadan, first floor (I don't remember the department name, check with some one there) with all the documents and submit there.

Once all your documents are ok, there starts your real journey to these Government Departments.

After this they will issue a letter addressed to your University (or from where you have done your Education or the department written on your Certificate which you want to get authenticated), they will say that they will send that letter to your university and wait for your verification report from University, once verification report comes, you can get HRD authentication on your certificate/degree.

Sending a letter to university and then getting a Verification Report from University is a very long process, it may takes months or few days or it never comes because you know how these departments work.

So I Suggest you to ask them to give you that letter addressed to your university and personally go to your university and get your Verification Report. Make sure the verification report which you get from your University is addressed and properly sealed in an Envelope (If not sealed then it will not be accepted by Shiksha Sadan)

Once you submit the Verification Report, you can get the HRD Attestation on your Original Certificate.

Hope it Helps.

27th November 2010 From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
This is really helpful GAURAV but i red this after going through all this hassles. It was really disturbing. God knows how these departments work.

One more thing i want to share here about this Shiksha Sadan. Actually there are 2 Shiksha Sadan offices in same area. One is in Sector-2 and other the real one is in Sector-5 next to CBSE office. Sector-2 office full name is "takniki shiksha sadan". This "takniki shiksha sadan" is not the real one from where you have to get your certificates attested. I by mistake went there and people over there done complete process and get my certificate attested by Mr. K.P. Singh(Deputy director- Technical). They took all my educational certificates attested photocopies along with job offer letter and put their attestation stamp on back of my B.E. certificate .

They all are bunch of lousy government officials. They know nothing. When i went back for ministry of external affairs(MEA) attestation in Delhi they said this attestation from K.P. Singh is not valid (some Mr. Kalia is authorized person for this) and they don't have his signature verification with them. I got completed blank. After around one day search on Google and making around 100 calls to different phone numbers(non of them working) one person picked up the phone and that too the real person(Mr. Kalia). He told me everything about the process and that too in very polite manner.

Next day i went there and done all these formalities:

A) Application Form and Affidavit

B) Passport Size Photo

C) Rs 50 Postal order for each Certificate/degree

D) Attested Copy of Passport

E) 2 Attested Copies of each of Certificate/degree to be authenticated

F) 1 Attested Copy of Final Year Marksheet

G) Copy of Job Offer letter (if any)

Now i have still not visited my university(MDU) because of some on-going employees strike over there. Still to go and lets see what will happen as i have already wasted my one important month.

Also please be aware of Touts who will follow you the moment you enter in MEA department in Delhi. If you don't have any idea of all this then i would suggest you to give this responsibility to some genuine agency but i would suggest you to do this HRD attestation from Panchkula your-self as its a very lengthy process and if you put everything on government official then it will take may be more then one month.

Will tell you more once i complete all formalities.


Ashok Pershad
3rd December 2010 From India, New Delhi
Dear Ashok and Gaurav
Really very useful information. Appreciate your efforts. I am about to initiate the process but was informed that Saturday is a holiday. Will process and update any changes in the thread
Thanks a lot once again
Bharani Kumar
6th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
Ok, after reaching MDU you need to directly go to the MDU university and ask anybody about the certificate attestation department. Its better if you know somebodt there otherwise you know verywell how these people works. By luck i knew one person there and he helped me in completing all the formalities there. Had he been not there then i knew i have to stay there for one day. So plan accordingly. Remeber one thing when you get you letter stamped from the MDU then ask them to put it in envelope and seal it because if seal it not there then the people in Panchukla may not accept it and if possible then keep print out of the stamped letter for you future use.
After taking this letter from MDU reach the PAnchukla office in the morning itself so that all formalities can be completed within day itself. They may tell you to come tommorow but if you request them and tell them that you are coming far way then they might give the certificate same day. If everything goes fine then you need to rush the MEA department in DELHI - PATALIA HOUSE near India Gate. Reach there in the morning exactly at 9 am. Timings are 9 to 12 and then in evening 4-6pm. There is long line even if you reach early in the morning and evening. So plan accordingly. Take 2 photocopy of the attested certificate along with you.
Once MEA certification done then comes your respective Culture attestation as they from countries embassies.
Saudi Embassy office is in Vasant Kunj, just check on Google the exact address becauee i don't remeber it now. Here also you will face same problem, nobody will talk to you in polite manner. They have internal corruption where they have assigned different touts to work for your Culture attestation. You cannot do it yourself. I tried a lot but all in vane. So fianlly i have to hire one tout for my Embassy attestation. Before you hire just check the rate by calling all the authorised touts. There are some who are really genuinen. My embassy attestion cost to me only Rs.900. Some were asknig as high as Rs.2000. So just check. All these touts have there Embassy certified Identification cards thats why embassy people allow only these guys to enter their premises. Remeber to give your certificates to them on monday of Tuesday because embassy accept these certificates only on these days and return back only on Fridays. So keep in Mind.
If you are lucky then you will get your country attestation after one week otherwise max. 2-3 weeks. If this is done then all work from your side is OVER. Now comes the turn of your placement consultant to get your Passport VISA. Inform them about it. I get my visa after one Month from some Mumbai company.
Once you get your VISA in your hand then start packing your BAGS. :)
Ufff ek job ke liye itna Maarmaari.. But this is only one time activity guys so chilll.
19th May 2011 From India, New Delhi
What Gaurav has quote is correct, I would share my experience aswell...as I was in urgent need of attestation so I pursue accordingly...and I got along myself my friend Praveen who too needed same...When I handed over all my documents they said you would get the degree couriered once attested...but I requested them and explained all the situation... then I really saw the OFFICE-OFFICE seen or even worse then that satire...now they knew my urgency and made all their way to mint money through office boy and in all these play Mr. Kalia was an active player...however...on my constant force they sent the degree via fax to MDU...and said when they will receive verification either from courier or fax then they will approve...till evening 5 o' clock we did not get anything then I decided to go to MDU and left my friend in pachkhula...there also same story, upon enquiry the concerned person said he did not recieve anything then I asked my fried to fax me the fax report then only I found that person was lying...however through rigorous follow-up at 4' o clock I got it verified and send the report back myself through fax which in HRD refused to accept and said they accept seald one through courier..that to I got thru by giving 2000 for each to office boy and got my work done.....finally... BUT MEA IS BEST OFFICE WHERE WORK IS STRAIGHT AND SIMPLE NO NEED TO GET HELP FROM TOUTS...
7th October 2013 From India, New Delhi
Dear Gaurav & Ashok , Thanks for this information. I want to add some more information : Address : Shiksh Sadan , first floor , Dept. - UNP Branch , Rakesh Bhatnagar , superintendent
19th March 2015 From India, undefined
Can anybody tell me about the process about MDU , means after receiving the letter from Shiksha Sadan I have to go to MDU and collect the stamped letter in a sealed envelope.
So please tell which department I have to go and on which floor and from gate I have to enter.
please help
19th March 2015 From India, undefined
I told them that it is clearly mention on this application that envelope should be sealed.
But there say no , and I return to home without sealed this envelope. And on next working day I have to go Chandigarh but cannot say wether they accept my letter or not because it is sealed.
But the main thing about MDU. I think they don't have any problem in completing my work if I offerd "BRIBE" , or under table money . Because I didn't gave any money to these dogs only thats why they didn't complete my work.
So I request to all of you that please don't give them any BRIBE.
and if they were asking for it make a video any then circulate on net.
20th March 2015 From India, undefined
At mdu :enter from gate 1 , first building , pariksha sadan , R3
25th March 2015 From India, undefined
Subject: HRD attestation of Degree from Haryana.
This site helped me in getting the basic info about how to start and where to go for attestation.
I went last week to Panchkula for this and i would like to share the info.
Docs required: 2 copy of your final degree, final year marksheet, 1 photo, passport copy, copy of job offer letter, and rs 50 postal order per certificate.
Bettr if you take postal order with you before you reach there else you need to go sector 4 post office to get it which is 2 km from sector 5.

From delhi i started at 6.30 And reach zirakpur at 11.30 Than boarded the citi bus which dropped me at sector 5 bus stop than i hired riksha for 30rs which took me to Shikha sadan sector5, after reaching to 1st floor at 12.15 I asked them for htd procedure and they told to get postal order first as post office dont five those postal order after 1pm so i rush again to neares post office which is in sector4 than again came to shiksha sadan at 12.50.
I fillup the form attached all the mentioned docs attested by self and submit to them. Note, they have not asked for and notary docs which is relief.
Than they ask me to wAIT outside till 3.30 As they have lunch from 1.30 To 2.30 So i came out and had tea and lunch brot from home, note: there is no food court nearby so manage ur own bt u can get juice tea outside.

I again reach at1st floor and wait till 2.45pm than ask for status the people there are supportive and did not ask for any money which was sign of Acche Din relieved!
And the superintendent signed and give me letter at 3.30 And i came home with smile.

Now i have to go Rohtak for further activity and than one more time to Panchkula for stamp.
I believe its not as tough as it looks but yes it takes ur body juice in this dry day .
All the best i will update again after i gets all done.
9th May 2015 From India, Delhi
Thanks every body for your precious advice. I will reach the sec 5 ofc at panchkula on 26 May 15 for degre attestation. After this I will have to go to KUK for verification.
Kindly advice, if any body has idea about KUK- time required, process tobe followed etc
24th May 2015 From India, undefined
hi can any one tell what is the format of a affidavit which we need to submit over there in panchkula, i want to take an affidavit fram my home .
28th June 2015 From India, Delhi
Good to see lot of friends getting benefitted and at the same time sharing there experience.
Rohtak will be your test again..they are not as honest as you have seen in panchkula..enjoy and best of luck.
29th June 2015 From India, Gurgaon
HRD Attestation of Haryana----
Hi all,
I would like to put some light on the attestation of the documents as i have got it attested from the panchkula.
1. one latest passport size photo.
2 . one copy of passport
3. one copy of all marks sheets (higher education like BA,BCOM, MCOM etc)
4. 2 copies of Degree
5. 50 Rs postal order for one degree(if you want attestation of 2 then 50 Rs PO extra)
All the documents should be self attested(no notary attestation required)
office is on the 1st floor near head superident room
You will be give a form to complete you have to full fill that form
for more details kindly call me on below no
19th November 2015 From India,

I have done my B.Tech from Kurukshetra University.

For HRD Attestation you need to go Shiksha Sadan, Sec-5 Panchkula , in UNP Branch.

They will provide you Form to fill up.

You need (Keep Originals with you of Follows Docs)

1 Copy of Passport

1 Copy of B.Tech 8th Semester DMC/Marksheet

2 Copy of Degree

1 Postal Stamp of Rs 50 per degree Attestation ( If you are going for only one degree, You need Postal Stamp of Rs 50 ), Can get it from any where @ postoffice.

1 copy of Job Offer Letter.(Its Manadatory now a days)

Submit it & Ask them for Request of Confirmation Letter to your University.

Take that letter to your University. Submit it in Certificate Section department.

Ask them to E-mail the letter because they will take for ever to send The MAIL to Sec-5 UNP branch.

Or you can reach to VC directly which i did after waiting for 1 month.

Then get a print out from them as well to make sure they have E-mailed the reply to UNP Branch.

Goto Unp Branch directly & tell them that University have E-mailed it & u will get your Degree Attested in no time.

No Attestation

No headache from UNP branch , except from University u will sure get Headache a LOT.

Have fun...

10 Sept2016
10th September 2016 From India
Hi everyone, I read all replies to this Question and trust me it is only helpful article available on internet, rest are just business purpose search results on google.

I am a Mechanical Engineer from Kurukshetra University, KUK & almost have got a job in UAE but still do not have any Offer Letter from company but I am willing to get my degree attested as currently I am free.
I will be visiting Panchkula, Sector 5,office soon.

In the meantime, I request you to tell me regarding offer letter unavailability or should I forge one if its mandatory.

Moreover, I once found contact no of Mr. Kalia on google and called him & he explained whole procedure. But I have lost that no. If anybody of you have any mobile no of that office can you mail me at ranaboys@gmail.com.

if you have any photo/ format of Affidavit, please post it here or mail me, I would post here, as it would help many people to prevent unnecessary travelling & payments else I will post once I get it.

And one thing which is not clear

Do we need to actually plead to physically get confirmation letter to take it to university or they are easy in doing so.
Please answer if you have any idea regarding these question.

Mohit Rana
25th September 2016 From India, Sonipat
Hi i am in saudi right now can you help me with the format of affidavit and any other form which i can sign and send for hassel free attestation
15th June 2017 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
July 21, 2017
Subject HRD Attestation of Degree from Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana
I sought HRD attestation of B.Ed. Degree passed out from Al Falah University, Faridabad, Haryana.
* Office Timing is 9 am to 5 pm
* It is a 4-hour car drive from Delhi.
* After reaching Panchkula, first of
all, get a Rs 50 Indian Postal Order
from Post office located at Sector
4, Panchkula
* Next go to Siksha Sadan, UNP
Dept which is located at Sector 5,
Panchkula. Fill up the form and attach documents and submit to the official. I found him cooperative. A letter will be issued addressed to the addressee from where u passed ur degree. Get it verified by the registrar of the university concerned. Again go to panchkula for attestation of degree with the sealed envelope u got from the university concerned.
Note: All documents will be self attested.
22nd July 2017 From India, Delhi

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File Type: jpeg IMG-20170721-WA0000.jpeg (204.6 KB, 21 views)

This is the latest answer and accurate information for HRD Attestion in Haryana.
If you have done B.tech from MDU Rohtak university means your degree is issued from here.
For countries like UAE , KUWAIT , and other Gulf and european countries needs embassy attestation.
it is a 3 step process :-
1. HRD attestation
2. MEA Ministry of External affairs
3.Embassy attestation.
For HRD in Haryana I went to Chandigarh Sector 5 Punchkula Siksha Sadan.
From faridabad I got the direct bus to the stop of Punchkula. Else you need to take bus for Zikarpur.
There are two Siksha Sadan You need to go to Sec 5 for B.tech.
Ask form Gaurd For UMP department in first floor although every thing is clearly written they are very nice people and will do your work easily. Mr. Mukesh is there peon he can guide you and do the work easily.
Dont give brabery to any one. However no body will ask.
Documents required in 2017 when I did the same it was :
Form provided by department.
1 Degree photostat
2 Passport photostat
1 Photograph Passport Size
8 Semester Marksheet
Job Offer Letter
They will provide you letter for university verification. Take that letter and reach MDU Rohtak university.
Surely you will need 3 days time to get HRD done so plan accordingly.
In university (MDU) see the real government officers, you need to go to R3 first floor for B.tech degree verification. Thanks for my father he was with me thats why it happened by 12.00 PM else it they meay take whole day.In university , Mr. Chiku will do this so try to find him out.
Then again go to Punchkula , and give them your letter and Degree they will do the attestation and give it back to you.
Overall, its a 3 day process for MDU Rohtak students. Dont give any money to tauts for this. Mine was asking for 16500 and 45 days for whole process of attestation. I did it in 7 working days whole process by myself.
Now give your documents to VFS Global in Delhi Shivaji bridge metro station. they will chaarge you 3100 as whole and provide your documents within 3 days.
Personal advice, Its 2017 dont believe on these tauts they are seriously making people fool I had completed my whole process in 5000 and 7 days they were asking me 16500 for 3 step and 9000 for last 2 step if I had done 1st step by myself.
29th October 2017 From India, Faridabad
It feels good to read so many people are continuing and contributing the trend we started to help each other. Believe me guys this is how world should move by helping each other. After my post in 2010, i have received many calls from students who are facing same problems during attestation.
Thank you very much guys for posting and sharing your experience.
30th October 2017 From India, New Delhi
Hi All,
First of all Big thanks to all the contributors for keeping this thread up to date.
For countries like UAE , KUWAIT , and other Gulf and european countries needs embassy attestation.
it is a 3 step process :-
1. HRD attestation
2. MEA Ministry of External affairs
3 Embassy attestation.
HRD Attestation is itself a three step process.
Step 1
Today I venture out to Chandigarh Sector 5 Punchkula Siksha Sadan to kick start the process of my Degree attestation.
First thing first :- Read this link https://www.citehr.com/299197-hrd-at...ryana-pg2.html and get up to date information,
You can go this Higher Education site and click on download section to download the application form. Pls get it completed before hand.
You will need below documents and carry the originals
1. Two self attested copied each of certificate/degree to be authenticated.
2. One Self attested copy of the mark-sheet (final year).
3. One Self attested copy of the Passport.
4. One Self Attested copy of the Job / Study Offer Letter wherein authentication of certificates is required.
5. 1 Passport size Photograph
6. Rs 50/- postal order for each certificates to be authenticated. You can get it from any Post Office.
Process was hassle free and I got the letter which now I need to take it to MDU.
On Monday I will be going to MDU for Step 2 .
15th December 2017 From India, Delhi
Step 2
I again venture out to MDU for the getting the degree verified.
You need to go to Gate 1 of MDU and ask for Result 3 First floor. Mr Chiku will validate the degree and and get it signed. Make sure they put it in the MDU envelope.
Public dealing is from 10 AM to 12 PM and then 3 PM to 4 PM. Make sure you reached there at 10 Am they will ask you to come around 3 PM to collect the letter. So pls prepare to wait for 3 to 4 hours.
Tomorrow I will be starting the step 3 of the process.
18th December 2017 From India, Delhi

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File Type: jpg R3Branch.jpg (1.31 MB, 14 views)

Is there anyone who can give me Mr. Kalia number please.
8th February 2018 From India, New Delhi
Hi Hitesh,
I am not sure if Mr Kalia is stilll there. Could you let us know the purpose of needing his number?
Vivek Gemini
8th February 2018 From India, Delhi
Hi vivek,
Thanks for giving reply.
Actually I need to attest my diploma provisional and markheets for visa purpose. I have to apply in Canadian embassy that's why I need to know about him.
8th February 2018 From India, New Delhi
Hi Hitesh,
I assumed you have done your diploma from Haryana and required to attestation of these certificates.
Mr Arun Joshi Deputy Director (CC) UNP & NCC Branch 8901010369 will be attesting your certificates, However you need to personally visit UNP branch for initiation the process .

Department Of Higher Education Haryana
Vivek Gemini
8th February 2018 From India, Delhi
Hi Friends
Myself Rohit Arora I am living in Saudi Arabia and I am willing to do degree attestation can somebody help me the current process because I cannot go there to attestation myself.
Someone from my family will go there and start the process I have done graduation from Kurukshetra University so if somebody has done attestation from KUK please help me to get this out as soon as possible.
28th February 2018 From Netherlands, Amsterdam
Hello All,
Really much appreciated work. What's the timing to reach "Shiksha Sadan, Sec-5 Panchkula, First Floor Chandigarh" for HRD any idea anyone?
Is the office open of Saturday?
21st June 2018 From India, New Delhi
Hi All!
The above documents were quite helpful. It is a One day process, if done smartly. And, I would like to give some tips from my own experience-
# If possible, tell someone else to go on your on behalf and get your documents attested and on the same day, go to your own university.
# Give your University a heads-up a day and inform them about the verification to be done tommorow. Also, drop an official mail for the same to the University.
# If going on someone else behalf, take an Authorization Letter/E-Mail from that person stating that they authorize you to get their documents attested on their behalf.
# They donot charge any additional fee, other than in the form of postal order. 50rs postal order per document. ( 3 50rs Postal Orders in my case costed Rs 115 Only. )
# After submitting the documents on your behalf with the UNP department, the other person will receive the Verification Letter after 15-20 minutes. They can WhatsApp or email you this letter and you can this forward this letter to your registrar via email.
# The roles are reversed here, you have to run after the registerar of your University and stand on his head (not literally!) to get your work done as soon as possible ( although its hardly a 10-20 minutes work) to send the Verification Report to the UNP Department via Email, so the other person can receive the attested documents in hand.
NOTE: Sikha Sadan closes at 5 PM, so you have do all these before that.
In my case, the Staff was very kind, Mr. Sonu(the incharge officer) was quite polite & paitient and waited till 6'0 clock (because my University's Registrar decided that he has to attend an urgent meeting and didn't even have the time just to sign the Verification Report 😕) since I told him my situation ( also, I came from a 7 hours distance).
But maybe he won't be so patient next time or there might be some other officer. So try to get there (Shiksha Sadan) as early as possible, so even if your University takes some more time, you won't have that much problem at the end of the day.
I hope I was able to help.
Lavisha Dua - 5 September 2018
6th September 2018 From India
Hi All,
After lot of misleading information, meeting lot of tauts and wasted money. I finally landed nowhere.
Finally I decided to travel to Panchkula for my BTECH degree HRD attestation.
This is the only forum I found over internet which is really helpful. Thanks to all folks for sharing their experience here.
I am am travelling to Panchkula tomorrow for my degree Attestation and I just wanted to confirm the latest procedure.
After reading all the posts above I have made following key points. Please let me know if I am missing something:
1. Visit panchkula sector 5 shiksha sadan.
2. Documents required:
- 2 copy of passport
- 2 copy of final year marksheet
- 2 copy of degree
- 1 Postal Stamp of Rs 50 per degree Attestation
- 1 copy of Job Offer Letter
- 2 passport size photograph
3. Bring some envelopes and other stationaris as its hard to get anything in a government office.
4. Deposit all this in shiksha sadan and get the letter in favour of university.
5. Visit MDU and get that confirmation.
6. Visit back shiksha sadan and get HRD stamped.
Place share if there is anything I am missing and anything to keep in mind while initiating process.
I will share details once I visit SS toorrow.
25th September 2018 From India, New Delhi
1. Go to Panchkula Shiksha Sadan, Sector 2 (5 Hours drive from Delhi).
2. On first floor you will find UNP branch. Submit 2 self copy of your degree along with supporting documents and this form(http://highereduhry.com/themes/backe...23-08-2017.pdf)
4. Documents Required:
- Degree 2 copies
- Final year marksheet copy
- Passport copy
- Offer letter
- 1 Passport size photo with white background and your name printed on it.
- 50Rs postal stamp(Better buy it from you local city post office)
Note: Make sure all photocopies are complete and clear.
5. Request them to generate a letter in favour of MDU.
Note: If your college now become autonomous university, you need to get the verification letter from your autonomous university before reaching MDU Rohtak.
6. Go to MDU Rohtak, R3 Branch.
7. Submit your Degree photocopy along with the letter from HRD and ask them to give the letter in favour of HRD. Mr. chiku does this work there. People are arrogant there, so try to avoid ascendant and wait for them to complete this own its own(wait outside of room).
8. Request a MDU envelope from them, put this letter in it and seal that using fevistick.
9. Next, go back to Panchkula Shiksha Sadan, same UNP branch and give the MDU envelope and your original degree. They will stamp it and ask you to get that signed by Mr. Arun Joshi who sits on ground floor next to entrance.
10. Task Accomplished.
Additional Tip: If you are doing all this for UAE visa, do not give your degree to any tout before HRD. Once you are done with HRD better go your self to VFS and give your degree for UAE embassy stamping.
14th October 2018 From India, New Delhi
I can help to get HRD done from Haryana in 1-2 business days. Please drop an email on for any assistance.
27th August 2019 From India, Gurgaon
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